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I have a reaaaaaally bad feeling about what Joker is serving on those platters. On one hand their seems to be too much foreshadowing about Alfred being killed, making me think it could be misdirection since that is what we are all already worried is going to happen. On the other maybe the writer is banking on the fact that we think he is bluffing adn he is about to pull a George R.R. Martin. Normally I think the "What is in the box!!" cliffhanger is a cheap trick but these issue 16s have me freaking out! What do you guys think the Joker has under those platters?
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I'm still a strong believer that Death of the Family refers to the Death of Batman's Rogues Gallery, not his allies.

It's even hinted at in Batman #16 when joker is selling himself, Riddler, Penguin and Twoface as his "real family" and his "royal court".

So I think what's on the platter could be something more extreme, like Harley.

He's been shown in DotF (Suicide Squad #15?) to kill Harley's before!