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^ See thread title and post your answer.

My initial impression is that Trinity War is being handled with a little more care. That being said, I'm not always a fan of these deity-type storylines that it seems to be pushing. And Ultron is a pretty fun villain.

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Trinity war BETTER be amazing since they restarted the whole universe so Supes and WW can hook up and fight everyone.

I have no faith in Marvel events anymore, too many, too fast after another and they seems to not care for the collateral damage they do to characters relationships.

I pick neither.

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I pick Trinity War, just because it's in the New 52.

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I personally like Age of Ultron more, but I'm getting both anyways :P

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Both have equal potential to be great or sh!tty. I only hope Jim Lee draws the entire series (Trinity War), not just a handful of issues.

Wait. The Marvel heroes are going to team up to take down a single solitary bad guy, while the DC heroes fight each other... did someone mix up plots between companies or something?

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I won't be getting either of them as I predict both will be really poorly written but people won't hear that and just buy the event anyway. However, Trinity War is the first event in a while from DC so I give it to them. Although Age of Ultron has build up like Trinity War, it's come just after AvX and I'm sick and tired of this.

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My votes trinity war but I'm also getting both.

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Trinity War

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Trinity War hands down.

You just had AvX and now you are going to match the action or the rosters in this latest event?

Probably not, and Ultron doesn't seem* to be all that much of a cerebral villain

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You can ask this any year; there's always two competing storylines between DC and Marvel and people will always choose either both or the same publisher they always have.

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Trinity War, but only because Marvel just had "Avengers vs. X-Men" and it's getting kind of tiresome to have so many events one after another while the last event barely wrapped up its storyline.
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im going to read both , but im going to lean towards trinity war since it will bring about new stories and of course the new jla . marvel now just started so i doubt they are going to kill off anyone (who will be brought back in 2 months anyways) , which is a shame bc i like ultron .

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Neither atm, i need to see more of both

Well ive yet to experience the classic "marvel event fatigue" lol

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I honestly think Trinity War wont get me very exited. 
Ultron War sounds great but remember this is Marvel and their track record isn't that great. 
Trinity War might end up being better not by being all that great but by just not sucking.

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From what I've seen, Age of Ultron has me more excited, so I'll vote for that.

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I'm actually more exited for Trinity War.

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Trinity War

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Tell you when it comes out.

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Trinity War

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Trinity War, because Marvel puts out to many events

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I've actually been looking forward to Age of Ultron for a while. They teased it for what seems like 2 years now, and because of that it has me thinking that they are actually planning this event out, as opposed to the average Marvel event which usually seem like something thrown together for a easy cash grabs. (I haven't bothered to read a Marvel event since Secret Invasion, which I thought was terrible).

The fact that Bendis is the writer worries me a little. The vast majority of his work I don't really care for. Still, he's not a complete hack, and he actually has written a few stories that I enjoyed (mostly Ultimate Spider-Man). I do love Hitch though, and can't think of anything of the top of my head that he's worked on that I didn't enjoy.

Plus Ultron is just an awesome villain.

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is the Ultron thing in the ultimate universe?? if so, ugh. Not really a big fan of the ultimateverse.

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@cosmicallyaware1 said:

is the Ultron thing in the ultimate universe?? if so, ugh. Not really a big fan of the ultimateverse.

No, it's 616.

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well then.AWESOME!!!!!! I'm down, always loved a good Ultron story. Was pretty sweet in Annihilation:Conquest. Haven't seen him since, have we????

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Haven't been keeping up with Marvel so I don't know anything about the build-up to AoU so I'm not entirely interested. But if this event (sigh, another event already) is self-contained and I don't need to follow any other titles (fat chance, right?), I'll likely trade-read it. TW is more interesting to me because it just seems more epic. Again, I don't want to be forced to read other titles I wouldn't normally, so that's really what it comes down to for me.

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Trinity War because if I have learned something on my time reading comics is that the probability that Marvel f*cks up Age Of Ultron is of 75% >:P (I mean it's events are usually lame with a few exceptions)