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It's out a day ahead...unfortunately I got caught by curiosity and found out what happened...doesn't sound too bad.Although I know a lot of people are gonna be upset.

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Lol.. "Prepare to be underwhelmed"

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I'm surprised this kind of thing doesn't happen more. Out of all the comic shops, it's gotta be expected that at least one will violate their agreement and post the comic online before Wednesday when they're supposed to sell it.

I remember seeing people reading Batman Inc 8 (Death of Damian Wayne) the Tuesday before it's release at a local shop, so I guess these things are just inevitable.

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It's hilarious.

Wolverine f**ked over everyone.

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Read this at work today...I have a lot of feelings about it and how it leaves things.

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All I have to say is whoa.

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I also read a theory about how many Marvel NOW! books currently have some sort of Time-travel theme going on...

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I know, you can download a torrent. I guess it's in bad quality because it's pre-release.

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Eh I'll take Space Phantoms over Wolverine screwing continuity. As to the Ultimates earth. Sucks to be you.

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Well, I'm just glad I'm not following any Ultimate books. Sounds like Hunger could be the event that makes Ultimatum seem comparatively gentle to the Ultimate universe.