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I got myself a Marvel Select Disney Exclusive Lizard today as a belated Christmas present for myself (only 2 more Disney figs left to go before I can focus on comic releases.) While wiggling the waist swivel as it was stuck, the tail popped out. Luckily, the joint isn't broken. But how in the holy mother of butt do I stick the sucker back in?!

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Stick it up where it came from. I would go to the store a get a refund.

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I managed to push it back in. I also managed to loosen all of the joints, maybe a bit too much on one leg, but I have looser figs (ex. my Abomination can barely hold his arms up and my Rulk's joints are looser than pulled string.)

He's not good for posing like my Amazing Spidey Lizard, but he's great for vanilla poses. I have him in stride walking like a boss. >:)

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Go to the store and claim a new figure seems like it was broken to begin with.

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope: Loose joints on figures is a common thing a dab of super glue in the right place should help. Obviously it is important to bare in mind not to get glue on the joint so it cant move and it breaks.

I would say do a search for it and have a look at some tips if your not sure what to do.


Here is one.you may want to have a look online as well,there is probably videos explaining how to as well.

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It was one of the better ones in the boxes. He seems okay right now, but I've got to stay attentive. I have a bad habit of over articulating my Selects in trying to find better vanilla poses.


Lol, I tried to find guides online after the tail popped, but the only ones I found where tightening joints. Not popping in separated parts. I did manage to shove his tail back into the hole and it seems okay. But still I've got to watch in case it decides to plop out on me again.