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Let's see... two 4-dollar ongoings (Uncanny X-Force and IDW's TMNT), one 3-dollar ongoing (Brian Wood's Star Wars), and one 4-dollar miniseries (Secret History of the Foot Clan)... about $15.

I just wish I had more cash to spare.

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About £40....which is about $70 ish.....

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Too much. 12 regular ongoings, not counting tie-in issues and events.

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2 $4 ongoings, 4 $3 ongoings so around $20. Maybe more if I buy any trades that month.

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I need a job... anyone wanna hire a clown?


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$8.00 as I only purchase Team 7 and Deathstroke on-goings but if anything else catches my eye such as the new Injustice gods among us comic than i'll pitch in there as well.

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You wouldn't believe me if I told you. You couldn't believe someone my age has this much money every month (and NO, I'm not rich. The person I'm talking to knows who he is)

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About $20, not including mini series and tie-ins and the like. 
My roommate and girlfriend get a few, too, so we trade around.

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I like to keep it around 30-40$, but mostly the latter one.

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Oh boy let me add this up... 3.99x4 2.99x3 = 24.93 plus bags and boards and tax it comes out to 28.17, and I always buy more random stuff and trades. I collect:


Action comics




Justice league

Captain America

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With the New 52 out, and Marvel NOW! kicking off, I've been following a tonne of books, at least for the first arcs...It's anywhere between £15 and £28 a week in the heavier weeks...so maybe around £100 a month? think that's the first time I've thought about it...I need to slow down haha

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I purposefully avoid discovering how much. The joys of being an irresponsible student.

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I don't spend any but I do browse some comics at shops sometimes. Never the same one, though, cause they'd catch on.

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Last time I went to my comic book store (which was a week ago) I spent $15.00. But it all depends. Sometimes I also buy back issues, so the amount I spend differs.

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Wow, I must be crazy. I've got 11 $3.99 on-goings and 29 $2.99 on-goings plus tie-ins, annuals, and the Before Watchmen books.

So, I'm spending about $130-150 per month depending on events and annuals.

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$20 which will become $17 once Blue Beetle is cancelled ):

Combined with my little bro we spend together almost $40 a month

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It bothered me, so I dug out all my comics from December....46 in total mostly 3.99 and up...so $180 plus...bit queasy haha...

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This question is the exact reason I now make sure to pick up my pulls every week. The few times I took a few weeks off, I walked into a shockingly large bill. I have also cut back a comic or two. I'm guessing I'm around $50 a month now. Too much.

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@Manbehindthewires: whats the back to the future comic?

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I'm in an excessive over-spending phase trying to pick out a few ongoings and catch up with them so that I can finally engage in current discussions of series without fearing spoilers (AA notwithstanding). My planned pull list is Batman, Batgirl, Red Hood & the Outlaws (unless Lobdell leaving makes it start to suck), Scarlet Spider, and X-Men (XX) and Uncanny X-Force (NOW) will join the list as they debut. I haven't worked out what those cost but that's six books, so I'm thinking 20-25 dollars a month. I'll tell you, though, between Night of the Owls and Death of the Family, these DC events are killing my nascent budget, and I imagine I'll find myself in a similar fix once Marvel NOW gets rolling. Though to be fair the DC events seem to be better-orchestrated than the Marvel ones I've run into in back issues. IDK if that's a DC/Marvel thing, or if Snyder is just a genius.

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@Manbehindthewires: ok cool thank you if its at my comic store I'll check it out

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I think I spend about $100 per month. Oy.

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$0 at the moment. I haven't bought a comic in months. I've been living off trades from the library.

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Right now I've got 31 monthlies (counting Crossed: Badlands twice since it's every 2 weeks).

I can't keep track of which ones are 2.99 and which ones are 3.99, so I figure just split the difference and call 'em all 3.50 (which would probably be on the low side since I get a lot of Avatar and IDW stuff)

Rough estimate would be around $110/month. I don't want to figure it up exactly though or my wife might discover how much I spend.

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@Sharkbite said:

I don't want to figure it up exactly though or my wife might discover how much I spend.

So much this haha