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I inexplicably seem to notice patterns. I did score very high on the autism spectrum after all so maybe it has something to do with that. But I couldn't help to notice recently how extremely similar each of the above gentlemen appear. The pattern may well be only in my head or it may just be a result of frequency ( I am a faithful viewer of Spartacus, Arrow, Alphas and anything with Fassbender in it) but I would really like to know if anyone else has made this observation.

Since each of these men has relatively recently entered the public spotlight (Fassbender not really gaining cultural saturation until X-Men First Class) I am wondering if there is something of a trend in casting.


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They are the same person , well looks wise :D

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Thank you whoever deleted the spam. =)

I should remember not to post on Sunday. Grrrrrrrrrr...

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I've never watched any of those show but just looking at these pictures, its clear there is some kind of specific look. Short hair and hardly there facial hair - so its almost like a rebellion against the "metrosexual" look, but all of them still look extremely maintained. Like the "tussled" look for women in the form of a hairstyle --- takes forever to achieve yet people think its just a quick updo with a couple pins.

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Yes I agree. Even characters who are supposed to be gladiators seem very "maintained"

I think even Andrew Lincoln from Walking Dead stays amazingly "maintained" while Hershall (sp?) seems to be falling apart (grooming wise).

That is an interesting take on "rebellion against a metrosexual look". Even Brad Pitt is hardly seen without a beard anymore.

Of course that could be because he has also been working on a post-apocalyptic film (World War Z)