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Would you be for a world ruled by Doctor Doom? A world with no disease, hunger, or crime. A world without any freedoms where Doom's word is law and breaking any law results in immediate termination. Would a utopia for all be worth giving up your freedoms?

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Doom would try and create an Idealistic world....

As would all Facist leaders. In all honesty...no.

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Hunger, crime, disease and chaos FTW

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I will probably be willing to live in Doom world. Kinda seems selfish to hang on to our freedoms if the alternative is saving the lives of those hurt by crime, disease, and hunger.

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That my friend is a world that is Doomed to fail :)

And the answer is no. As Optimus Prime said: "Freedom is the right of all sentient creatures."

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Freedom? Freedom is relative and not absolute by any means. We are capable of anything we want but will often hold back because of unwanted consequences.

A world where offenders are summarily dealt with would merely be speedy execution of what merely takes longer in our world. You do bad you will pay sooner or later, on that world the waiting time would be a lot less.

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@lorbo: Wow, I never said that Bad Guys shouldn't be punished because they should. I was just saying a dictatorship is not the answer. Justice is. Freedom is the right of all sentient Creatures. But its a Freedom to do what is right, and not a freedom to do whatever you want(because even in a dictatorship people still do what they want).

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Oh snap, the debates have began.

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I am ok with Dr Doom if he gives me a nice pension and retirement plan.