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This is the second year my family and I attended our local comic book convention. The top creators there were Joe Sinnott, Tom Raney, and Rodney Ramos. We decided to cosplay for the first time and we really had a great day taking many photos and being asked to be in a lot of them. I went as Rorschach and my daughters went as Raven & Dark Phoenix. We also picked up some art and met some cool people as well.

We mean business!

Here's the whole team getting ready to enter the Con....

Cosplay is serious stuff.

Here is the main floor and pictures of some of the many other cosplayers in attendance...

Guess who won the costume contest...

Jean Grey (aka Dark Phoenix) Winner!

We also picked up some art as well...

You may hear sometimes that artists don't really like doing sketches or that the prices they charge can be high and in no small part because people will get them done and have them up on Ebay the next day, or that they just might not be all that friendly to the fans. I say this because Tom Raney was nothing but a down to earth cool person who actually did a wonderful Logan sketch for me completely free. This will be framed, hung on my wall, and will always be appreciated.

Thanks Tom!

Nikkol Jelenic is a beautiful and talented artist who we got a couple prints from...

Also got these really cool art pieces by artist Ryan Browne from

Well I hope you guys enjoy the pictures and thanks for checking it out.

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Cool stuff man.

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@wolverine08: Thanks. Yeah it was a lot of fun for sure. Gotta love that Wolverine bub!

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Your Rorschach cosplay was dope! And that Tom Raney Wolverine is beautiful. I'm not surprised that you are going to frame it.

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@wolverine08: Appreciate it mate. Never did it before so I was a bit nervous. Added some more pics because I realized the Silk Spectre, Bucky, and Green Arrow ones didn't upload originally.

I got that sketch right towards the end of the show too. I asked how much for one and he said if I came back a little later he would do it for free and I know I wasn't the only person he did that for. Really made the show a special one for me.

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Great stuff, sounds like an awesome day. I am glad your family had a great time and that you picked up some nice art too! Great work on the outfits/cosplay, if I ever go to a comic con I'll definitely want to take my sister and make an event of it! Thank you for sharing! ^_^.

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@irishx: really cool costumes. and the art looks awesome

looks like it was a lot of fun :)

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@the_poet: @sc: Thanks. There were so many more good costumes that we didn't get pictures of as well. It's a small show but seems to get bigger and better every time. The Green Arrow one was really done well (I was thinking of messing with him and asking him if he was Robin Hood ha ha).

Now we need to think about what costumes to wear to the next event. The ones I'm most considering for myself are... Mr. Negative, Kato, Dr. Nemesis, Nick Fury, Johnny Sorrow (would be hard to get right), or even Moon Knight (specifically the more armored costume from his Vengeance run which would take some work too). Early mentions from the girls have been Storm and Black Widow but who knows what they end up with.

You guys definitely have to get to a Con if you haven't been to one. Lots of fun and it's always cool to see the indie stuff people have as well. I freakin' love those little zombie marvel ones I got. He also had a little book for free with different illustrations of little zombie characters like the Ninja Turtles, Pikachoo, Star Wars. Never know when one of those unknowns catch a break and you can say I met them back when...

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Did you lecture your daughters on picking character's from opposite universes? I'd say severe punishment is in order. Maybe to the tune of exile? But I don't want to tell you how to parent your kids.

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@dabee: Ha, actually I thought it was cool both the main publishers got represented.

Really wish we got more pics to share. There was a Darth Maul really well done, couple great looking Harley Quinn's, a Logan and Daken. I thought the couple from Beetlejuice and seeing a more obscure character like Shi was pretty damn cool.

Oh yeah and I was really psyched to get the photos with V and Silk Spectre. Good timing to bump into them right there.

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@irishx: Local conventions do tend to have people that put a lot of effort into their costumes, sounds like you and your family had a great time. (Hopefully my tone came off in my last post as joking)

Out of curiosity, did you dressing up as Rorschach have anything to do with the real Rorschach's birthday being 4 days ago?

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@dabee: Yeah of course I knew you were joking. It's all good. I was unaware of that actually but that's a cool little fact. Someday I'll get to NYCC or Boston's but for now we'll try to help make our's as best as it can be.

I seriously had this really cute 20-something girl dressed as Wonder Woman come up to me like a Justin Timberlake fangirl so excited asking me to take a picture with her. I think I might be addicted to this cosplay thing already.

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Wanted to give people another chance to see this.

Pretty sure I've decided what I'm going to cosplay as for the next Con. I would like to do a little mix of Ian McKellen's version of Magneto but using a helmet more like the one in the comics. My oldest is thinking Wasp now which I think will be pretty cool too.

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@irishx: cool stuff, your costume looks really good, I thought about being Rorschach, how well can you see in that mask?

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Thanks, appreciate that. I could see but it did make things fuzzy and cut off the peripheral vision a bit. Breathing isn't an issue at all. Wish my hat was a trilby like Rorschach had instead of a normal fedora but overall I was happy with the way it came together.

BTW, I think I might be able to get my youngest to go as Kitty Pryde. Getting to have a dragon sit on your shoulder is a big selling point.

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@irishx: I don't know Kitty Pryde that well, what does a dragon have to do with her?

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Very neat, your daughters are adorable :)

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@razzatazz: Thank you. You know it's kinda funny how we had months to prepare and we did get started that far off from the event but we were still scrambling a bit to get the final parts done just like they always are doing on Heroes of Cosplay.

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@irishx: Oh that is pretty funny, that was a constant on the show. I wondered how much of that was just for the drama.

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Awesome stuff here and thanks for sharing.

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@razzatazz: I know I was always critical of that because they are suppose to be like the professionals of cosplay but then again they would usually give themselves a short amount of time to get these elaborate costumes created.

@danhimself: The mask I cosplayed with is actually the same being heat sensitive. You can make them yourself pretty easy but I did purchase mine. It works but only so much as it only reacts to your breath so only a small part of the mask disappears and comes back to make it look like it's moving. I tried to alternate breathing through my nose and mouth to get the best effect I could.

@queso6p4: Thanks mate. Appreciate it.

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nice, thanks for sharing. makes me want to cosplay next year that much more.

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@irishx: i been thinking, agent venom, scar spider (kaine), fantomex, deadpool (x-force), or max damage.

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@jimmie_hudson_: Good choices. Max Damage would be cool if only because it's something different. The guy who did the Venom cosplay at my con did a good job but doing the agent look would be cool as well. If you get some pictures when you do it post 'em here on CV.

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@irishx: oh if i actually pull one of them off, i am definitely posting pictures here on the vine. i'd love to see a great venom, i've seen some fairly good onces but a solid great one would be nice.

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Great costumes and Wolverine sketch! My next local comic-con isn't until next summer :(

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@rulerofthisuniverse: Thanks, appreciate it. I hear ya. I wish there was another one around here soon but the next local one is not until June. We are thinking of going to Boston Comic Con next year which I think would be a nice big con but not so big like NYCC.

@jimmie_hudson_: Sweet. I think you'll pull it off. I got faith in ya. Look forward to the pics.