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A dark day has arrived! The world is in shambles. The zombie apocalypse is eminent. Good people die and bad one thrive. The earth has shattered and opened up all the creatures of hell upon the populace. Hell has frozen over! I cant explain it (ok,maybe it was Remeders writing).

Actions have transpired and ....I.....don't.......hate.......Deadpool......anylonger!

I know, I'm as shocked as anyone! But after reading the Uncanny X-Force series, I found myself not despising him. Like I said Remeder writes a great story so that was a big help but I have a growing fondness for Wade.

The world is ending!!

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Deadpool's always been awesome; but I agree Remender's deadpool was cool

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On my list of things to get to...eventually.

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Technically, the world is ALWAYS ending... kind of the way a person is always dying, from the moment they are born... soo...

and, yes, Deadpool was great (the way he was written) in X-Force...