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Hi there, first time posting here, nice to meet you guys.

I'm currently working on a comic book proposal, and I started thinking about the stats of my characters. One of my characters, the main one in fact, can temporarily increase his abilities at the cost of damage to his own body.

I was wondering about the exact effects of a single, powerful attack on a villain. So, the key stats we need to focus on is the attacker's flight speed, strength and how he augments the strike. With that in mind, these are the stats that we're working with.

  • The attacker starts a charging attack from a mile away, flying at a speed of 5400 miles per hour, accelerating to that speed almost instantly. We can assume he has the durability to withstand the forces that are hitting his body as he flies at that speed.
  • At this point, the attacker's strength while at a stand still would be capable of lifting 675 metric tons.
  • The attacker has augmented his attack with energy that, upon impact, would supply the concussive force of three basic hand grenades.

The attack would be aimed at the target's jaw, and the target itself is able to survive the impact of the hit, receiving damages in the range of a severely broken jaw and being knocked out cold from the strike.

The target, despite his durability, weighs around 220 lbs.

The attack takes place in Chicago, the attacker begins his charge three quarters of a mile off shore in Lake Michigan, the target is standing a quarter of a mile in-land. East Jackson Drive, if we want to be specific.

There are no bystanders, the only thing in the streets other than the two combatants are parked cars and random debris from a previous fight.

What I want to know is how far does the defender fly upon impact, and if a building got in the way, how much would that do to stop him? Not looking for exact science, but through comic book science and general rationality (considering the situation at least) what do you think will happen upon the target being struck?

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Both of them have no scratches whatsoever.

Hey, you did say comic book science.

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this circle. You may want to change his strength or speed to have his enemy still nearby. Your character's strength is a little over the top for that speed if you want the enemy to stay in the city. I did not factor in crashing through buildings.

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O.o hot damn

Yeah, that's quite the distance. Might have to change it a bit, thanks for the help!

What I was aiming to do with this series was basically have something about the start of a new superhero age as its plot-line, so, I guess having a Mach 7 punch into the next state or two to top it off might be a little... over-board? Even to the point of having Comic Book Science could be a little problematic regarding the tone.

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The marvels of physics. : P

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@Ardor said:

The marvels of physics. : P

Aye. Such a cruel yet fascinating mistress, that Physics

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Well, this comes down to a basic "Launched projectile" type of problem.... Sort of. or you could consider it a 'Collision' type of problem...Sort of.

You're essentially having one object (the super hero) smash into the other object (the villain.)

By the laws of thermodynamics, the energy must be conserved or used as work... The energy of the flying object will be transferred into the stationary object...

It really has little to do with the strength of your super hero, but rather the fact that he's moving at 5400 miles per hour. Almost MACH 8. EIGHT TIMES THE SPEED OF SOUND? Through Chicago? His turbulence alone is going to cause a great deal of property damage.

But, getting back to how far the villain will fly.. Well, you're making some assumptions. You see, unless the villain is like Colossus or Super Man, if they are hit by something weighing approximately 200 lbs (a guess), moving at 5400 mph, they are basically going to be liquified.

However, if he is invulnerable, and you want an actually distance, then you have to give us more information.

1: How much does the super hero weigh?

2: At what angle is the villain being punched or hit?

3 How much does the villain weigh?

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The speed of the hero was something of a mathematical thing, as his base speed of 200 MPH had been multiplied by a large amount, and when it came to the attack itself, I was banking on a lot of property damage due to his speed.

Anyway, for the basic stats, the hero weighs 190 lbs (180 lbs naturally with an additional 10 lbs of armour)

The angle is a pretty acute one. Looking over my notes, the attack should be coming from slightly under the villain, approximately 20 degrees.

The villain, as said before, weighs 220 lbs, standing at a height of 6'5" with an athletic build, one that comes from casual exercise and toning rather than dedicated training.