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Hello Comic Vine Community!

I noticed (or maybe I only saw) the most recent 3-minute expert video was from April or May of last year. Have there been anymore recent videos? Or will there be anymore? Sorry if there has been a discussion on this. I tried to do a search, but all that came up was 3-minute expert being mentioned in passing for some other topic.


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@lrtaylor02: You probably need to change the parameters of your search. Videos and articles articles are not normally checked. You can do so by clicking the little gear on the right of the search bar.
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Thanks for the reply. Actually, when I said I did a search, I was referring to a search to see if there was a previous discussion on the status of 3-minute experts. I'm not sure if someone else has talked on the forums about when/if there will be more videos in the future.


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I don't think they are doing anymore 3 minute expert videos, but maybe if a lot of people ask comic vine will do them again

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@haydenclaireheroes: Okay, that makes sense. Thanks!

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They featured an old three minute expert regarding Thanos because of the Avengers ending.