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Well, the line-up of the 2013 Marvel Universe action figures has been set up, and it looks like a great time to be a Marvel action figure collector. Characters like Nova, Hercules, Puck, Cable, Angel, and Nighthawk have already been released (although they are hard to get for a reasonable price... yet), and upcoming characters include Elektra (first time ever as a 3.75 figure), Rhino, Abomination (with an A-Bomb variant), Baron Zemo (first time in a single pack, was in a limited edition Masters Of Evil set with Radioactive Man and Tiger Shark that will set you back about 100 bucks), new redos of Captain America and Iron Man (of course), Cloak and Dagger, Professor X, Jubilee, and Mysterio, as well as TBA sets of the Astonishing X-Men and an Asgardians box set.

That's all fine and dandy, but the question on my mind is, where does it go from here? What do we have to look forward to next year?

So far, I found a picture of an unreleased 2-pack with Moon Knight and Eric O'Grady:

There isn't a release date yet for this (AND I REALLY WANT TO GET THIS), but I'm going to elaborate on my dream lineup for next year, many of which have not been made into action figures, much less 3.75 inch ones.

Let's start with:

Squirrel Girl

She's been a popular character recently and she would make a nice addition to any Marvel Universe collection. Perhaps even a Great Lakes Avengers set exclusive to Comic Conventions could come from it. Squirrel Girl would inlcude a squirrel (I don't know at the moment what the name of her favorite furry companion is, but that one.)

Misty Knight

I was going to suggest a Misty Knight and Valkyrie Fearless Defenders 2-pack, but since she is already in the Asgardians set, I guess I will just go with Misty Knight by herself. She has enough of an established fanbase to sell by herself and I think would look awesome to-scale.

Superior Spider-Man

Insanely popular (and controversial) character, another opportunity to Marvel to resculpt Spider-Man (AGAIN), and could include mini spider-bot accessories. What could go wrong?


I know, I know, he was included in the Guardians of the Galaxy set, which I own. But, he is like 1 inch high and doesn't do much. Why not make a full-size Groot? He could come out in Summer 2014, close to when the Guardians of the Galaxy movie comes out, so the character is fresh in people's minds.


I like this character, and I think the toy manufacturers could have fun coming up with cool little details to add to the figure. He could come with a dinosaur-head variant, or could simply have a replaceable head that could be swapped with a dinosaur head, or even dinosaur arms and legs.


We've had Cyclops, Havok, and now Cable, so why not the leader of the Starjammers and Cylcops' dad? He would include a couple guns for accessories.

Grey Gargoyle

He's a badass villain, and I would love to have him in my collection. To make it better, Marvel could also sell a Mokk, Breaker of Earth variant costume.


An immensely powerful character that should have already been a figure since Marvel has been expanding on the Thor/Asgard universe as of late in other media including action figures. The figure would be about the same size as Juggernaut and include the Twilight Sword.

Impossible Man

When the ultra-rare Compound Hulk surfaced at the 2011 NYCC New York ComicCon, it was sold as a creation of Impossible Man. (You can view the figure


) Why not introduce the bizzare in-betweener character into the Marvel Universe line properly?

Ms. Marvel

(as the new Captain Marvel)

If you really want me to explain why she needs to be on this list, you're doing something wrong.


(Original 1970s Green Costume)

I am rather fond of Blade's original costume, and would love to see it as an action figure. It would include Blade's sword and a bamboo staff.


I'm really surprised that this isn't already out to be honest. Marvel LOVES the character, and if it included a stand that resembled jet exhaust to allow him to stand, it would be the perfect addition to any Marvel Universe collection, right next to the A.I.M. Soldier figure.

Lady Bullseye

The character has become a fan favorite, and there needs to be more female characters in the Marvel Universe line.

Amora the Enchantress

Speaking of female characters in the Marvel Universe line, she was put in a two-pack with Thor a few years ago. However, it's really hard to find and she deserves to be a single pack as much as Loki.

Mole Man

Ah, yes, Mole Man, one of the Fantastic Four's quirkiest villains... and one of their most underestimated. The figure would be short, so it would include a Moloid and Mole Man's staff as bonuses to make it worth the money for the figure.

Other characters that could be added to the Marvel Universe line (perhaps some of the 2015 lineup):


Yelena Belova



Janet Van Dyne (Wasp, but full-size)


Daken (street clothes)

Living Laser

Now let's talk about two-packs:

Guardians of the Galaxy/Iron Man




Marvel NOW! costume Iron Man

New Warriors


Night Thrasher



(limited edition two-pack could include


instead of Speedball.)




(about the size of Thanos and Juggarnaut) and

Franklin Richards

(or translucent Professor Xavier)

Deadpool Corps




Lady Deadpool

(would also include zombie Deadpool head)

And finally, a three pack:



Red Hulk



(Black and Red costume repaint),

Flash Thompson Venom


Leave a comment on what you think, or if you have other ideas for additional characters that could be added.

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i'm kind of fed up that iron man has to be in almost every 2 pack. i have so many iron mans.

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What about a Captain Marvels box set, of Mar-Vell, Monica Rambeau, Genis-Vell, Phyla-Vell, Noh-Varr, Khn-nr and Carol Danvers?

I don't buy action figures, but I'd be tempted by that.

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I've always wanted them to do a Serpent Society set w/ Bushmaster, Diamondback, King Cobra, and Death Adder. That would rule!

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you should add 3-D man,avalanche and adam warlock (1pack) that will be cool!

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I, personally would like to see the Avengers Annual # 10 version of the Beast and Wonder Man (two-pack), Hellcat and Daimon Hellstrom (in a two-pack,yo), Gargoyle, Rick Jones, Avengers Forever Captain Marvel, West Coast Avengers Hank Pym (red jumpsuit).

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I would also like to see a M.O.D.O.K. and two A.I.M. Soldier three-pack! That would be cool!!