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So I'm assuming Comic Vine will eventually post an article similar to this, but right now I want to know based on votes the best of the comic book world in 2012. And you don't have to vote for the suggestions I made, it's of your own opinion, vote for anyone or anything you want to.

Best Company - DC, Marvel, Dynamite, Image, etc.

Best On-Going Series - Batman, Daredevil, Saga, Aquaman, Punisher, etc.

Best Limited Series - Before Watchmen: Minutemen, Spider-Men, Fatale, Dancer, Avengers vs. X-Men, Criminal: Last of the Innocent, etc.

Best Writer - Brian K. Vaughn, Ed Brubaker, Mark Waid, Scott Snyder, Geoff Johns, Brian Michael Bendis, etc.

Best Artist - Greg Capulla, Rodin Esquejo, Jim Lee, Chris Samnee, Fiona Staples, etc.

Best Team - Justice League, Uncanny Avengers, The Boys, Uncanny X-Force, FF, Team 7, etc.

Best Hero - Batman, Wolverine, Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Green Arrow, Rick Grimes, etc.

Best Villain - Joker, Lizard, Talon, Manhattan Projects etc.

Best Non-Comic Book Adaptation - Avengers (film), Dark Knight Rises (film), Lego Batman II (video game), Walking Dead (television), Arrow (television), Arkham City: Harley Quinn's Revenge (video game), etc.

Series Most Looking Forward To in 2013 - Hawkeye, Superman, New Avengers, Indestructible Hulk, Superior Spider-Man, Saga, etc.

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Why not I'll make my list...

Best Company- DC

Best On-Going Serie- Batman

Best Limited Series- Avengers vs, X-men

Best Writer- Scott Snyder

Best Artist- Jim Lee

Best Team- Justice League

Best Hero- Batman

Best Villian- Talon

Best Non-Comic Adaptation- Walking Dead

Series Looking Forward to in 2013- Superior Spider-Man

All of course in my opinion, hence all the Batman and DC..

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Best Company - DC

Best On-Going Series - Aquaman

Best Limited Series - The Shade

Best Writer - Scott Snyder, Geoff Johns

Best Artist - Ivan Reis

Best Team - Justice League, Justice League Dark

Best Hero - Aquaman

Best Villain - Black Manta

Best Non-Comic Book Adaptation - Avengers (film), Dark Knight Rises (film)

Series Most Looking Forward To in 2013 - Multiversity, The Others

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