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Welcome back to 10 Comics to Buy This Week. As you're probably well aware, there are a metric crap-ton of comic books hitting shelves every single week. And for the common consumer, it's financially impossible to pick up everything. That's where this column steps in like your superhero savior, drawing your attention to 10 books worth your hard-earned dollars during any given week.

We not only going to spotlight tights and capes books, but also some indie titles off the beaten path, which, if all goes well, will broaden your reading horizons.

Batman #0

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo travel back in time to Batman’s not-so-humble beginnings to detail how young Bruce Wayne got all his wonderful toys -- stuff like the costume, the bat cave, the batmobile and the gadgets. This is supposedly going to be a secret origin that sheds a whole new light on the early years of the Caped Crusader.

Creep #1

A month ago we told you to pick up John Arcudi and Jonathan Case’s Creep #0. Now, the series is finally kicking off with its official “#1” issue. Follow along as a disfigured private eye investigates the alleged suicide of a pair of teenagers. And how is this case connected to his haunted past?

Doctor Strange Season One HC

Admittedly, Marvel’s Season One books have not been too memorable (I hear good things about Hulk, though). That said, Doctor Strange Season One is the one I’ve been looking forward to most. Writer Greg Pak is joined by artist Emma Rios to detail the origins of Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme. If there was ever a Season One book to pay attention to, this is it, whether you’re a Doctor Strange fan or not.

Manhattan Projects #6

If you aren’t caught up on Jonathan Hickman and Nick Pitarra’s Manhattan Projects, then pick up the series’ first trade paperback collecting issues #1-5 that released last week. Then, pick up this week’s issue #6.

Manhattan Projects is one of those series that could only come from the mind of Jonathan Hickman, taking real historical events and adding that patented Hickman high concept flavor to concoct a series that is spectacularly off the wall. In this month’s installment: find out the secret history of the Russian science machine!

Punk Rock Jesus #3

Sean Murphy’s Punk Rock Jesus has been a delightful surprise. While it’s definitely a tough concept for some to back, the ongoing plot, characters and beautiful black and white artwork make this series one of Vertigo’s best right now. Punk Rock Jesus isn’t for the faint of heart, but anyone willing to take the dive on such a blasphemous story will find a truly engrossing reading experience that doesn’t come off as overly preachy. Surprising, I know.

Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom #2

Mark Waid and Chris Samnee return with more Rocketeer goodness. As expected, the first issue of Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom was fantastic, with the perfect mix of excellent character work from Waid and fluid, visually striking artwork by Samnee. The Rocketeer doesn’t get much better. Now, for their second issue, Waid and Samnee plan to expose Cliff’s secret identity to someone outside his immediate circle of trusted friends. This should be interesting.

Team 7 #0

Up and coming writer Justin Jordan (The Strange Talents of Luther Strode) is joined by artist Jesus Merino for the start of Team 7 – a government-sanctioned force created to oppose the emerging supers should they ever go rogue. The team consists of Dinah Lance, Amanda Waller, Wonder Woman’s favorite punching bag, Steve Trevor, John Lynch, Alex Fairchild, Cole Cash and Deathstroke. With a rag-tag group such as this, how could things ever go wrong?

Uncanny X-Force #31

Is it just me or does it feel like a new issue of Uncanny X-Force is hitting shelves every other week? Granted, I’m not complaining. Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force continues to be one of the best things coming out of Marvel, so I’ll take all I can get. With the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants trying to crack Evan and make him accept his fate as the new Apocalypse, the X-Force must mount a counterstrike that will hopefully rid the world of the Brotherhood once and for all.

Wolverine and the X-Men #16

We are finally back to "normal" business at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning now that the AvX tie-ins are over. But that doesn’t mean everything will be peachy for the students and faculty of Wolverine’s mutant school. The newly reformed Hellfire Club has an axe to grind and they’re coming after the X-Men in the wake of AvX.

X-O Manowar #5

It’s the start of a new story arc in X-O Manowar, including the introduction of Ninjak to Valiant’s relaunched universe. The question remains: why is there a bounty placed on the head of Aric, and will he be able to survive his first encounter with Ninjak while still wet behind the ears with the Manowar armor?

Erik Norris is a freelance writer for sites such as ComicVine, IGN and CraveOnline.com. You can stalk him on Twitter @Regular_Erik.

#1 Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale (10180 posts) - - Show Bio

Out of this list X-Force <3

#2 Posted by CombatSpoon86 (832 posts) - - Show Bio

Good wk this wk. American Vampire Lord of Nightmares, Batman, F4, Manhattan Projects, Shade, Uncanny X-force, Winter Soldier.

#3 Posted by GalacticPunt (77 posts) - - Show Bio

My avatar would like to remind you all that The Shade #12 is THE must-buy comic this week! The full origin will finally be told.

He'll forgive your omission. This time.

#4 Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope (2388 posts) - - Show Bio

Meh. I'll just see if anymore of the New 52 on my pull list is up this week.

#5 Posted by minigunman123 (3116 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman, and Team 7. I had no idea Slade was in that. I'll try and pick up all the issues of that series now. Damn you DC for taking all my money! HERE! STOP FIGHTING AND JUST TAKE IT! *Shoves money down DC's throat*

Seriously though, looking forward to all the #0's this week, and I can't wait to take a peek at the insides of them. I think we'll all be pleasantly surprised by Batman #0. And if we're not, we can blame it on stress from Liefeld's tweets. Everything in comics that goes bad is his fault. Always.

#6 Posted by zackattack529 (1404 posts) - - Show Bio

xforce, green lantern corps, winter soldier..and...mmm idk about about Batman #12,...i mean how many batman origin storys can be told..i feel like id be wasting my $4...what do you guys think?

#7 Posted by neiliusprime (255 posts) - - Show Bio

Team 7 definitely, don't know if I'll add it to my pull, but I'll get it this week

#8 Posted by longbowhunter (7077 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman, Uncanny X-Force, Punk Rock Jesus. Plenty more stuff not on this list as well.

#9 Posted by Utandi (218 posts) - - Show Bio

For me it's just Batman #0 this week.

#10 Posted by John Valentine (16310 posts) - - Show Bio

  • Batman #0
  • Uncanny X-Force #31
  • Wolverine and the X-Men #16
  • Uncanny X-Men #18
  • Avengers vs X-Men #11

#11 Posted by Adnan (1037 posts) - - Show Bio

I guess I'll give Team 7 a look if Slade's in it. I liked what I read of Luther Strode more for the art than the writing though, I'm completely indifferent on Justin Jordan.

#12 Posted by Dark_Vengeance_ (14683 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman 0.

#13 Posted by ravisher (689 posts) - - Show Bio

feel like listening to radiohead

#14 Posted by jcbart (341 posts) - - Show Bio

Not up for another 'retelling' of Batman's origins, but sure, why not.

Otherwise, just Uncanny X-Force and Wolverine and The X-Men for me this week. I've been interested in Punk Rock Jesus though.

#15 Posted by Zeeguy91 (1109 posts) - - Show Bio
@neiliusprime said:

Team 7 definitely, don't know if I'll add it to my pull, but I'll get it this week

I'm also getting Batman, Captain America, Demon Knights, Fantastic Four, The Shade, Suicide Squad, and Winter Soldier
#16 Posted by ltbrd (562 posts) - - Show Bio

Hopefully Batman #0 will be much better than Detective Comics #0. Just didn't feel that issue told us anything truly useful or necessary to our understanding of Batman in the new 52.

#17 Posted by Green ankh (998 posts) - - Show Bio

Nothing for me on this list. Massive 4, Fantastic Four 610 are what i am looking forwardto.

#18 Posted by Cap10nate (2293 posts) - - Show Bio

Winter Soldier

AVX - It has become a really good story

Captain America


#19 Posted by StretchPants (20 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman #0 Demon Knights #0 Rocketeer #2 For sure. So tempted to get Dr. Strange season 1... Interested in getting Team 7, but want to save some monetary bandwidth for marvel now next month...

#20 Posted by kingjoeg (693 posts) - - Show Bio

Fantastic Four 610

Scarlet Spider 9

Not buying any DC books this month because of the 0's. Except for Justice league shazam story.

#21 Edited by ClintsEvilTwin (76 posts) - - Show Bio

@ravisher: I am listening to Radiohead

#22 Posted by JoeEddie (484 posts) - - Show Bio

Cannot wait for Batman #0

#23 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (9054 posts) - - Show Bio

From the list I am getting Wolverine and the X-men

#24 Posted by JamDamage (1114 posts) - - Show Bio

goooooood books this week.

#25 Posted by McKlayn (1076 posts) - - Show Bio

lots of books on my pull list this week, you left off Winter Soldier man!!

#26 Posted by Mrakbarman (65 posts) - - Show Bio

Just batman thank you. and my 3d glasses please.

#27 Posted by Suprman (442 posts) - - Show Bio

I love the Rocketeer Series that Mark Waid is doing so I'm Definitely picking that up.

#28 Posted by Gonzo33 (111 posts) - - Show Bio

I thought WATX was a AvX crossover? It has the banner...

#29 Posted by Trodorne (2587 posts) - - Show Bio

He-Man and the Masters of the universe #2

#30 Posted by BatWatch (2721 posts) - - Show Bio

What the heck is the idea behind Team 7? All of those characters already have their own ongoing series! How are they supposed to take a break from their own happenings to take care of all that stuff?

I am cynical.

#31 Posted by BlackPookie (640 posts) - - Show Bio

Doctor Strange!!!! and batman!

#32 Posted by broo1232 (1520 posts) - - Show Bio

X-men Legacy

Uncanny X-men

Uncanny X-force

Winter Soldier

#33 Posted by kid Apollo (714 posts) - - Show Bio

@PsychoKnights: i think its set before the current time of the DCu, before steve trevor worked with WW, before slade became deathstroke and dinah lance became black canary, etc etc. its pre-history

#34 Posted by yo_yo_fun (643 posts) - - Show Bio

From this list I'm getting Batman #0.

I'm also getting Batgirl #0 and Demon Knights #0.

#35 Posted by BatWatch (2721 posts) - - Show Bio

@kid Apollo said:

@PsychoKnights: i think its set before the current time of the DCu, before steve trevor worked with WW, before slade became deathstroke and dinah lance became black canary, etc etc. its pre-history

Is it? That seems...confusing. I mean, it makes sense as to why the characters would be available in this title, but it seems like it would be extremely confusing to the casual reader.

#36 Posted by Cavemold (1682 posts) - - Show Bio

good picks

#37 Posted by dmkicksballs13 (110 posts) - - Show Bio

Arkham Unhinged and the final issue of Memoir for me. Second month without Batman. Will not be buying a single DC issue this month, not interested in the retelling of every origin.

#38 Posted by LifePool (135 posts) - - Show Bio

Team 7

#39 Posted by MadeinBangladesh (6853 posts) - - Show Bio

AvsX and Wolverine adn the Xmen

#40 Posted by Wolverine0628 (398 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm surprised there aren't more Zeroes on the list, but the two you picked have got me excited.
#41 Posted by Darkpanther (34 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman and Robin #0 was pretty good and i haven't finished reading batman #0

#42 Posted by SmashBrawler (5731 posts) - - Show Bio

From this list: Batman and Uncanny X-Force.

#43 Posted by davidgrantlloyd (345 posts) - - Show Bio

"Wonder Woman's favourite punching bag Steve Trevor" ???????

Seriously, dude. That's a bit harsh. There's no need for tantrums :)

#44 Posted by Monika (45 posts) - - Show Bio

@Darkpanther said:

Batman and Robin #0 was pretty good and i haven't finished reading batman #0

how do you not finish reading a comic, there's only twenty pages? :O

it goes by way too fast

#45 Posted by SavageDragon (2252 posts) - - Show Bio

Demon Knights#0. Haunt#26, Space Punisher, He-Man, Batman#0 maybe Grifter and like usual I will read A V X in the store. That Dr Strange Hardcover interests me.

#46 Posted by Funrush (1369 posts) - - Show Bio

Just Batman this week.

#47 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6885 posts) - - Show Bio

Its sad for me to look at these now since I've had to restrict my trips to my LCS to one Wednesday a month now, at the end, to get all my comics at once. But so far these are all awesome and I want every single one of them.

#48 Posted by SoA (4828 posts) - - Show Bio

batman #0, team7 #0, dr strange season 1 , manhattan projects, creep, x-force, and since AvX is over tie-in wise WATX

#49 Posted by DonFelipe (1096 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh yeah, can't wait for another round of the Manhattan Projects, Batman #0 for sure plus the Massive #4 and Chew #28. That's it for me.

#50 Posted by ArtisticNeedham (2244 posts) - - Show Bio

Man, I don't plan to get any of those.




So far these are the ones I think I will be getting.