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Welcome back to 10 Comics to Buy This Week. As you're probably well aware, there are a metric crap-ton of comic books hitting shelves every single week. And for the common consumer, it's financially impossible to pick up everything. That's where this column steps in like your superhero savior, drawing your attention to 10 books worth your hard-earned dollars during any given week.

We not only going to spotlight tights and capes books, but also some indie titles off the beaten path, which, if all goes well, will broaden your reading horizons.

Action Comics #12

After the saddening news that Grant Morrison is leaving ACTION COMICS with issue #16, we now need to cherish every issue a little bit more as they release before it’s too late. This week’s issue #12 sees Grant Morrison and artist Rick Bryant reveal the terrible secrets of “the Forgotten Superman.” We’ll also find out the fate of Lois Lane, who seemingly was plowed through by a giant truck. How could she survive that?!

Animal Man #12

The “Rotworld” crossover between ANIMAL MAN and SWAMP THING is upon us. Jeff Lemire’s ANIMAL MAN #12 represents the first chapter of the Rotworld prologue. Buddy has teamed up with Alec Holland and it’s now time to bring the pain to the Rot.

Daredevil #16

This issue is being tagged as “Nelson/Murdock no more!,” and that has us super sad. Will Foggy finally decide to split ties with Matt due to his recent detachment from his past? We’re not sure what’s going to go down here, but you can bet we’ll be picking up this issue to find out. Marvel is also promising a final page that will have Daredevil fans hitting up the Internet message boards post-haste.

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #1

Everyone always considers Deadpool the jokester of the Marvel Universe. But what if he was given a far darker twist that actually brought the character closer to being Jason Voorhees than a member of the Three Stooges? That’s the question writer Cullen Bunn and artist Dalibor Talajic plan to tackle in this new weekly horror series.

First X-Men #1

Legendary comic creator Neal Adams returns to the X-Men to tackle the secret first X-Men team that existed before Xavier ever brought Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast and the like together. This series stars Wolverine and Sabretooth. While we remain skeptical about this one, we’re willing to give it a shot to see if it peels back a layer to the X-Men mythos that adds instead of detracts.

Harvest #1

Writer A.J. Lieberman (COWBOY NINJA VIKING, TERM LIFE) and artist Colin Lorimer join forces for a series about human traffickers, rogue medical teams, Yakuza-run organ mills and six-year-old drug fiends. What could possibly go wrong with that combination?

Harvest is pitched as the love child between DEXTER, ER and 100 BULLETS. Seems like an awesome set of inspirations to us. Also, our own G-Man has already read the issue and has informed me it’s quite good. If you value his opinion, and you should, then pick up HARVEST #1.

Hawkeye #1

Matt Fraction and David Aja reteam for a new series starring Hawkeye. If you’re familiar with their work on IMMORTAL IRON FIST, then you know what to expect from Fraction and Aja on HAWKEYE. This book is (hopefully) going to be a ton of fun and absolutely gorgeous. Do not miss this.

Infected #1

Writer/artist Chad Minshew adapts the first book in the New York Times best-selling horror trilogy by Scott Sigler, INFECTED. A mysterious disease has taken over the human race, turning them into paranoid, raving murderers. When former all-pro linebacker Perry Dawsey awakens to find odd welts growing on his body and strange voices in his head telling him to do terrible things, he must resist those urges or it could alter the fate of our entire species.

Mind the Gap #3

A perplexing mystery is afoot and everyone is suspect. Jim McCann and Rodin Esquejo’s MIND THE GAP has been a puzzling reading experience thus far. By that I mean it’s a story that keeps you guessing, with enough red herrings and distractions to get you off the scent of Ellie’s actual attacker. Basically, MIND THE GAP has been a pleasure to read from its first issue, with great characters and a solid mystery yarn to keep you engaged in the narrative. Be sure to pick this one up (and the previous two issues if you haven’t already).

Swamp Thing #12

Chapter two of the Rotworld prologue, continued from ANIMAL MAN #12. Buddy Baker and Alec Holland continue their travels to get to the bottom of this Rotworld mess they’ve caught themselves up in. This is one crossover you shouldn’t miss.

Erik Norris is a freelance writer for sites such as ComicVine, IGN and CraveOnline.com. You can stalk him on Twitter @Regular_Erik.

#1 Posted by InfamousFish (378 posts) - - Show Bio

No Ultimate Spider-Man?

#2 Posted by Spartnqbrn (28 posts) - - Show Bio

Why is there no mention of Fury Max? From issue to issue this series constantly brings it, yet it is never on this pull list. I think there is one issue left in the miniseries, next month bypass that metric crap-ton and put it on the list.

#3 Posted by Duke_Nasty (1021 posts) - - Show Bio

3 for 3 this week well done.

#4 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (10577 posts) - - Show Bio

From this list I am getting Action Comics and Hawkeye

#5 Posted by Ironhawk22 (535 posts) - - Show Bio

I know a lot of people won't like this, but honestly Grant Morrisons run on Action has been just okay imo. I just don't think it's anywhere near as good as his Batman.

#6 Posted by cyberninja (10531 posts) - - Show Bio

Hmmm let's see, Animal Man is always a must,.....Daredevil #16 seems interesting( Or may be Marvel just said  " Nelson/Murdock no more!" to make us buy this issue) .....Swamp Thing is pretty cool too....as for the rest, meh. 

#7 Posted by Mercy_ (93622 posts) - - Show Bio

Getting none of these O_o

#8 Posted by moywar700 (3013 posts) - - Show Bio

@Mercy_ said:

Getting none of these O_o


#9 Posted by CitizenJP (719 posts) - - Show Bio

Animal Man.

#10 Posted by ChernobylCow (96 posts) - - Show Bio

After so much treading water, explaining the red the green the rot. Finally Animal Man and Swampy are going to cross. Hopefully it's worthwhile. I'm a little sick of all this avatar gibberish.

#11 Posted by The Stegman (30872 posts) - - Show Bio

Animal Man 
Swamp Thing 
Action Comics 
Earth 2

#12 Posted by Aph8825 (65 posts) - - Show Bio

Animal Man Dial H Swamp Thing Harvest Thief of Thieves

#13 Posted by SavageDragon (2257 posts) - - Show Bio

Earth 2, Hawkeye and maybe Infected. Honestly I got really bored with Mind the Gap. I liked the first Issue but the second really dragged on, ill give it one more issue.

#14 Posted by redo7 (17 posts) - - Show Bio

I'll guess Daredevil & Hawkeye this week,...

#15 Posted by cc1738 (371 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm only getting Action. I'm also picking up Age of Apocolypse for my brother.

#16 Posted by longbowhunter (8927 posts) - - Show Bio

Animal Man, The Cape: 1969, Daredevil, Dial H, Earth 2, Hawkeye, Mind The Gap, and Swamp Thing.

#17 Posted by SandMan_ (4581 posts) - - Show Bio

Action Comics....

#18 Posted by salmy (33 posts) - - Show Bio
@Ironhawk22 Agreed, I'm going to run it out to the end but I've though about dropping it a couple of times. Excited about Animal Man and Swamp Thing. Might check out Dead pool kills everything.
#19 Posted by Smurfboy (480 posts) - - Show Bio

What about Gambit #1? Isn't this suppose to be out sometime in August? And as for the comic books coming out this week, I am interested in First X-Men #1 and Hawkeye #1. Can't wait!

#20 Posted by sithfrog (975 posts) - - Show Bio

So now Sabretooth has been a member of the secret, before the Avengers Avengers team and now also a member of the secret, before the X-Men X-Men team. I have reservations about First X-Men after how uninteresting I found the 1959 Avengers.

#21 Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale (10191 posts) - - Show Bio

Action comics, INFECTED, Deadpool.

#22 Posted by TheGardener (16 posts) - - Show Bio

Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Daredevil and Hawkeye for me.

#23 Posted by sentryman555 (878 posts) - - Show Bio

@Ironhawk22 said:

I know a lot of people won't like this, but honestly Grant Morrisons run on Action has been just okay imo. I just don't think it's anywhere near as good as his Batman.

I agree with you but considering how the actual Superman comic isn't that great right now I've been looking towards Action Comics to get my superman fix. I really hope that doesn't change when Morrison leaves.

#24 Posted by RedHush1 (162 posts) - - Show Bio

From this list I'm getting Animal Man and Swamp Thing

#25 Posted by Miss_Garrick (1761 posts) - - Show Bio

So, this "First X-Men" series... is this about the team before the Deadly Genesis? Is this about the 9th or 11th team before them?!? ARRRRGGGHHH!!! MARVEL, YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY!! KEEP TRACK OF YOUR OWN WORK, YOU MORONS!!!!

#26 Posted by rawr (92 posts) - - Show Bio

Besides all the continuity issues w/ First X-Men that folks have pointed out already... The idea of Yet Another Wolverine Title annoys me the most. I didnt hate him in the 90s but he is so over exposed I sure do now.

#27 Edited by Smurfboy (480 posts) - - Show Bio

Look at Batman. He got more issues than Wolverine, lol. But I'm a big fan of Wolverine and never get tired of him! I am hungry for more issues of him. :)

#28 Posted by modunhanul (424 posts) - - Show Bio

Only four issues ramaing for Action Comics... I'm so sad.

#29 Posted by t84nightfall (23 posts) - - Show Bio

I can't wait for Hawkeye. I can't believe you guys didn't mention Earth 2 either. Maybe this should be 15 comics to buy this week. :D

#30 Posted by Man of Lengend (1019 posts) - - Show Bio

yess!!!! deadpool kills the marvel universe

#31 Posted by TwistedGamer (79 posts) - - Show Bio

Dial H #4, Earth 2 #4, AvX #9, Avenging Spider man #10, Defenders #9, Hawkeye #1, Deardevil #16, & Ultimate Comics spiderman #13 for me

#32 Posted by CombatSpoon86 (960 posts) - - Show Bio

@TheGardener: We got the same pool this wk lol.

Good wk. Animal man, Daredevil, Hawkeye and Swamp Thing

#33 Posted by EdwardWindsor (14517 posts) - - Show Bio

The only one i have on my list is Deadpool kills.

#34 Posted by zackattack529 (1408 posts) - - Show Bio

action comics, animal man, daredevil, batwing, Dial h, Earth2, Justice league international, Red Lanterns, Stormwatch, Swamp thing, wORLDS fINEST, sPAWN, HAWKEYE, Amazing spiderman, Punisher, Ultimate Spiderman for me this week.

#35 Posted by NXH (1031 posts) - - Show Bio

Nothing for me this week :(

#36 Posted by Mucklefluga (2651 posts) - - Show Bio

Earth 2 Hawkeye and DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE !!!! :D for me

#37 Posted by Billy Batson (59442 posts) - - Show Bio
Harvest is pitched as the love child between DEXTER, ER and 100 BULLETS. Seems like an awesome set of inspirations to us. Also, our own G-Man has already read the issue and has informed me it’s quite good. If you value his opinion, and you should, then pick up HARVEST #1.


#38 Posted by davidgrantlloyd (462 posts) - - Show Bio

Action Comics, Daredevil, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Mind The Gap.

Good week.

#39 Posted by Pwok21 (2464 posts) - - Show Bio

Swamp Thing, Hawkeye, Animal Man and Deadpool kill the Marvel U look good.

Gotta say my jimmies are really rustled about the whole 'First X-Men' thing, they already had the secret team with Vulcan and Darwin so why do they need to add even more secrets?

#40 Posted by kagato (261 posts) - - Show Bio

Action Comics and regular Deadpool are always on my list but i hadnt heard about Deadpool kills the DC Universe! Very excited for tomorrow now, cant get enough of Wade Wilson at the moment ^_^

#41 Posted by Mypasswordisnotpassword (14 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm getting Before Watchmen: Night Owl, Action Comics, Daredevil, Swamp Thing, JLI, Earth 2, Detective Comics, Batwing, Red Lanterns

#42 Posted by Gritterr (491 posts) - - Show Bio

Hawkeye for me. This site has rekindled my love of comic books. This may be the wrong place but can Can anyone tell me the best way to get Hickmans run on FF from number #570-present. Ive caught the tail end and am facinated with seeing it all begin. Any advice is appreciated

#43 Posted by MrArrogant (161 posts) - - Show Bio

Well the first 4 volumes are simply fantastic four vol. 1-4 which collect issues 570-589. Then the book gets relaunced to FF, the first 2 volumes collecting 1-11 (I think). The series then goes back to fantastic four, the last leg of forever (600-604) can be found in fantastic four vol. 5. FF does continue also, and volume 3 of that should be read alongside F4 vol. 5. And that's the whole forever storyline, the should all be available on Amazon, hope this helped :)

#44 Posted by Gritterr (491 posts) - - Show Bio

@MrArrogant: Thanks a ton.

#45 Posted by WWAJfan (269 posts) - - Show Bio

Deadpool looks really cool

#46 Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope (2501 posts) - - Show Bio

Might finally succumb and get Animal Man just for the Rotworld crossover. The last crossovers DC tempted me with where Resurrectionman/Suicide Squad and all Batman or bat based titles/Court of Owls.

#47 Posted by SoA (5984 posts) - - Show Bio

action comics, animal man, swamp thing, deadpool, I'm VERY hesitant about first x-men, and ill try infected and harvest .

#48 Posted by Adnan (1042 posts) - - Show Bio

Will be buying Harvest, Think Tank, and maybe Earth-2. I think I'll just trade-wait Animal Man and Swamp Thing from now on, each issue feels way too light on content for me and I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere near my money's worth.

#49 Posted by sinestro_GL (3646 posts) - - Show Bio

AC 12 - gotta savour the Grant Morrison run while it still lasts!

#50 Posted by Mokey (195 posts) - - Show Bio

Aw yes! First week is best week!

Action Comics!

Animal Man!

Swamp Thing!