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Welcome back to 10 Comics to Buy This Week. As you're probably well aware, there are a metric crap-ton of comic books hitting shelves every single week. And for the common consumer, it's financially impossible to pick up everything. That's where this column steps in like your superhero savior, drawing your attention to 10 books worth your hard-earned dollars during any given week.

We not only going to spotlight tights and capes books, but also some indie titles off the beaten path, which, if all goes well, will broaden your reading horizons.

American Vampire #29

It’s always a great week when we get a new issue of American Vampire. This issue is part two of the “Blacklist” story arc, which feels like a climax to Scott Snyder’s American Vampire work. By that I don’t mean the series is coming to an end, but rather that this story feels like Snyder and artist Rafael Albuquerque are pulling together all the pieces of the series to date to create their biggest story arc yet. The scope here is huge and you should absolutely be reading this.

Batman Incorporated #3

Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham return for another issue of Batman Incorporated following the Talia al Ghul refresher in issue #2. Best of all, this issue features Bruce once again donning the mantle of Matches Malone! It’s been too long since we’ve seen Bruce's Wayne backup persona with the sick mustache in use. So thank you, Grant Morrison, you’ve once again mined an old concept and made it new again.

Update: This issue has been delayed a month due to the recent events in Aurora, Colorado.

Batman: The Dark Knight #11

It’s the second issue of Gregg Hurwitz’s run on The Dark Knight. Issue #10 was a solid start that introduced a very creepy version of Scarecrow. Hopefully Hurwitz can keep up the good work and deliver a Batman story that deserves to exist alongside all the other solid Bat-titles. Let’s also get some more scenes like the one from issue #10 with Batman consoling the little girl. That scene was perfectly touching.

Debris #1

It’s another new Image series from writer Kurtis Wiebe and artist Riley Rossmo, the same creative team that worked on Green Wake. Debris is set in the far future where humanity has let the world go to hell in a handbasket (typical). And in this rotting world, ancient spirits called “Colossals” have risen up to attack the remaining survivors. It becomes the job of one warrior woman named Maya to set out on a quest to find the last source of water left on the planet and put a stop to the Colossals’ destruction.

Green Lantern #11

If you’re a digital reader like myself, you might have been lucky enough to snag this issue a week early through Comixology before they realized they prematurely made it available and pulled it down. But if you’re a brick-and-mortar shopper, then Green Lantern #11 ships this week and delivers the first part of Black Hand’s quest for revenge.

Having read the issue, I can say that it’s incredibly creepy. Remember the Black Hand that blew his brains out before Blackest Night started? Yea, I think he tops himself here. I won’t dare spoil what happens, but let me just say it’s quite sick. Prepare yourself.

I,Vampire #11

It’s time for me to come clean: I just started reading I, Vampire. I know we’ve featured it a few times on this list, but I just recently picked up the previously ten issues and caught up myself. This can’t be understated: I, Vampire is easily one of the best books of DC’s New 52. The writing by Joshua Hale Fialkov is fantastic, and the art by Andrea Sorrentino is pitch perfect for this series. I blew through all ten issues in one sitting. And now it’s time for issue #11 and Andrew Bennett to face down the Van Helsing horde!

If you haven’t yet dabbled in I, Vampire, please do so. This book is crazy good.

Manhattan Projects #5

This series by Jonathan Hickman and artist Nick Pitarra has been one zany ride. Last issue, we discovered that the Albert Einstein of our world was in fact an evil doppelganger from an alternate universe who is definitely up to no good because he started making trouble in our neighborhood.

Now we pick up with chapter five, titled “Horizon,” where we get a glimpse at the new future thanks to the breakthroughs of the Manhattan Projects. But is it a future that’s better or worse for humanity?

National Comics Eternity #1

DC is reviving National Comics for a new ongoing series where each issue is a standalone story spotlighting long lost classic characters. First up: Jeff Lemire and Cully Hamner tackle Kid Eternity.

Will Kid Eternity be able to solve a deadly cirme in less than 24 hours? Pick up this issue to find out.

Uncanny X-Force #28

Last issue ended with the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants making their presence known to the X-Force, to deadly results. With the X-Force shaken and their morale broken, will the team be able to mount a counterstrike against a force that tore them down in a matter of seconds? With Wolverine leading the charge, you know damn well they're going to try.

Venom #21

It’s the Savage Six finale. Venom has been defeated. The Crime-Master stands victorious. And Flash Thompson and Betty Brants’ love life will never be the same.

It’s been a while since we spotlighted Venom on this list, so we’re finally doing so as Rick Remender prepares to take his final bow on the book with issue #22. He’s had an amazing run on the title, so it’s about time we gave the man his due.

Erik Norris is a freelance writer for sites such as ComicVine, IGN and CraveOnline.com. You can stalk him on Twitter @Regular_Erik.

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Really excited for Jeff Lemire's take on Kid Eternity.

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I'm getting TMNT #12(Last issue I'm picking up for the series), Aquaman, and Green Lantern. I would like to get Debris, but I just don't have the money. Sadly, I'll have to ignore it.

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My 10:

Star Wars - Blood Ties: Boba Fett is Dead 4

Star Wars - Darth Maul: Death Sentence 1


TMNT Micro Series 6 Casey Jones

Aquaman 11

Green Lantern 11

The Incredible Hulk 11

Hit-Girl 2

Uncanny X-Force 28

Venom 21

(Also picking up...)

ASM 690

Batman Incorporated 3

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#4 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (7615 posts) - - Show Bio

From this list I am getting Green Lantern.

Also I heard they are not going to release Batman Incorporated this week and they are pushing it to another week to be released

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I read the same thing about Batman Inc, seems like something they would do as well.

#7 Posted by erik_norris (106 posts) - - Show Bio

@Adnan said:

Bleedingcool is saying Batman Inc #3 is gonna be delayed this week due to the content in it possibly being construed as insensitive due to the recent incident regarding TDKR in Aurora. It doesn't link to an official statement by DC or anything though, so who knows. Worth being aware of, I guess

Yea, right after the article published I saw this as well. I'll update the post if/when DC makes it official. Although, Chris Burnham has tweeted it is delayed. Unfortunate, but there's plenty else to buy this week ;)

#8 Posted by Deranged Midget (17987 posts) - - Show Bio

@k4tzm4n said:

My 10:

Star Wars - Blood Ties: Boba Fett is Dead 4

Star Wars - Darth Maul: Death Sentence 1


TMNT Micro Series 6 Casey Jones

Aquaman 11

Green Lantern 11

The Incredible Hulk 11

Hit-Girl 2

Uncanny X-Force 28

Venom 21

(Also picking up...)

ASM 690

Batman Incorporated 3

I'm picking up the bolded. (Can't get TMNT >.< and I already have GL #11 via Digital comics.

#9 Posted by Suprman (442 posts) - - Show Bio

I may pick up Green Lantern, just for black hand's return. I,Vampire has been fantastic and I love every panel of it.

#10 Posted by feargalr (1159 posts) - - Show Bio

Na na na na na na na na na MANHATTAN PROJECTS!

#11 Posted by cc1738 (359 posts) - - Show Bio

@k4tzm4n: Holy crap, are you buying all those and how many comics do you get a month?

#12 Posted by Aph8825 (59 posts) - - Show Bio

This list is pretty much my pull

#13 Posted by ThexX (1577 posts) - - Show Bio

Don't forget about Winter Soldier #8 and Ultimate Comics Ultimates #13

#14 Posted by jwalser3 (5288 posts) - - Show Bio

Venom all the way!

#15 Posted by The Stegman (26553 posts) - - Show Bio

Both Batman titles, GL and I Vampire...plus many MANY more not listed.

#16 Posted by Icarusflies (12517 posts) - - Show Bio

>grumble< I can't get to the comic store for like a month. >_<

#17 Posted by Duke_Nasty (1017 posts) - - Show Bio

Uncanny X-Force and I'll try Debris.

#18 Posted by CombatSpoon86 (816 posts) - - Show Bio

Good week. American Vampire, FF, Manhattan Projects, Eternity, Justice League Dark, Uncanny X-force and Winter Soldier. Can't get any better than this.

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#20 Posted by Or35ti (1101 posts) - - Show Bio

Great list. I'm getting Green Lantern and Batman Incorporated :)

#21 Posted by RedOwl_1 (1664 posts) - - Show Bio

Waaaaaaaait a second..... Batman: The Dark Knight is good?!?

Oh and for me is

  • Aquaman #11
  • Batman Incorporated #3
  • The Flash #11
  • Teen Titans #11
  • Green Lanterns: New Guardians #11
  • Amazing Spider-Man #690

Not much Marvel <_<

#22 Posted by Toturi (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Amazing Spiderman #690

Aquaman #11

Batman INC. #3

Batman The Dark Knight #11

Flash #11

Green Lantern #11

StarWars BobaFett is Dead #4

Superman #11

#23 Posted by CitizenJP (635 posts) - - Show Bio

GL is getting intense, man. I'm excited.

#24 Posted by SavageDragon (2252 posts) - - Show Bio

Haunt #25, Darth Maul Death Sentence.

#25 Posted by Cavemold (1684 posts) - - Show Bio

Final venom gets his due. It's confirmed no inc 3 .

#26 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6836 posts) - - Show Bio

Not getting any of these titles this week, but GL 11 looks good for sure.

#27 Posted by JamDamage (1118 posts) - - Show Bio

great titles this week, but lets say it people..............................................it's all about X-Force. This could be the only title that's on sale from any company for this week and that would still make it a good week.

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@cc1738 said:

@k4tzm4n: Holy crap, are you buying all those and how many comics do you get a month?

Yup, buying all of them. It's an expensive week for me, but believe it or not I am on a pretty limited budget. I usually try to pick up 4 or 5 per week.

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dark knight, green lantern and national comics for me

#30 Posted by GamerGeek360 (231 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman, Inc. #3 is being delayed by a month. Making it a slightly less expensive week for me.

#31 Posted by odysseyuwrf (73 posts) - - Show Bio

I've been singing the praises of I, Vampire for months now! Not one of the best, THE BEST book in The New 52. And I don't even like vampires!

#32 Posted by tcglkn (15 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm picking up 7 issues this week. It's a good week for me.

Batman the Dark Knight #11

FF #20

Flash #11

Green Lantern #11

Green Lantern New Guardians #11

Incredible Hulk #11

Teen Titans #11

#33 Posted by Funrush (1369 posts) - - Show Bio

Btw, when Inc 3 is released proper, someone should make a topic telling the differences between the rerelease and the original.

#34 Posted by WWAJfan (236 posts) - - Show Bio

Thnks ComicVIne for adding Venom in your list,Venom 21 n GL FTW

#35 Posted by theoknows (36 posts) - - Show Bio

Stoked for JLD, American Vampire, and I, Vampire!

#36 Posted by meatbag34 (2 posts) - - Show Bio

I will almost always pick up anything that Lemire or Remender write.

#37 Posted by Dman1366 (838 posts) - - Show Bio

Haha it is all about WatX 14 and Avenger 28 (i think), Death of Red Hulk.

#38 Posted by broo1232 (1520 posts) - - Show Bio

Uncanny X-force


X-men Legacy

Wolverine and the X-men

Winter Soldier

#39 Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope (2388 posts) - - Show Bio

If I was back in the states already, I'd have picked up Avengers 28 (a huge first since I avoid Bendis' stuff like the plague).

#40 Posted by yo_yo_fun (639 posts) - - Show Bio

Lots of interesting books on this list but my budget is limited.

So this week I'm getting (though they're not on the list): Aquaman #11 & All Star Western #11.

#41 Posted by blindisaac (89 posts) - - Show Bio

Im getting JLD, American Vampire, Dark Avengers, and Uncanny X-Force this week. Pretty light week. Im eyeing national Comics.

#42 Posted by chroinkero (68 posts) - - Show Bio

Amazing Spiderman #690

The Flash #11

Green Lantern #11

X-Treme X-Men #1

#43 Posted by MadeinBangladesh (8470 posts) - - Show Bio

Teen Titans and Deadpool

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BTDK for me.

#46 Posted by Cavemold (1684 posts) - - Show Bio

Since Inc 3 is held up TDK , Venom for me

#47 Posted by kulukimaki (15 posts) - - Show Bio

What can you say? I do agree on quite a few titles this week, but mostly out of lack for better ones. This is the list. Again more or less in order of magnificence.

  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #12
  2. Manhattan Projects #5
  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Series #6 - Thought these would end after four issues, but I'm glad they didn't.
  4. Uncanny X-Force #28
  5. X-treme X-Men #1
  6. B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth Exorcism #2
  7. Everybody Loves Tank Girl #1
  8. Batman Incorporated #3
  9. A Once Crowded Sky: A Novel - This is supposedly a mix of novel and comic. We'll see.

Well, I did fall short by one and I was already trying. All in all not the best week. Batman Incorporated #2 was a kind of wrap up but a good one. We'll see about this one (if the rumors about it being delayed are true we won't, at least not this week). That's all folks. Tune back in next week.

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@Alton: Oh, I'm sorry that I don't want a piece of art changed for the sake of sensitivity and political correctness. I'm just expressing an opinion. And get a life? We're on a comic book forum, get over yourself.

#50 Posted by Duke_Nasty (1017 posts) - - Show Bio

@The_Tree: Well said.