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Is it just me or does Marvel use good reasoning with most (not all) of its characters and DC uses some kind of toon physics with its all of its characters (except for Batman's). For example, no one in this site knows how Superman flies. They assume that "he just does" with no kind of reasoning behind it. Who can explain the rest of his powers? ICE BREATH?! Superman has the same lung size of any ordinary man. The lungs are approximately 12' inches in length and width so how in the world can he 'vaccuum' air into his lungs the size of a city and blow it out of his mouth? Has anyone ever questioned Flash's power in depth? What exactly is the Speedforce we wonder? But no one ever thinks about what speed is. ( Vf^2 - Vo^2 = 2gs ), It's like DC doesn't use the Four Fundamentals of Science. Everyone's powers is like a magical toon force that each character shares. Sadly, Batman and his 'world' doesn't apply to this lacklusting physical toon force. However, ever notice the environment of Gathom? Why is it always night time there!? The best you see of day light is DAWN! I swear Gatham City is a separate other universe to the rest of DC! Do we even know where it's at? Why does it take Superman to fly from Metropolis in day time and arrive at Gatham during night fall? Does it take Superman or Flash HALF A DAY to get to Gatham with their incredible speed? Why does Zoom have 'personal time' while others don't? Doesn't it seem kind of odd to you that despite Flash's speed, he can still move during Zoom's personal time-line? Toon force much? Is there some kind of magic involved with this? Why do Power Rings need a battery to recharge but yet it is supposedly the most powerful weapon in the universe with 'infinite' power but yet it runs out of power during use? But miraculously, This hardly happens at all. How does a Martian have a mind comprehension the size of a human- mind control a spirit of God's right hand?  Wonder Woman used to have an invisible airplane. That's because she could not fly! So when did she start flying and most importantly; HOW!?  They say that DC characters aside from Batman and Lex hold their breath in extensive hours when in space.... Um.... How do they talk? Marvel has the reasoning behind it, but why can't DC?  
The moral of this issue, is that two can't debate fairly on DC vs Marvel because their is no reasoning behind DC's powers. The only way Marvel can effectively argue against a DC supporter is by simply taking out all reasoning away. Why? Well you can't argue against DC's illustrations because DC is all about physical powers and showings of that physical power with no in particular concrete reasoning. From experienced reading, the only area where Marvel uses zero reasoning is their area of Magic. So Dr. Strange fighting the Living Tribunal or Juggernaut punching out the cosmic Stranger has a reason. MAGIC. This is something DC doesn't want to admit with most of their characters aside from its magic based characters. If Superman, Flash and Green Lanterns powers are not magical, but also not applied by physics then it has no other explanation other than being a toon force. 
Thanks for reading. :)

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man, you would think we were dealing with some type of comic book universe or something

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1. The symbols you used in the title is agitating to the eyes.


Is it just me or does Marvel use good reasoning with most

This made me lol.

3. It's a comic book universe. Absurdity happens on both sides.

4. Have you not heard of PIS, WIS, and CIS? Some, if not half of the examples you mentioned could fall under this.

5. Magic is not the only area that Marvel lacks in reasoning. Examples:

-Hulk. So, how do you explain how a nuke blows up in the close vicinity of a human scientist, and not only doesn't kill him, but doesn't give him some form of unknown, hyper-lethal cancer? Why is it that he gains the ability to turn into a colossal, insanely muscular giant when enraged?

-How is it that a young teenager gets bit by a radioactive spider not gain some form of cancer, or other terminal illness.. yet gains spider-related powers?

-How did cosmic radiation not kill the F4 completely? Or, again, how did they survive without some form of terminal illness?

Marvel had a thing for radiation for awhile that made almost no sense given what would happen in reality. Expecting realistic explanations for super-powers, which are in and of themselves not realistic, is just plain silly.

5. Are you an alt of slacker the hacker?

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Watch, learn it, love it; 

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@The Stegman said:

man, you would think we were dealing with some type of comic book universe or something

Lol. I know right.

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Why? How?

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Yeah, no.

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@FadeToBlackBolt said:

Watch, learn it, love it; 

Damn I love his voice.
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@FadeToBlackBolt said:

Watch, learn it, love it;

LOVE THAT!!!.....the character is as old as the writer wants him/her to be

there's too much thinking going on with comics today....just sit back and enjoy the story and the information provided by the writer...don't over think things...just have fun!

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Hmmm I concur.

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That's Affirmative.

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I don't know really. It's all zero's and ones to me.

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I can think of plenty of examples of things in Marvel that don't make any sense, for instance in order for Wolverine's healing factor to work the way it does he should be constantly eating to provide the necessary protein it would require to rebuild his body tissues that rapidly, same goes for deadpool and all the other heroes with a purely physical regeneration ability, or say the fact that Galactus, a being literally bigger than Jupiter can stroll up to Earth without screwing with the orbits of the planets. I know there are plenty of DC characters with weird logic but Marvel is just as guilty as they are

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Zeros and ones. 

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@FadeToBlackBolt said:

Watch, learn it, love it;

And for that, Grant Morrison will forever have my respect.

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@War Killer said:

@FadeToBlackBolt said:

Watch, learn it, love it;

And for that, Grant Morrison will forever have my respect.

Right out of my mouth.

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@FadeToBlackBolt said:

Watch, learn it, love it;

This would not go over well on the battle forums lol. But amazingly accurate and interesting nontheless.