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While doing press interviews for White House Down, Channing Tatum said he loves Gambit and can even pull off the ragin' cajun's signature accent because he's from the New Orleans area. Well, it looks like Tatum could have the opportunity to step into the X-Man's boots. In Empire's X-Men: Days of Future Past issue, X-Men produce Lauren Shuler Donner says she's pushing for Channing Tatum to star in a movie all about Remy LeBeau and now it's just a matter of convincing the studio.

"I'm dying to do a Gambit movie with Channing Tatum," Shuler Donner reveals. "That doesn't have to be a great big movie. It's a thief in New Orleans, it's a whole different story. He's on board, and I have to get the studio on board. How can anyone resist Channing? He's such a sweetheart."

Viners, if this does pan out, do you think Channing Tatum would be a good choice for the famous X-Man or would you rather see Taylor Kitsch reprise the role? Get your elaboration on below.

Source: Empire

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I....well....No comment.

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Hmm interested to see Gambit on the big screen again, but Channing Tatum gives me some reservations.

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Now I am as big a fan of Channing Tatum as anyone but I just don't think Tatum is right for the role. He's to much of a pretty boy not enough rapscallion bad boy.

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Shuler get a grip of your self woman.

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He could play the Hell out of Gambit, please do it!!!!!!

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I'm neutral, I'll wait till I see him in character if it does happen

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FINALLY! I've been talking about this for years. If Tatum can pull off the Cajun accent and mannerisms then I'll definitely give it a watch.

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Marvel pls

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FINALLY! I've been talking about this for years. If Tatum can pull off the Cajun accent and mannerisms then I'll definitely give it a watch.

He would need acting skills to be able to do this. And he has none

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Nope no way.

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I was never a real fan of Tatum, but after watching 21 Jumpstreet and everything after that I think he could pull it off.

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But seriously?

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I don't have a problem with Tatum...I seem to be the only one I know who enjoyed White House Down (it's like a good Die Hard sequel) and I think he's great at comedic roles but I don't think that he would be the right actor to play Gambit

this is actually one of the big reasons that I have a problem with Fox still having the rights to the X-Franchise....if you look back at all of the movies that they've made and look at the characterizations that they've brought to the films then you'll start to see that the writers and directors that they've gotten to do these movies either really really don't get the characters at all or that they're only in it for the money and don't give a sh!t about the characters....they've completely butchered characters like Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, Psylocke, Colossus, Deadpool, Juggernaut, and a ton of others that they've simply shoehorned into the many movies that they've made...it's sad really when you compare the X-Franchise to the in house Marvel films

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His acting doesn't really impress me. I 'd rather see Timothy Olyphant from justified play gambit than Channing Tatum.

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I wouldn't want to see a Gambit movie unless it peaked my interest, Channing Tatum looks like a good fit for the role.

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He can do a pretty good Cajun accent.

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I heard he has a bar down in New Orleans he hangs out in from time to time. I'd be on board with seeing him do a screen test.

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I haven't been a big fan of the X-Men movies overall personally, but I had reservations about Hugh Jackman being Wolverine and hes down a pretty good job so I say give him a chance I guess you could be pleasantly surprised.

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@g_man: why is this in the Overlord forum?

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Donner has been the absolute worst since day one. She is the real villain at fox that keeps regurgitating the same crap into movie after movie. At least singer was only involved in the original two, Donner however has been a part of every single crap x-men film yet.

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I don't see why Tatum couldn't do this. Just because he's done pretty boy movies doesn't mean that's all he can do. Heath Ledger was labeled a pretty boy actor before he did Joker. Tatum's acting has gotten a lot better in recent years too.

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He would be pretty good for the role. He definitely has the acting chops to pull it off.

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I would love to see a Gambit movie but Idk about Tatum. I like him but I just don't see him pulling that off. At the very least, I'd give it a chance.

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He would be pretty good for the role. He definitely has the acting chops to pull it off.

Really? I kinda feel like he only has one face and can't really act beyond. Then again I think I've only seen one or two movies of with him in it and was not impressed.

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Haha hahaha!

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You put Gambit in X Men Origins and it didn't end well,

so a solo film might surely fail,

It if it's good, then Gambit will become a star

and take this X-men's legacy very far

and then boom

I'll Channing all over his Tatum.

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THIS. Channing Tatum has as much charm as a brick. And he also acts like one.

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Why are you all hating on Tatum he can pull it off

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Gambit has no business in the movies. Not a fan...and it's nothing against Tatum.

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Cannot be worse than Ben Affleck as Batman.. oh wait.

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Could be great.

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Cannot be worse than Ben Affleck as Batman.. oh wait.

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I never understood the infatuation with Gambit, his character is nonsensical on almost every level. With that said, I don't really care about Tatum either....so why am I posting here you ask??

I don't know.

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I would totally see a Gambit movie, and don't know enough about Tatum to have an opinion about him one way or another. The only thing is that I refuse to pay to see another X-Men movie by Fox.

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so is it safe to say the wolverine movies never happened?

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I don't like the idea of Tatum as gambit but I wont say he would be horrible at it. Basicallythere are other actors I would prefer to see play gambit. In my opinion Tatum's acting skills are all over the place.

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No, god no

#42 Posted by Dernman (16452 posts) - - Show Bio

He doesn't have the right stuff for Gambit.

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I would be fine with this. It would be hit in the box office because of him.

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Yeah they might as well go for it. My X-Men reading friends tell me that Gambit hasn't been cool since the 90s, so they might as well risk it and if it sucks... nothing lost.

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A solo film with Gambit? Nehhhh. I like channing tatum and all but I just don't see this movie doing well at all

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I love Chaning but he is the worst cast for Gambit ever!

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not a bad pick if you think about it

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Mon dieu, c'est terrible!!!!!!! a big no from me and im a massive remy le beau fan! get me josh Holloway from Lost to play him then id be interested, tatum cant act!!!!!!