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After the first 4 issues I'd be glad to hear other peoples opinions. For me it's been a little bit lackluster so far. I enjoyed the first issue, especsially when Gambit uses a toothpick as a diversion to get to the vault, but after that first issue, it's failed to live up to my expectations. Not a big fan of the femme fatale Joelle, or the whole Raiders of the Lost Arc storyline, or the jumping into a demon dimension part of issue 4. It all feels like so much is going on, yet not really too much is really going on. If that makes sense. Not to be griping too much on it. I will continue to support the title and hope that the next storyarc is better.

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I like seeing Gambit on his own and back into his old element of being the not-quite-good-guy X-Man, but I agree the opening arc is underwhelming. I just hope this is not the long term premise of the title or I will likely lose interest quickly.

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I'm 3 issues in, and it's just sort of ok. It has a real Uncharted vibe, and that's awesome, but nothing's really happened yet to have me invested.

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So far, I've liked it. The first arc wasn't amazing, but it was solid fun, it had beautiful art, and overall the title has a pretty cool basic concept which has much potential to eventually evolve into something really great. I like that Asmus clearly has a vision what this solo book is all about which is why it seems like the title is building itself a defined identity. My biggest problem with the previous Gambit series was that they lacked a certain sense of direction. They seemed more like by-products of the X-Men franchise (which they were, of course, but they just never strayed far enough from the main titles); this one seems more like stand-alone title.

James Asmus seems to really get Gambit as a character, and it seems to me that he also has an idea about what needs to be done to the character to make him cool and relevant again after so many years of neglect and bad writing. I think his first story arc did a good job with brining Gambit back to his roots, but I also got the feeling that Asmus also brought the character a step foward. I think that's exactly what should be done.

Overall, I think that the first arc was good, though not spectacular, and I'm not at all disappointed in it. I'm still intrigued, and I'm very excited to see what becomes of this title once the story arcs start piling up and the plot starts to thicken.

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It is a little lack luster :/, but I still enjoy it. Maybe this next arc will be better.

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I really like the series so far.... sure some stuff could be better but gambit has a series again and I want it to go has far as it can before it ends!!!!!

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Its been kinda boring.

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@MyraMyraMyra: Well said! I still have high hopes for this series and I really hope it has a long run.

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Not to say that the art in the last issue was bad, but I missed Clay Mann's work. The cover on the last issue felt really off too, felt like that should be next months cover.  
I like where the book is heading and I really enjoyed the first arc. That said there are some things that irk me; why hasn't there been any mention to anyone at the school? The story started with him going out for an afternoon and now what a week later you mean to tell me nobody at all has noticed he's missing? And what's up with the power retcon? I'm I the only one upset about this? If their going to retcon his powers than they should at least put some kind of explanation as to why and not just force it down the readers throat. 

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I love Asmus's voice for Gambit, the self -depreciation and humor is top notch.   You can identify with the character.
However I have to agree with most that though the first issue was promising, the first arc wasn't the best.  I think Asmus does have an idea of the direction of the series but I don't think that all the focus on the rather lame tatoo girl's story was the way to go.  I would have jumped straight into this arc with the actual antagonist and the conflict for Gambit and then move him more into the working in other parts of the MU not go right back to tatoo girl again.   She's not that interesting and Gambit needs to really show how good he is and kick some arse as a thief and hero not play romantic foil for some character I will never care about.  Especially given how he's coming out of  repeated numerious storylines (Blind, Deathbit, Marauders, AvX) and the end of his long standing romance that had Gambit looking like a fool and looser every time over and over.   Yes I know that Gambit needs to be human and have flaws but we've been smacked in the face with those for nearly a decade.  He's over due for some clear fun and show-stopping skill. 
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I have only read the first issue. o-o

I need to catch up and based on this thread, I am a little worried. Hopefully things will pick up although to be honest, its annoying that this Joelle character is taking up so much space. I wanted to see Remy, the thief for a while first without getting him all jumbled up with a side romance straight off the bat.

Oh well --- I will pick this weekend to catch up before school slaps me down again.

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@lykopis: I'm only on issue 3 and picking up 4 this weekend, but quite frankly, I like the series so far. The art at first for me was something I had to get used to but I like it now. The book isn't super serious and puts Gambit back in a solid spot for himself and idk if him and the girl are "official" since I haven't read issue 4 yet so I don't where the relationship between them will go. Asmus has a grasp on the character as far as dialogue, personality and abilities go. Just got to see where he takes it.

Just my 2 cents.

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So far the series have been really cool and the fact that we have a Gambit solo series is great.The first arc was good and now the second has potential too.

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I really loved the first arc, especially the first two issues. Art is way different than any of the other books I'm reading, which is cool. The second arc (issue 5) started kind of weak to me but hopefully it will get good. Interested to see what happens in the future with this Joelle character.

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I really like it....IMO it's one of the more fun books being done by Marvel these days....it kind of reminds me of the old Top Cow Tomb Raider series or Uncharted and the art is beautiful

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Read issue 5. I actualy really liked it. Don't mind the change of artists, both Neves and Mann are good imo. I think Borya Cich is starting to become an interesting villain. Almost like Marvels version of the Penguin. (well, besides the Owl)

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I read the first 5 or so issues, but I dropped it after that because I didn't find it that engaging.

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Being a fan of Gambit, it has been solid but a little underwhelming for me. It is showing potential for me though and I can't see myself dropping it because I'm such a fan of the character. Cich is an interesting character like someone said above and the fact that Gambit is getting to showcase himself is good enough for me.

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Been wondering if I should start picking it up! After all the good and bads............still unsure!

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im loving it

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I had high hopes for issue 8. I was really excited that Gambit would be fighting actual Marvel super villains. Then Joelle came back into the comic. Gambit completely risks his neck for this girl who he barely knows and who has done nothing to earn his loyalty. I was disappointed, yet again.

I'll stick around for 1 maybe 2 more issues but I'm really close to just dropping this title. I really, really wanted this title to be great, but it's just not.

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I enjoyed this recent issue far more than the others.

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SO GOOD. The new issue was GREAT. The one before was really really lackluster to me, not just in story, but in art.

Clay Mann is a god and Joelle has quickly become one of my favorite characters.

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@Ren_ said:

SO GOOD. The new issue was GREAT. The one before was really really lackluster to me, not just in story, but in art.

Clay Mann is a god and Joelle has quickly become one of my favorite characters.

This. Asmus and Mann killed it.

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this is one of my favorite books at Marvel right now...love it!

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Eh, I must be in minor group but I'm loving a new series for Gambit! I got entire issues and will continue to buy every issue for many years to come. The relationship between Gambit and Joelle is very interesting and had me sitting on the edge of the seat, not knowing what to expect from them!

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Gambit 10 was awesome!

I thought this was the best issue of the series.

Great art, great action, Gambit got to use his powers in a creative way, villains that actually pose a threat to Gambit, I'm actually interested in Joelle now that there's some clues to her not being what she says she is and a great cameo at the end that has me excited about the next issue.

I love it when Gambit says "Laissez les bons temps rouler!"

Translation: Let the good times roll!

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!-7 hasn't impressed me so far

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It's my favorite Marvel book right now aside from maybe Hawkeye.

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I like the book, it kind of had a slow start (as many have mentioned). But compared to other books at least its fun so its definitely a keeper. My only gripe is that in the first couple arcs it feels like Asmus is holding back, he'll write some real solid stuff and then back off a bit, which he shouldn't. I mean from A+X #3 as well as other stand out issues from the series he clearly knows how to write Gambit. This and Scarlet Spider are honestly my two favorite marvel on goings.

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Yeah, I'm glad I stuck around with this series. Each issue is getting better.