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It always seems in the comics that gambit gets his fair amount of the ladies, but daredevil does too. so, who is the better womaniser and why???

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From what I've read, it seems like Daredevil has a more impressive track record.

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True, gambit stuck with rogue for far too long ha! enjoying his shenanigans in the asmus mann run tho!

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BATMAN gets more than Daredevil and Gambit combined. haha

I have seen Matt Murdock get more in the comics.

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Makes me wanna pretend im blind for the day n see what happens ha!

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DD for sure

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Daredevil because he can't weed out the the scary ones.

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Doesn't matter, DD is way cooler than Gambit would ever be ;)

Don get me wrong, Gambit is cool but DD even more so.

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Gambit! The only reason DD seams like he's gotten more ladies is because he's had his own ongoing series for far longer than Gambit. More stories = more supporting characters/laides. As long as Gambit keeps his owngoing series he will catch up to DD. Maybe even Batman.