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I knew that it was going to happen sooner or later but it was one really good book from Marvel.

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@fuchsia_nightingale: It looks like it could be fun. It makes me wonder if it'll stick to villains that were in the original show, or if they'll include versions of modern characters, or old ones that they missed out. 66 Harley could be nice to see. :)

If this is the sort of thing that interests you, I'd suggest looking for a copy of Michael Allreds issue of Solo. It had a story called Batman a-go-go that was very much Adam West inspired, and the other stories were good too.

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@v_scarlotte_rose: They are putting Professer Pyg in that new cartoon so it could happen lol I love to see that really lol

AWEsome !

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@v_scarlotte_rose: I have no idea why some titles are labelled under the Marvel NOW heading and others aren't :/ It's definitely odd that they do that.

I would hope they DeConnick is allowed to use whatever Avengers she wishes as it would help differentiate the series from the mainstream title which boasts all the big name A-listers (not really a fan of Hickman's writing). She handled Monica really well during that short arc a while back when Dexter was still on board.

Personally, I don't really mind who shows up but I'd just hope that she uses more "unknown" characters rather than the ones who are already in the spotlight!

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@deranged_midget: There doesn't even seem to be any pattern to it.

Exactly, a rotating line-up of lesserknowns could be quite an attractive idea for readers, and would probably be a good way to tempt in ongoing readers. Like if there was a Monica/Hellcat/Hercules team up arc, fans of each of them would buy it, and maybe decide to continue reading the series because they like the writing. This could happen with every new character introduced, and end up building a large fanbase, potentially leading to lesserknowns getting their own titles, or regular places on teams.

The reason that I think it may be possible for non-active members to be included is that Iron Fist and The Thing have both been used as Avengers in A+X, and neither of them are currently on Avengers teams. Hopefully the same rule applies to Assemble.

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@v_scarlotte_rose: That is an awesome idea! Establish a new team that follows neither the rules of the main 616 Universe nor the MCU! I'd love to see Hercules show up consistently, perhaps even with his power returned as a nice replacement for Hulk! Perhaps have Iron Fist there as the resident "super soldier" or street-leveler! Carol could be the leader of the group, allowing her to further grow in her leadership and commanding attributes. The potential is endless for creating a brand new team with ever-growing cameo's and guest appearances!

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@deranged_midget: Even if Assemble doesn't turn out like that, it is a series I would like to see. Like a showcase/celebration of great Avengers and what they can do. With a new line-up to suit each threat they go up against, tailored to the specific needs of the mission. And if the arcs are short and unrelated, when one ends they could just start another without any spillover, like a series of mini-series'.

This would have been perfect for a 50 years of The Avengers celebration.

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@fuchsia_nightingale said:

@mercy_: Just got to be me ^_^ I like Hawk & Dove and Legion of Superheroes but I know where they stand. At least Gambi cakes has face time. Only character in DC that 180'd was Animal Man, one percenters should count their blessings that happened :P

And in your Batman list you for Batman inc, JLI which became Batman League and the Arkham unhinged comic based off the Game :P

<3 <3 <3

But The Legion does get face time, like when Super-boy...or when Supergirl...or that one time... okay you've made your point. But I'd argue that X-Men far too often becomes Wolverine-Men. T_T

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Wow. Gambit is my favorite character. This sucks. I've stuck to this title very loyally. I had such high hopes for this series and it was getting really good. The only Marvel titles I'm sticking to are Gambit, Avengers Arena, Hawkeye and Age of Ultron. I get the feeling Avengers Arena will be cancelled eventually, Age of Ultron is a limited series anyway and as much as I like Hawkeye, I don't feel it's too important that I follow every issue. This might be a good time for me to switch to trades.

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........... :'(

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Well, now that Gambit's gone.. I have no Marvel books to read anymore. Guess it's just DC from here.

RIP Moon Knight and Gambit

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This is too bad. I wasn't crazy about it but I leafed through a few issues off the shelf. I fondly remember the old 90s gambit run, but this was very different in tone. Very nice art though. I guess I can't be too sad about a book being canceled when I wasn't buying it though.

It didn't have any crossovers right? As much as people dislike crossovers derailing books, it seems like they're necessary for these experimental side-titles to survive.

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i like the character but the series were meh

True dat. Saw this coming. I didn't feel any excitement in the series. I just got it for the sake of Gambit and the art of Clay Mann.

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RIP Moon Knight and Gambit

you said it, totally agree.

Anyone know if Astonishing is any good? I was hoping to at least pick up something with Gambit in it after issue 17.

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As a huge Gambit fan, I'm obviously very, very upset because of this, but not just because I enjoy reading a good Gambit series. I also think that the series happened to be one of the better Marvel titles out there right now, and it really stood out from the mass of Avengers and X-Men titles by having self-contained storylines (albeit with guest stars).

But I really shouldn't be surprised by this. After all, Marvel's marketing strategy at the moment seems to be releasing a dozen different Avengers titles and cramming all the characters in the Marvel Universe into them in one huge homogenous mass that is easy to market to the wider audience who saw the Avengers movie.

I friggin' hate the Avengers. The Avengers titles are just stupid, boring ego-fests with bloated storylines that roll over the rest of the Marvel Universe like a steamroller, killing all signs of individuality and self-contained plotlines. I really, really would prefer it if the different Marvel franchises would remain mostly separate and have their own storylines going on.The occasional crossover between two or more franchises would be must more interesting and exciting if the characters from different titles were interacting more rarely. Right now, crossover is the norm, nearly all titles are practically Avengers titles, even the X-Men titles, and it's really hard to find a title like Gambit that tells its own stories and focuses on someone other than an Avengers character.

Going back to Gambit, I really wish that the series would have gone on longer. There are lots of Gambit-related characters I really would have liked to see more of. Fence, for instance, was very cool. Also, even though I know James Asmus wasn't really all for digging into Gambit's family, I would have eventually liked to see Jean-Luc Lebeau, Mercy Lebeau, Tante Mattie, and others. I think they're cool, barely used characters with lots of potential for all sorts of stories. I would have also liked to see some of the recurring characters from those Gambit miniseries, like Courier.

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Aw man I just started to pick up the second print versions and I was looking forward to adding this to my pull-list.

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I've enjoyed this series and will be sad to see it go. Although, I think Asmus may have tripped himself with the "extra-dimensional space dragon" in the opening arc. I thought that aspect of it was crap. I'm sure that all the fill-in artists doing pages here and there didn't help either. The latest issue was awesome, though.

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Issue 15 was really good. Sad that this title just keeps getting better as it's ending. Just happy to have gotten some good Gambit stories while it lasted.

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Both Marvel & DC suck.

Valiant is where it's at.

Project Rising Spirit > Weapon X Project.

Eternal Warrior & Bloodshot make mincemeat of every so-called superhero in Marvel & DC. Except for Superman & Deathstroke of course...

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Both Marvel & DC suck.

Valiant is where it's at.

Project Rising Spirit > Weapon X Project.

Eternal Warrior & Bloodshot make mincemeat of every so-called superhero in Marvel & DC. Except for Superman & Deathstroke of course...

hmmm... I actually think Gambit could take out Bloodshot if he were able to get close enough to Bloodshot to make him bleed, then charge the nanobots in his bloodstream. Make Bloodshot blow up from inside. No more nanobots to heal him, no more Bloodshot.

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@avenger85: Please, IDW owns all, Steampunk Optimus Prime takes out Cthulhu with Buzzsaw hands, what's not to love?

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@mercy_: they did an amazing job but their approach is still not there. I find most of success books come from tragedy. if only we could get Frank miller to get a crack at it :)

after frank miller with be Garth Ennis on my list :)

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@myramyramyra: the book was alright. I read everyone of the issue just because I am a fan but I knew they were gonna shut it down sooner or later....just not that soon that's all. after so many issue into the book with the new girl in his life and yet his dies in the end. wtf. would love to see what else she could do with her powers :)