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Poll: Frank Quitely's art (19 votes)

Love 32%
Like 47%
Dislike 11%
Hate 11%

I love it but I'm curious what other people think. I rank Quitely up there with the lee's, Ribic, deodato, yu etc.

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I like his art. Not among my favorites but I do like it.

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Very hit or miss for me. Gonna say dislike, even though it looks good in Jupiter's Legacy.

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Allstar superman is the most beautiful comic I own. His earth 2 stuff was rough but he has gotten alot better since then

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Talented but some of his designs are horrendous:


(Grayson) Batman

Red Hood

All Star Jimmy Olsen

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@blackdog2009: His batman(Grayson) was awesome to me!!! I loved that stuff man lol

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Love. His work on We3 and Batman and Robin was stellar. I've used several of his covers as my phone wallpaper as well.

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I don't like it at all, but his work is better than, say, Deodato's, so I can't really say I hate it.

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I initially didn't like it, but after reading JLA: Earth 2 and All Star Superman his style's grown on me and it's much better in Jupiter's Legacy.

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Love his work, especially in All Star Superman.

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Just switching this to the Frank Quitely forum

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There are times in which I hate his style,things aren't looking that good but most of the times I like it a lot.

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Fantastic artist.

Unique design sense that eschews photorealism for dynamic anatomy and detailed textures. Great sense of perspective and storytelling; and really experiments with the comic medium.