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The creature Legion was moving underneath the earth's surface looking for a new nest. By nest I mean city. She needs to find the right population size to feed her children. Most have been too little for her, but today Legion is right underneath New York City. The population is just right and there will not be a giant turtle to ruin it for her this time.

Today is cold day in New York City. It seems to be a regular day. The traffic is the same, the street noises are the same, and even the Friends episode they should at two is the same as yesterday's. The noise of city life was interrupted by the sound of large movement underneath the ground. The city began to shake. Buildings fell and electricity stopped. When the earthquake seemed to be over, the monster Legion appeared from the strongest point of the earthquake. Finally ,she thought, a new home!

Meanwhile in the ocean the creature Zilla slept(*Zilla Jr to be exact). He woke when he heard the sounds of screeching. He swam to the surface to see what was wrong. When he got out of the water he saw what was left of New York and the beast towering over it: Legion.

The two creatures eyes met. Legion looked at this strange creature on her territory. Zilla growled at the alien queen. She roared a challenge to Zilla. He accepted. He raced towards Legion preparing to shoot an atomic blast at her. The beam hit Legion right on the face, fazing her for a second or two. In that time though Zilla began a physical attack on Legion. He tried bitting and clawing waiting for the creature to bleed, but he could not penetrate the beast's exoskeleton. If Legion could laugh she would. She began stabbing Zilla with her appendages. Blood poured out from his wounds. With each stab Zilla roared with pain.

The saurian shot Legion with an atomic ray to give him some space. It worked. Legion backed up and Zilla dug underground. Legion thought to herself that the coward retreated. Zilla then appeared out of the ground behind her and shot her with an atomic ray. It hit Legion. Zilla dug back down and repeated the process three times. Legion had enough. When Zilla went back down, she dug as well. Zilla popped up from the ground, but he could not see his foe. Legion appeared from the ground behind him and shot him with a beam from her horn. Zilla fell to the ground his flesh burning in the area where he was hit. Legion believed the battle to be over and turned her back on Zilla's body. Zilla got up for one last attack. He ran up behind Legion and ripped her horn off. The alien queen fell and her eyes went dull.

Zilla limped back to the ocean, preparing for a well deserved rest. Legion's eyes went red. She was furious. Red strands of energy swung around the area where Legion's horn was. The strands of energy began to swing on Zilla like a whip. Each time the energy hit him Zilla felt weaker. Eventually he fell. He was alive and it looked like a tear was coming from his eye. Legion had enough of this creature. Thousands of her children flew from her ovaries and onto Zilla. They began to swarm him. They tore flesh off the creature's skin and all that could be heard for miles was his screams. These screams were music to the queens ears. Long live the queen.

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