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Hey guys! I'm back! In an attempt to shake loose this mental block of mine, I decided to go back and write some parts for one of my favorite stories... Not my most popular, but, whatever. If you are new or simply want to check out a part that you may have missed, go ahead and head over to my E.I.C. - Discussion & Collection thread for links to all of the previously released parts. As always hope you enjoy! :D and of course This Fan-Fic is rated T.

(Bermuda Triangle – Three Hours Later)

The submarine approached the Bermuda Triangle swiftly. "Almost there." Flo announced. An electric fence came into view, blocking them off from the island.

"An electric fence? I thought Apokolips would have some more high-tech security in a place like this." Jesse raised an eyebrow.

"They probably didn't think anyone would ever be stupid enough to attempt a break in." Quinton reasoned.

"Don't be fooled guys, that fence puts off enough voltage to fry a Kryptonian." Flo warned.

"So who's up first? One of us has to take out that fence." Ricochet said. "And, my powers are pretty useless in this situation."

"I'll do it." Quinton stepped forward. "I really want to test this gauntlet out."

"Ok, good luck Q." Allie said as Quinton turned on his COM Link.

"Remember, refer to me as Answer while communicating from here on out."

"Ok, good luck… A?" Allie shrugged.

Quinton got dressed in one of the diving suits available in the sub, and made sure his oxygen tank was full. "Now, how do I-" Before he had even finished his sentence, he was sucked into the floor of the submarine and spat out into the waters.

"What the hell was that?" Tommy shot Flo a glance.

"This ship, it's practically organic. I can do that sort of thing." Flo said as if it were no big deal.

"Hey, Tommy? Do you think we can actually do this?" Jesse asked visibly worried.

Tommy looked down for a second. "I don't know man, but you know what they say. Strange s**t happens on the Bermuda Triangle..."

Jesse let out an awkward laugh feigning confidence before turning to look out at the water through one of the many large windows.

Quinton drifted carfully toward the fence, and activated the Atlantean gauntlet on his arm. The hard-liquid sword shot out from his wrist.

"Alright Answer," Ricochet said through the COM Link, "Be careful. Flo said there's some pretty vicious Apokoliptian sea life around here."

"I'm on the lookout." Quinton, or Answer, slashed the fence, creating a gap big enough for him to swim through. Once on the other side, he placed a device from Tommy's utility belt onto the fence that caused the flow of electricity to go nuts, eventually shorting out the fence altogether. "We're in." He said through the COM Link.

"And this as far as I go." Flo said, revealing more diving suits for the others to use. "Good luck."

Suddenly, the entire ship rocked violently, and the lights began to flicker. "What the-" Tommy grabbed the wall to keep from falling down.

"What's going on?" Jesse shouted, taking cover as the console began to short out.

Flo activated the cameras outside the sub, revealing that a horde of energy leeches had latched onto the vessel, and were siphoning out all of the power!

"Energy leeches! They're Apokoliptian." She shouted.

"Yeah, I kind of guessed that." Tommy struggled to get his balance in the rocking submarine. "How do we kill them?"

"I'm on it." Answer's voice came through their COM Links. Answer had now morphed the gauntlet into a crossbow, and was firing off liquid-electrical bolts, killing as many leeches as he could, but there were far to many.

The ship started to descend, and went crashing into the fence! Some of the leeches started jamming holes into the sub, allowing gallons of water to rush in! "That's bad!" Jesse began zooming around, trying to plug all the leaks and failing miserably.

"We have to bail, now." Tommy looked to Flo. "That includes you."

Tommy, Ricochet, Allie, and Jesse all grabbed diving suits and got into them as quickly as possible, the water already up to their waists. They then smashed the escape hatch on the sub, and spilled out into the water. Energy leeches began jumping onto their suits.

"Let's see how much energy these things can take!" Tommy grabbed onto the electric fence, which was now starting to come back online. A surge of electricity ripped through the suit, and he was thankful that it was composed mostly of thick rubber. The energy leeches siphoned off the massive amounts of voltage, and eventually overloaded, exploding into globs of blood!

The others did the same and grabbed the fence, frying the leeches. They then moved through the gap Answer had made, followed by a reluctant Flo.


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Read it, enjoyed it. Not too long. All in all really good.

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Nice action adventure.

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@wildvine: Thank you I'll return the favor ASAP.

@ReadItNow: Glad you liked it.

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Finally caught up. Good work but it does seem like this Volume had that much conflict. Just a long road trip filled with the teammates discussing their feelings. I could only assume that it means that the danger is only beginning.

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@dngn4774: Yeah, it's been alot of character building thus far but yeah it'll pickup, hopefully. Speaking of which the new chapter will be out... TODAY so you couldn't have chosen a better time to get "caught up".