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(First off I'm gonna rate this T. Secondly I shall speak highly of CapFanboy for giving me inspiration with the whole marvel genesis idea. Lastly I shall say the characters of Marvel are not of my own creations and all rights are reserved for Marvel. Please feel free to leave comments)

Prelude: Brotherhood

Freshly pressed steps echoed throughout the long corridor, they were followed by a tall, slender man, who wore a well placed smile and hummed a significantly cheery tune. His name was Professor Charles Francis Xavier. He had on finely polished Italian, black leather shoes, accompanied by dark trousers, leading up to a a navy blue sweatshirt, followed by a blue tweed jacket, neatly done up around the waist. From under his brow you would be pierced by a set of blazing blue sapphires, ready to look deep into any soul, and features that would warm the coldest heart, Charles was handsome, and calm, he always looked ever so reassuring, this washed over any room he entered with a sense ease. Atop of all this was luscious, brown locks, barely scratched with that of a grey hair. All this was misleading, placing him somewhere around the fifty mark, however he had well surpassed eighty years of age. He was a geneticist, a professor of his own institute for the gifted, most importantly, Charles was a mutant.

"Good morning Kitty" Charles said, passing an open door, where one could view Kitty Pryde, pajamas and all, student of the institute, sitting cross legged on the couch, watching the sixty inch plasma TV, upon which played an important news cast. On screen was a handsome, thirty something, man, silky brown hair, just as his fathers, and signature ruby red glasses, which kept his powers at bay, which was strange by nature of the thought. He was talking lightly of current events, explaining how mutants posed no more threat than the average person, and that these mutant attacks were rogue efforts. His name was Scott Charlton Xavier, eldest of three brothers, son of Charles. "Good morning Professor" she called back, her mind was blank, she was thinking things she did not want the professor to know, he respected her so and did not break down the mental wall.

Coming up the stairs were thoughts of Kitty and newly spread jam on toast, then thoughts of newly spread jam on Kitty on toast, Sean Cassidy burst onto the scene, blazing red hair ran wild above his frame, he always looked as though he'd just been dragged through a bush, Sean froze in shock at the sight of the Professor and the revelation that he knew exactly what he was thinking. Charles gave him the look he gave most students who had forgotten to put up a mental wall. Then again Sean was never particularly good at that. 'Morning Professor' he thought with an Irish tweak even, 'good morning Sean' came the reply. He cut behind the professor and accompanied Kitty in one of the institutes lounging rooms. Charles stopped at the end of the corridor, destination met, he peered through the high, glass paneled window that made this place look so grand, he could see vivid greens and pinks and purples of the wonderful nature that lay outside. He turned left.

"Good morning Charlie" came Erik, "how nice of you to join us" he smirked. "Excuse my lateness, Erik... General, but it is a rather pleasant morning and i decided to stroll" Charles explained carelessly, his voice thickly laden with a British accent. "No worries!" the General exclaimed, "you have waited plenty for me before, I can only repay the favour" he smiled. "Ah, but you did save my life" Charles retorted. "HA! How many times have you and your men saved this country? We owe you our gratitude" the General stated, he sounded pretty adamant about so Charles did not argue, instead he smiled pleasantly. "It's good to see you Wade" he said, "and you Charlie" said General Wilson. "Anyway, down to business..." and several folders were slid across the desk.

World Supreme: Character Biographies

Xavier's Men: Brotherhood - Chapter One

- Chapter Two

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