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Volume 1


A couple of weeks had passed since Magneto attempted to destroy the human race. Awaiting their doom some parts of the planet had experienced levels of hysteria. But when the meteors didn’t come calm eventually returned. No one knew that the X-Men had been responsible for the Earth’s salvation. Rumours had gone around that the Avengers had stepped in to intervene in the situation although it had been denied by the team.

Magneto and the Brotherhood had not been active since the X-Men had stopped their plans. Although Magneto himself was still alive he was no threat to the planet. He was in a bed on his asteroid as his followers tried everything to awaken their fallen leader.

However many governments of the world were now pushing forward acts that would further alienate the mutants from the human societies. A few countries in Asia had already brought forward laws that mutants would greatly regret. The event had also brought more support towards Senator Robert Kelly’s cause. His calls for the Mutant Registration Act was gaining more support both outside and inside the US Congress. It only seemed like a matter of time before the Act would be voted in.

Meanwhile things had seemingly gone on as usual for the X-Men, they socialised and trained in using their powers. However one of the X-Men had gone through a couple of changes. The mansion’s security had been beefed up so that spies would have a more difficult time getting in and leaking out information. Forge and Beast had used this to experiment a little with some working better than others. Shortpack himself was still being held until Professor X had decided what to do with him. He would surely be killed if he handed him over to the authorities and he was still a risk to the team if he was let go on his own free will. Also during this time Forge was drawing up plans on a new and improved Cerebro since the previous model had been destroyed when Magneto attacked the mansion.

In a fashion store in New York Jean Grey was waiting outside the changing rooms. It was one of the few days she had chance to get out of the mansion and do some shopping. She wasn’t alone however.

“It’s no good,” said a woman’s voice with some distress.

“Come on it can’t be that bad,” replied Jean. She tried to sound more encouraging. “Come on out and let me take a look.”

Jean waited a few seconds before a very tall woman came out of the changing rooms. But this woman was no stranger to her. This woman was her fellow X-Man Kitty Pryde. She was no longer the average height woman anymore.

Within days of Kitty’s secondary powers activating she noticed that she was getting taller. At first she thought that she was being paranoid but as the days went on the change was becoming more noticeable. She gaining several inches in as many days and there seemed to be no way in stopping it. She feared that she could keep growing until she was truly a giant but thankfully her height levelled off at six foot two, a full eight inches taller than her previous height. Her height increase also made her the tallest member of the X-Men and she didn’t like it one bit.

Also during this time Professor X had encouraged her to explore her new powers even though she was reluctant to do so. However no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t reach the heights that she did when her secondary mutation first activated in Steele. In the Danger Room sessions she could barely go over seven feet but she also discovered that whenever she increased her size she couldn’t use her phasing abilities. She felt embarrassed when using her other powers. She much preferred her original powers and she decided that she would only use when absolutely necessary.

Unfortunately Kitty’s increase in height also came with another problem. Her casual clothes no longer fit her and she was finding it very difficult to replace them. Even when she was her previous height Kitty had very long legs and had some difficulties getting pants that fitted. Now that she had grown the task was almost impossible.

Even when she walked out of the changing rooms the pants she was trying on were too short even though they were the longest pair the store had in stock. She hated the fact that her legs were to her freakishly long.

“See Jean they don’t fit,” said Kitty. “Doesn’t this stupid store make pants that actually fit me?” She was getting annoyed and Jean picked this up.

“Calm down Kitty,” replied Jean. She tried to make her voice sound calming although it didn’t seem to be working very well. “Just get changed again and we’ll find somewhere else.”


Kitty walked back into the changing rooms and got changed back into her clothes. She was having to wear a short dress since she didn’t own any pants that fit her and a pair of flip flops. Again she didn’t own any proper shoes that fit her and for now this was the next best thing. She picked up her bag and left the store pants on a rack where other clothes were waiting to be put back on the shelves.

Immediately after Kitty and Jean left the store. Kitty was getting some looks since not many people had seen many women as tall as she was. She didn’t like all the attention she was getting and it wasn’t particularly a very warm day and the cold breeze froze her bare legs. This was further adding to her discomfort.

“Cheer up Kitty,” said Jean. “I know a big and tall women’s fashion store a few miles away. They’ll surely have something that’ll fit.”

“I hope so,” replied Kitty. “I hate wearing these clothes every day. And I want something that I can actually look good in.”

By now the women had reached the road and Jean hailed a taxi and she was surprised with how fast one pulled up. Normally she would have to wait a few minutes but this time it only took a couple of seconds. It was as if the taxi had been waiting for them. But as the women got into the back of the taxi Kitty was having some difficulties. Again her legs were working against her and she was struggling to get herself inside. She had to scrunch up her legs so that she could fit in her seat.

“Where to ladies?” asked the driver. The driver had a distinctive scar on his right cheek and New York accent.

“Molly’s Big and Tall please,” replied Jean.

“I’ll get you there in a jiffy.”

The taxi calmly pulled off and made its way down the street. The women didn’t notice that the doors had been locked and the driver had put on a small gas mask. The pair were chatting to one another before Jean began to sense that something was wrong. But she felt herself begin to blackout. She realised that they were being affected by an odourless gas, she tried to warn Kitty about it but she saw that she had already succumbed to the gas and within seconds she too went into a deep sleep.

Around the same time in Salem Centre the other members of the X-Men were going around their daily businesses. In the mansions gym Logan lifting weights trying to increase his strength. Many people ultimately assumed that he had superhuman strength like Spider-Man or the Hulk. In reality his mutant powers did not affect his strength levels in the slightest, his strength level was around the peak any normal man could achieve.

Normally Logan would be training in the Danger Room but it was currently offline while Hank was upgrading the programs. Logan wasn’t all that fussed with fancy terrain trickery or lightshows. All he cared about was whether it was up to his training standards. Many a times he had been severely disappointed.

At first Logan did not notice Bobby enter the gym, but he could eventually smell the young X-Man. He looked over to him and Bobby just stood leaning on the door frame. Bobby began to lower the temperature in the room until it was the same as an industrial freezer. Anyone would think that he was trying to sabotage Logan but this had been done at his request. With the temperature being lowered it was pushing Logan further towards his limits. He panted as he lifted the weights time and time again, but after several minutes even he had had enough. He dropped the weights on the ground and brushed the frozen sweat off his forehead.

By now Bobby had stopped using his powers and the temperature of the gym began to slowly rise again. He walked over to where Logan was sitting and he seemed to laugh at his tired friend.

“Was that good enough for ya Logan?” asked Bobby. “If you want I can make it as cold as the South Pole.”

“Next time popsicle,” panted Logan. “I’m beat.”

“I thought you never got tired.”

“My healing powers do a lot but even I need rest. And besides I bet you couldn’t lift any of my weights.”

“Yeah right. I bet you ten bucks I could.” Bobby’s confidence seemed to be growing. As of yet he had never lost a wager with Logan.

“You’re on popsicle.”

Logan then moved to one side and Bobby sat down on the chair. He attempted to pick up the dumbbell weights but he couldn’t budge them. He took a firm grasp of them but he still couldn’t lift up the weights. Logan began to laugh as he watched his friend struggle to lift the dumbbells.

“Having trouble there?” laughed Logan.

“No just warming up,” grunted Bobby. He was tensing his muscles and continually trying to lift the weights but there was still nothing.

“You gonna give up?”

“Hell no.”

Bobby’s face was turning bright red as his muscles were seemingly failing him. Logan was continually laughing at him and all this seemed to do was motivate the young mutant. But even he eventually admitted defeat. He let go of the dumbbells and like Logan before began to pant. He then reluctantly took a ten dollar bill from his pocket and gave it to Logan. Logan then sniffed the bill.

“You know what they’re right,” said Logan. “Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.”

But suddenly Logan began to smell a scent that seemed to be strangely familiar to him. He continued to sniff the air and there was definitely something that was catching his attention. He stopped laughing at Bobby and began to look around, at first there didn’t seem to be anything off at first. Bobby could see that there was something bothering his friend. But he could not tell that anything was wrong.

“What is it Logan?” asked Bobby with some concern.

“I smell something,” replied Logan. “Something I’ve not smelt since I was a…”

“Jedi?” interrupted Bobby trying to be funny.

“No popsicle. Something far worse.”

Just then out of thin air a figure appeared wearing a red and black suit that covered every part of his body. He had twin swords strapped to his back, pistols in holsters on his sides and a strange oval device on the centre of his belt. His sudden appearance caught both X-Men by surprise and instantly Logan extended the claws from his knuckles and Bobby iced over his body to create an ice shield.

“Hey there Logan long time no see old buddy old pal,” said the mysterious stranger so fast that it was hard to pick up what he was saying.

“Wade!” snarled Logan.

“Oh please that name is bland and boring. Call me Deadpool I’ve heard the ladies love it.” He then pulled out his semi-automatic pistols and began to fire at both the X-Men. But each time he fired a shot he would shot BANG.

Bobby created a larger ice shield in front of himself. But unexpectedly Deadpool tapped a button on the belt device and he disappeared once again. He reappeared immediately afterwards behind him. He then knocked the brave X-Man in the back of his neck knocking him out. His intentions had never been to kill him, he seemed to want Bobby alive.

Everything had happened so fast that Logan didn’t have enough time to protect Bobby from Deadpool. But by now the remaining X-Men were aware that something was wrong. Xavier had sensed what was happening and alerted the others.

Before any of the X-Men could come reach the gym Logan and Deadpool were fighting each other with great ferocity. Deadpool had put his guns away and was instead attacking Logan with his twin swords, but when Logan saw an opportunity he thrust his claws deep into Deadpool’s chest.

“Oh God what have you done Logan you’ve killed me that’s what you’ve done,” groaned Deadpool. He then took a step back as he laughed and his chest began to heal over. “Whatdyaknow I’m cured.”

“What the hell?” replied Logan with a confused look on his face.

Deadpool then threw his swords up into the air directly above him. He then pulled out his guns and fired at Logan several times. He then put his guns away and caught the falling swords. By now Logan was riddled with bullets and down momentarily. The injuries would have killed any normal man but to Logan it would only be a matter of time before he was up on his feet again.

“Jobsagooden,” said Deadpool. He then put grabbed the fingers of Bobby and Logan with his one hand and with the other his activated the device once again and he disappeared into thin air.

Seconds later Cyclops and Forge arrived to the gym but they couldn’t see anything. There was some evidence of a fight but gym was empty. Xavier in his sitting room was scanning the mansion but he couldn’t pick up anything of the missing X-Men. Without Cerebro he couldn’t expand his search any further. It was still being reconstructed by Forge and still a long way from completion.

“What the hell happened?” asked Cyclops as he continued to look around. “Where are Logan and Bobby.”

“Gone,” replied Forge. He walked over to some burn marks on the ground. The burn mark however wasn’t from the gun fire. He squatted down to the mark and rubbed it with his right index and middle finger. “From the looks of it they’ve been teleported.”

“Teleported? Nightcrawler could teleport, maybe it’s another mutant that has similar abilities.”

“Maybe but Nightcrawler never left burn marks when he teleported. This looks more technology based than natural ability.”

“Is that even possible? You tried to make a teleporter and that didn’t work out. Are you telling me that someone’s achieved something you couldn’t?”

“Not only that it seems to be a miniaturised version. The one I attempted required two pods, one to enter and one to teleport to. That couldn’t happen here however, whoever did this has access to technology until now I haven’t even conceived.”

Several minutes later what was left of the X-Men had regrouped in Xavier’s sitting room. Xavier himself was sitting in his wheelchair by the fire. What he was fearing seemed to be coming to life, his beloved X-Men seemed to be taken by an unknown and unpredictable force. This mysterious enemy had attacked the mansion without provocation or warning. Worse yet he had not received any word from Jean or Kitty and he feared that they had also been taken.

“My X-Men I fear we have a new enemy,” said Xavier. “Roughly fifteen minutes ago Logan and Robert were kidnapped off mansion grounds by an unknown enemy. To top everything off I have attempted to contact Jean in New York with no luck. With both our telepathic abilities we should still be able to contact each other. I am left to assume that they too have been taken hostage.”

“This is getting ridiculous,” replied Cyclops with some anger in his voice. “How long will it be until we’re all kidnapped? We have to rescue them before they’re hurt or worse. If they do anything to Jean I swear I will not be held responsible for my actions.” He couldn’t bear the thought of losing her. She was his soul mate and to him life wasn’t worth living if she was taken from him.

“Scott please remain calm,” said Hank. “I don’t think things are quite straight forward here. If they wanted to outright kill them they would have done it there and then. The chances of this being a ransom are extremely slim, there is no one really related to the X-Men who have a lot of money. Except maybe Charles but I find that very unlikely. There is a purpose to the kidnapping but I fear that if we don’t act soon we might never see our friends again.”

“I’ve taken steps into tracking down our mysterious kidnapper,” added Forge. He then looked into a handheld device. I think I can pinpoint the energy used by the teleporter our friend used. Most likely with a small size teleport device I doubt that they could have travelled long distances.”

More to come very soon.

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Meanwhile some miles away Bobby was waking up in what seemed to be an unfamiliar place. His head was hurting and everything around him was black, but as his vision began to return he saw that he wasn’t in the mansion anymore. To him it looked like he was in some kind of giant pinball machine. At first he couldn’t remember what happened but after several seconds his memory began to return.

He could not see any way out, all he could see were flashing lights and numbers written on the ground. He ran to one wall and tried to freeze it. He fully iced over and shot a beam of ice at the wall. He expected it to simple shatter but instead the wall heated up almost instantly and melted the sub-zero ice. Bobby took a step back and began to fire ice at almost anything he saw. To his amazement and fear the ice would melt off everything that froze. He realised that this room was specially designed to neutralise his powers.

“Where the hell am I?” asked Ice-Man.

He was becoming more and more desperate as he frantically tried to find an escape. He knew that if he didn’t escape soon high temperatures would most likely be the least of his problems.

Suddenly Ice-Man began to hear what seemed to be feedback on a microphone. The sound went right through him and he held his ears in agony. But eventually the screech subsided and he began to hear a voice. It was a male voice with what seemed to be uncontrollable joy and laughter.

“Is this thing on?” asked the voice. “Testing, testing one, two, three this is your captain speaking.” The voice paused for a moment. “Now where was I? Welcome young Ice-Man to the best kept secret theme park in all the world. The park is free to enter but I assure you that you will never leave. Except maybe in a wood coffin.” The voice began to laugh. “Oh I crack myself up sometimes. You my friend are in Murderworld, my own personal death trap with one hundred per cent success rate. Maybe ninety nine if you include Spider-Man but other than its perfect.”

By now Ice-Man was looking all around trying to see where the voice was coming from. But it was obvious that whoever was talking was not present in the room. He continued to freeze the walls, but the heat behind them would quickly melt the ice. It seemed his situation was hopeless.

“And tonight I will be your host Arcade,” said the Voice. “I am lord and master of all you survey. With just the push of a button I could end your MISERABLE existence. But I like to play with my prey before going in for the kill. Now let me ask you one question? Have you ever watched Raiders of the Lost Ark? Oh how I love that movie. If the answer is yes then you may find the next couple of seconds very familiar.”

Suddenly Ice-Man began to hear something coming closer. At first he could not see anything coming but eventually he began to recognise what he could hear. It sounded like something was rolling and it didn’t sound small. When he looked behind himself he saw an enormous red pinball more than nine feet in diameter.

The first thing that Ice-Man attempted to do was to freeze the pinball in place but the surrounding heat made his ice blasts into minor water jets. It didn’t slow the pinball down at all. If anything the ball seemed to be picking up speed as it got closer to him.

“Oh crap!” stuttered Ice-Man.

With that Ice-Man began to run for his life. He figured that by running to one side the pinball would miss him and hit one of the walls. But when he ran to his left side the pinball changed course and continued to follow him.

“What the hell?”

Meanwhile it was the turn of Jean Grey to regain her consciousness. But instead of being in familiar surroundings she found herself in what seemed to be a coliseum like arena. There was a stone seating area all around the arena even though there were no spectators. The arena had a very high ceiling and a perfectly square hole in the middle. It was just large enough for one person to fit through.

Jean quickly got back to her feet but then she heard the same feedback that Ice-Man had heard earlier. Her head was still ringing and the noise wasn’t making her feel any better. She could not focus in using her powers.

“Up and running are you my sleeping beauty,” said Arcade. “Sorry about the travel arrangements but I seriously doubt that you would have come here if I invited. I’ve heard how you like all that Greek and Roman crap so I’ve decided to put you somewhere that’s to your tastes. But I wouldn’t get too comfortable if I was you.”

Suddenly Jean heard what seemed to be a lift rising. She looked towards the centre of the arena and saw a tall woman with white hair and wearing a black one piece outfight and fur like extensions on her shoes rising. But the most striking thing about her was that she had six arms and each was carrying and different weapon. These included a sword, an axe, a baton, throwing stars, a dagger and a pair of nun chucks.

“Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce to you,” said Arcade. “The most dangerous woman in the world. Don’t let the face fool you she’s a stone cold killer. I give to you the one and only six armed wonder Spiral.”

There was a recording of a crowd applauding but they quickly fell silent as Spiral slowly began to step forward. It was amazing to see that even though she had multiple arms she still had the co-ordination to spin the sword, nun chucks and axe. Never did they hit any of her other arms.

Jean wanted to use her powers but her head was still ringing from the effects of the knock out gas earlier. She could not focus to use her powers and she was still a little uneasy on her feet. It seemed that she would be easy pickings for Spiral.

She tried to remember her training. Each of the X-Men had gone through training on how they would defend themselves if they did not have the use of their powers. Wolverine had taught her basic hand to hand combat, but it would be difficult to face someone like Spiral one on one.

“Another day another dollar,” said Spiral. “At least be some kind of challenge. I hate it when Arcade gives me people who can’t fight back.”

Spiral then tried to slash Jean with the sword but she was able to jump out of the way in the last possible second. She tried to use her telekinetic powers to push Spiral back but she was only about push her back a couple of feet. It didn’t stop Spiral, if anything it seemed to make her more excited.

“Looks like there’s some fight in you after all,” said Spiral. “You won’t be a pointless kill in the end.”

“You’re not killing anyone today,” snapped Jean.

With what little telekinesis she could use she was able to force the sword out of Spiral’s upper left hand. It fell to the ground just feet away from Jean. Without hesitation she grabbed the sword and held it in front of herself. However Spiral did not feel threatened at all, all she did was laugh at her.

“You really think you can use that?” asked Spiral. “You might as well be waving a stick at me.”

“You’d be surprised,” replied Jean. “I’ve been picking up some of training. My powers may be dulled but I’ve still had enough to see your training through your memories. I might not be a master swordsman but I know enough to take you down.”

Both women lunged forward to attack but some distance away in another large room the young X-Man Kitty Pryde was waking up. Like Jean before she was groggy from the knock out gas but it didn’t seem to affect her as much. But now she was in unfamiliar terrain and she was struggling to remember anything for the last few hours. But as she became more aware things began to flood back.

Kitty cautiously walked towards a nearby and tried to phase through it. But when she attempted to she discovered that she couldn’t. She tried several times but each time she failed. She looked at herself to see if she was accidentally using her other powers, but when she saw that her clothes still fit she realised that this wasn’t the case.

“What’s the matter Kitty cat?” asked Arcade. “Those walls that you’re trying to phase through are made out of vibrating metal which. For those of you who haven’t done their homework that means that you can’t go through them. Oh it’s such a shame isn’t it but don’t worry, you won’t be alone for long.” Suddenly part of the wall across the room opened and an extremely tall man with huge muscles, brown outfit with brown rings on his arms and brown fingerless glove like material covering his knuckles. He also had a very large brown helmet which completely hid his facial features save his eyes and mouth. “Let me introduce you to an old friend of yours. Normally this guy would cost a small fortune to hire but when he heard that the X-Men were involved he wanted in so badly that he practically paid me. I give to you the Unstoppable Juggernaut!”

The Juggernaut had fought the X-Men several times over the years and each time it had taken all their might to stop him in his tracks. Juggernaut was Professor Xavier’s step brother but he had long hated his sibling. Juggernaut’s upbringing had not been as pleasant Xavier’s and he hated his brother for it. In fact his first attack on the X-Men had injured Xavier’s spine to such an extent that he lost the use of his legs from then on.

But unlike Professor Xavier Juggernaut was not a mutant. His mighty strength came from an ancient artefact called the Gem of Cyttorak which he had discovered some years before while working with an archaeological team in South America. With the power of the gem his strength rivalled that of the Incredible Hulk. However he had never been in battle with Kitty Pryde or even seen her in action.

“I WAS HOPING FOR ONE OF THE BIG TIME X-MEN!” said Juggernaut but his mere speech was almost like he was shouting. “BUT YOU WILL DO!” He began to step forward. “BETTER GET SCARED WOMAN!”

Kitty tried to run but there was nowhere to run. Everywhere she looked there was a wall and the entrance had already closed itself. All the walls were coated in the vibrating metal so she could not phase through it. But if she was anything she was resourceful. If she couldn’t get through the walls she knew that the Juggernaut would. She carefully backed herself to one of the walls and looked towards the Juggernaut.

“Someone help me,” cried Kitty.

She tried to sound very convincing in her attempts to fool the brute. To her delight she saw the Juggernaut ran towards her at full place. She stood her ground and tried to look terrified. But when he was close enough Kitty concentrated in making herself intangible. Much to his surprise Juggernaut ran straight through her and smashing the wall. His brute strength meant that the wall fell like cardboard.

Juggernaut couldn’t stop himself immediately and he ran for several more feet before he could finally stop himself. Kitty ran through the large gap in the wall and noticed that the floor was now concrete rather that the vibrating metal. She saw Juggernaut turn around but all she did was smile and wave.

“Bye Juggernaut,” she laughed. “Thanks for the help.”

Juggernaut once again ran towards her but Kitty phased through the floor and out of sight. Much to his annoyance the X-Man had escaped. He raised his fists in the air and slammed them to the ground in rage.

“GOD DAMN IT!” he shouted.

Elsewhere a man with red hair and wearing a white suit with a polka dot bow tie. In front of him were several television monitors which he could watch what was happening in his murderous theme park. This man was Arcade the man responsible for putting these X-Men in such turmoil. However what he had just seen with the Juggernaut had made him somewhat upset.

Behind him a woman with long black hair and red costume with a white belt. She put her hand on Arcade’s shoulder and this somewhat calmed him down. But he didn’t like it when things were being broken that practically had his name on it.

“God damn it one of them escaped!” shouted Arcade. He slammed his fist onto the side of the monitors. “Miss Locke her recaptured and then killed in the most entertaining of matters.” He turned around to her on his chair. “I can’t risk her leaving the park. My reputation will be in shatters.”

“I understand Arcade,” replied Miss Locke.

“Do you know how long it took me to get a client after Spider-Man escaped? Don’t answer that it’s a rhetorical question.” He turned around to the monitors again and saw the one that had Wolverine lying on the ground. His wounds had mostly healed but there were still a couple of bullet holes that were still open. “And Wolverine is still not awake. Killing him is no fun if he keeps sleeping.”

“He’s still recovering from his encounter with Deadpool.”

“I knew that whack job would kill him before he got to Murderworld. Damn it I missed all the fun.”

“I believe he’s still alive Arcade. And wasn’t it you who hired Deadpool?”

“Yes, yes but the only way to kill someone with healing powers is someone else with healing powers. And besides he was in the phone book.” He then sees Wolverine begin to move his arms. “Oh good he’s coming to. Now the fun begins.”

He then pressed a button on a nearby keyboard and a huge grin appeared on his face. He rubbed his hands in glee and Miss Locke walked away. Her task had been set for her and she wanted to accomplish it with maximum efficiency.

In his room Wolverine was finally coming to. He could feel the bullets still in his chest and with one of his adamantium claws to cut each one of them out. Each one caused him great pain but they were better taken out rather than being left in. But soon his pain was turning into frustration. He remembered what happened to him and about Deadpool. In his mind Deadpool would be a dead man if he ever crossed Wolverine’s path again.

The room Wolverine was in was bland and empty. There was a lot of room and some stained blood on the walls. The only real feature was that there were some metal spikes on the far side wall.

Suddenly a door opened in one of the walls and several clowns came through. Wolverine extended all of his claws and waited to see what was going to happen. But all the clowns were doing was running around and laughing much to his annoyance. One even walked up to him and sprayed a clear liquid in his face through a flower on his chest. It wasn’t water however but highly corrosive acid. The acid burned the skin off his face and was going down to his flesh. The pain was excruciating but Wolverine still had sense enough to slice the clown’s head off. The clown however was not human but a mechanical being. It whined a little before falling down.

The acid had burned Wolverine’s eyes and it would take a while for his healing powers to kick in. He may not have had his eyes but his sense of smell and hearing will still one hundred per cent. He leaped into the air and began to slash at the clowns around him. Most of the clowns by now had lost their hands revealing a large array of weapons like guns and blades. But they were child’s play to someone like Wolverine. It only took him seconds to hack, slash and dice his way through them.

His fight was far from over. Even though he had destroyed all of the clowns he heard and smelled something familiar. Practically out of thin air Deadpool appeared behind him. He was not ready to fight just yet. He was preparing to rub salt into Wolverine’s wounds. Deadpool got a hand full of salt from one of his many pouch like pockets and waited until Wolverine turned around. When he did he threw the salt directly into Wolverine’s face. Once again this caused the X-Man great pain.

“Oh my God Logan that must be sooooo pain,” laughed Deadpool. “Don’t worry my grumpy little friend your face will be the least of your problems.” He then drew out two swords from their holders and went to slash Wolverine. However he heard it coming and raised his claws to block the shot. “So there’s still some fight left in you. Now that’s the Wolverine I know and absolutely hate.”

The skin on Wolverine’s face was beginning to grow back. But right now his main concern was taking care of Deadpool. Normally if he was with the X-Men he would try not to kill his enemy but for Deadpool he was more than happy to make an exception. The two had gone way back although Deadpool had changed from the man Wolverine had once known. The man that seemed to be Wade Wilson was all but gone. Now all that was left of him was an insane psychopath with a sick sense of humour. The tale of these two individuals went back much further than most people realised. These men met each other some years ago shortly after Wolverine had acquired his adamantium skeleton.