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On the outside 1407 Graymalkin Lane Salem Centre seemed like any other mansion. The ground had been owned by the Xavier family for many generations but in recent years it had been turned into a school for gifted youngsters. Its current owner Professor Charles Xavier had turned it into a school since he lost the use of his legs after a trip to the Himalayas. Not many of the locals knew what happened inside the school but many of them turned a blind eye. There were several rumours circulating about this school, some say that it was a government funded school and others said that it was a school for freaks. Even the mailman was nervous whenever he stepped on the ground.

The inside of the school looked more like a home for a rich Hollywood movie star. But if you looked around you would notice classrooms, dormitories, library, indoor swimming pool and even a computer room. Since the year is 1983 the computers were not as hi-tech as they could have been. They were like large boxes with a keyboard and a mouse at the end of them. But the price of each one would cost the average man a year’s wages.

Outside the school was a tennis court, basketball court and a large patch that was used for sports like football and soccer. There was even a garden that someone had taken a lot of care in maintaining.

For all the size and majesty of the grounds there were eight people who called it home. These included Professor Charles Xavier the owner and headmaster of the school, Scott Summers, Bobby Drake, Hank McCoy and Jean Grey were amongst his first students some years ago. Logan was a student who had come when Xavier truly needed him and he decided to stay thereafter. Kitty Pryde was a young woman who had been a student since she was thirteen years old and was still the youngest student. The last was a mysterious Native American known only as Forge, he helped more the mansion’s technology than actually being a student.

However underneath the school was a different matter entirely to the upper parts. The mansion above was mainly wood but underneath it was stainless steel. This part of the mansion was kept out of view from the outside world. It was like something out of a science fiction film brought to life. There was an infirmary, a war room, a detention room and there was a hangar. Inside the hangar was a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. This jet had been specially designed and upgraded by Forge who had a talent with machinery. It was constantly being upgraded and wasn’t used as much as expected.

But possible the largest room in this sub-basement was known simple as the Danger Room. Since the students of this school were gifted students this was where they would train. These students weren’t truly human, they were known as mutants. They were feared by the very people they wanted to protect.

Mutants are thought to be the next step in human evolution but many of the human’s saw them as nature’s great mistake. Some would go to great lengths to see them eradicated off the face of the earth. But Professor Xavier had a dream of peaceful co-existence between the human and the mutants. However many saw that as an impossibility but the ones who have also believed in his dream have joined him in trying to make it a reality. Professor X called these people his X-Men.

Professor X was the most powerful telepath on the planet. Although he was a paraplegic he didn’t let this hinder him in any way. His body might not have been that strong, his mind however would more than compensate for this.

Xavier’s first student at the mansion was Scott Summers who is both gifted and cursed with optic blasts. Due to head trauma suffered as a child Scott can not switch his powers off meaning that he would blast anything he sees. Thankfully he wore ruby quartz glasses that blocked his powers. This was the only way he could look at someone without killing them with his powers. His codename with the X-Men was Cyclops and he was their leader in the field.

Bobby Drake was like the class clown. His powers allowed him to freeze moisture molecules in the air and redirect it in whatever way he sees fit. Much to the annoyance of many of his team mates Bobby uses his powers more for his own amusement rather than helping them out. But when push comes to shove Bobby would always pull through for his team. He even very fittingly called himself Ice-Man.

Xavier’s first student was a man called Hank McCoy. Even though his codename was Beast it was a gross oversimplification of the man. Hank was gifted with superhuman strength, stamina and dexterity. However his outward appearance would turn many away. Unfortunately due to his mutation he hand long blue fur all across his body and he had some other ape like features. His mind was something completely different though. He had intelligence that would rival any Government scientist and this was through his own hard work.

Jean Grey was the first woman to follow in Xavier’s dream. She was a powerful mutant with both telekinetic and telepathic abilities. Her powers made her possibly the most powerful member of the X-Men. Jean however never used her telepathic powers against anyone unless she had no choice. Her telepathy however was not as powerful as Professor X but was growing at an almost alarming rate. She was also in love with Scott Summers but their relationship had been strained of late.

Logan was a very mysterious man, unlike many of the other X-Men he could only remember the last ten years of his life. Not even Professor X had been able to recover his memories. It seemed that they had been artificially wiped much like a computer hard drive. Logan was gifted with healing powers that meant he could heal from almost any injury, his skeleton was also laced with a metal alloy called Adamantium the strongest metal known to man. He also had six adamantium claws that would pop out of his knuckles. His senses were also superhuman, he could hear a pin falling from miles away, he could smell someone no matter how much they washed themselves. Logan was given the codename Wolverine by the Canadian government.

Kitty Pryde was youngest member of the X-Men. When her powers first activated she found herself uncontrollable phasing through solid objects as if she was a ghost. Since then she has learned to use her powers to great effect to both help her team and use against her opponents. Her powers also short circuit any electrical any electrical devises making her extremely valuable against enemies like the Sentinels. She was no longer the weak defenceless girl she had been once. Her codename was Shadowcat.

Forge was the technology expert of the team. Having lost his right leg during a tour of duty in Vietnam he used his powers to create a new one. His powers made him able to create any type of machine. This made making a robotic leg almost child’s play. Although his powers didn’t help him in combat his creations did however. His creations would also vastly help the X-Men in both offensive and defensive ways. This made him one of the most valuable members of the X-Men.

Inside the Danger Room Cyclops was leading Wolverine and Ice-Man in another of their training exercises. For now the room seemed to be completely empty but looks can be deceiving. There was a reason why this was called the Danger Room. They just didn’t know when the danger was coming. Forge had recently upgraded the Danger Room so they didn’t know when the danger would come.

“Stay sharp,” said Cyclops. “Anything can happen.”

“Oh come on Scott,” replied Ice-Man. “We’ve been in this room God knows how many times. There’s nothing that we haven’t fought against before. Let Forge throw his best at us we can take it.”

Just then part of the Danger Room wall opened and a very large shadowy figure walked out. At first it was hard to make out what it was but when it stepped into the light they soon realised who it was. It was a being of immense size and strength. His skin was light green and had a temper that was beyond measure. He was known to many as the Incredible Hulk, the strongest there is, was and ever will be.

“You were saying?” asked Cyclops.

“HULK SMASH PUNY HUMANS!” shouted the Hulk.

Ice-Man tried to freeze the Hulk in place but he easily broke out of his icy prison. Cyclops tried one of his optic blasts but it did little to slow the monster down. It walked towards them at a relatively slow pace.

“This isn’t working,” said Ice-Man. “How the hell did Forge get the Hulk here. Last I heard he was somewhere in Arizona.”

“Try attack move delta,” commanded Cyclops.

Ice-Man then froze the head of Hulk and Cyclops took off his visor and released the full energy of his optic blasts. It would be enough to stop anyone, but the Hulk wasn’t just anyone. He still walked towards and he clapped his hands sending a shockwave that took down the three X-Men. Only Wolverine could get back to his feet. Until now he had been silent and observant. But now it was his time to strike.

“I’m ending this now bub!” shouted Wolverine.

With almost lightning fast speed he ran up to the Hulk and jumped up into the air just in front of the monster. The Hulk went to punch him out of the air but Wolverine popped his adamantium claws and sliced the Hulk’s head. He dropped down onto knees and fell down onto the ground. But instead of blood coming out of their wound it was oil and electrical sparks. This hadn’t been the true Hulk, it had only been a robot designed to be exactly like the creature.

“Too easy,” said Wolverine. “The real Hulk wouldn’t have gone down that easily. Tell Forge to call me when he actually makes something realistic. I’m going for a brewski. Close program.”

As the other X-Men got their bearings back they saw Wolverine leave the Danger Room and they looked down at the Hulk robot. They were amazed that Wolverine could take it down as easily as he did when they had such a difficult time. But since he had fought the original Hulk on more than one occasion he knew how to take him down. All that was left to do now clear up the mess.

Meanwhile almost thirty feet above them inside a small room overlooking the Danger Room Forge and Beasts were at the controls. The control board had dozens of different buttons, dials, switches, levers which each had their own individual purpose and function. For any normal person the controls would have been far too complicated for them to comprehend. But Forge and Beast weren’t any normal people, they were the ones who had designed practically everything in the Danger Room. Even the texture of the tiles had been specially designed by the pair.

But both were very disappointed with how the training session had gone. Although Cyclops and Ice-Man had struggled, the fact that Wolverine took the robot down so easily. It meant that they had a lot of work to do to make the Danger Room more challenging.

“I thought I had it that time,” said Forge. “But you won’t believe how difficult it is to replicate something like the Hulk.”

“Creating the robots is your department my friends,” replied Beast. “Designing the programs are mine. I’m sure you’ll be able to do it eventually. It’s just that Wolverine at times can be a little unpredictable.”

“Unpredictable is one thing but sometimes he’s downright unorthodox. We’ll have to create something to keep him on his toes.”

“I’m afraid that’s easier said than done.”

“How are things going with the Downtown program?”

“It’s nearly complete but there are still a few bugs in the program. For some reason it looks more like Middle Earth rather New York City.”

“That’s what you get programming it while reading The Two Towers.”

Both X-Men chuckled as they left the Danger and walked towards another large room that was filled mostly with what most people would call junk. On one side of the room were chemistry sets and a blackboard with scientific formulas and mathematical equations. On the other was bits of machinery and another blackboard. However on this one were plans for different kind of devices. Some were weapons but others were things that only Forge actually knew what they were.

This room was the shared lab of the two X-Men. One side was primarily for Beast and the other was for Forge. At times they might have gotten in each other way but most of the time they minded each other’s space. They would also work on some projects together normally with fantastic results. However some projects didn’t quite work out as well as they had expected. Once they had tried to create a teleporting device but instead they created the world’s most expensive juicer.

Although that device had been a failure Forge’s latest creation was more of a success. It wasn’t finished yet but it would revolutionise mutant lives forever. But it was something that if it were in the wrong hands could do more damage than good. He only created it so that it could benefit the X-Men in some way. It would only be used in emergencies and would be locked up the vast majority of the time.

Directly above the lab was the mansion’s vast library. There were many fictional and non-fictional books in this library. Some years ago it had been organised thoroughly but in recent years the books had become disorganised. The L’s were mixed up with the B’s and for some reason Charles Dickens was next to H.G. Wells.

The task of re-arranging the books came down on the two women of the team Jean Grey and Kitty Pryde. But with hundreds maybe even thousands of books to sort out it was a daunting task for both women.

“This is going to take forever,” said Kitty. “Couldn’t Forge just create some kind of device that let you read whatever book you wanted?”

“I think he’s doing more important things,” replied Jean. “Besides we can make this job fun.”


“Well we could…” Jean began to think but her mind was drawing a blank. She eventually had to concede defeat. “I’ve got nothing.”

“We better get started anyway before the Professor thinks we’re being lazy.” She then sighed. “Are we sorting them in title or author?”

“I think author would be easier for everyone.”

“Besides Bobby I don’t think he even knows who wrote The Jungle Book. To him it would probably be Walt Disney.”

Jean used her telekinetic powers to remove all the books off the shelves. Many of the books were dusty and this caused Kitty to sneeze a couple of times. But the first job of the task was to divide the books from fiction to non-fiction. Each category was sent on one particular side of the library. Kitty wished that she had superhuman speed just so she could make the task got a lot faster.

There was only one mutant that the X-Men knew about who had superhuman speed. His name was Pietro Maximoff better known as Quicksilver. He was a member of a group known as the Brotherhood of Mutants. Where the X-Men pursued peace between humans and mutants the Brotherhood’s goal was destroy this peace. Unlike the X-Men they saw mutants as being superior to humans in every way. They wanted to replace the humans as the dominant species of the planet. Their members included Mortimer Toynbee also known as Toad. He was a mutant with frog like abilities and many of their mannerisms. He often used his extraordinarily long tongue to catch flies and eat them in one gulp. Unfortunately he also neglected to shower which meant anyone could smell him from a mile away.

Other members included Fred Dukes also known as the Immovable Blob. His size and sheer weight made him one of the most formidable members of the Brotherhood. If things had gone differently in his early years he might have become an X-Man. But due to childhood ridicule Blob sees no good in humanity.

Wanda Maximoff was the sister of Quicksilver. Her codename the Scarlet Witch was very fitting for this very powerful mutant. Her abilities to manipulate probability made her the most unpredictable member of the Brotherhood. Although she didn’t believe in the beliefs of the group as much as the others she doesn’t want to see her twin brother get hurt.

The final member of the Brotherhood was an Australian man named John Allerdyce also known as Pyro. His abilities to manipulate fire in any way he saw fit made him a very dangerous mutant. The only thing more dangerous than his powers was his mind. There was nothing he loved more than setting something on fire and watching it burn.

The actions of the Brotherhood was constantly on the mind of the X-Men’s leader Professor Charles Xavier. But it wasn’t them that he was most worried about it was who was commanding them. Xavier’s former friend Magneto was leading them towards war with the humans. Since Magneto had lost his family due to the horror of the Holocaust he saw that mutants would suffer the same fate if he stood by and did nothing. At one time he and Xavier had been the best of friends. But their ideologies were too different to see eye to eye. Though they still respected each other they were far from friends. Magneto’s ability to control electromagnetic fields made him one of the most powerful mutants on the face of the earth. But it also made him extremely dangerous.

For now all Xavier could do nothing but watch the morning news. He didn’t care much for the celebrity and sport sections, it was the political part that most interested him. There were some politicians who wanted to enforces laws that could start a war between humans and mutants. The most direct and popular politician went by the name of Senator Robert Kelly. Xavier knew that he would cause the mutant a lot of problems in the near future and would be a likely assassination target. He listened to the Senator on the news, he was voicing the need for a Mutant Registration Act. If the act was voted in it would mean every mutant in the country would have to register and be known to the general public. This would cause more problems than they would solved.

“Mutants are a danger to us all,” said Senator Kelly in front of a press conference. “Only the MRA will protect our families from the mutant menace. When this act is voted in we will know who are mutants and most importantly what they can do. We can know if our children are being taught by mutants who can potentially take the very life that God gave us. Mutants like the X-Men and this so called Brotherhood are nothing but terrorists intending to destroy us all. Ladies and Gentlemen I Senator Robert Edward Kelly will not let this happen while I still breathe.”

The crowd around him began to cheer for the senator while the report switched back to the news reporter. The reporter was an African American woman with large glasses and wearing a pearl necklace along with a red dress.

“The support for Kelly’s Mutant Registration Act seems to be growing everyday with citizens around the country, said the Newsreader. “But there are many people view this as being identical to World War II Germany. Outspoken opposition such as Lorna Dane have condemned Kelly’s actions. Miss Dane had this to say to Channel 4 news.”

The report then moved to a woman with long dark hair and wearing a dark blue suit. Similar to Senator Kelly she had a crowd around her but this time they were supporters of mutants rather than anti-mutant protestors.

“May I stress to everyone that most mutants did not choose to be mutants,” said Lorna. “They don’t have a chose what powers they have or how it reacts with their everyday lives. Mutants are not some kind of monster from a fairy tale, they are people. I admit there are some who use their powers to benefit only themselves. But most mutants are tax paying, law obeying citizens. It’s the same in any society, look at our prisons there are many humans who are serving time there because they chose to break the law to benefit themselves. If the Mutant Registration Act comes into power the Government going down a path that will lead to events that horrify the world. There was once a group of people who had citizens that they disliked and eventually eliminated simple because they were different. That group of people were called Nazis. If this anti-mutant legislations do not stop we will become as bad if not worse than the Nazis. As a citizen of this United States of America I will not stand by and watch this nation go back to the days of Segregation.”

Xavier was happy that there were still some people who believed in a world like he did. But many humans were starting to support Kelly’s Mutant Registration Act. Xavier dreaded to think about what would happen if it was voted in. He would have anti-mutant protestors outside the school every day and night. But he knew that it would be worse for mutants who didn’t have the school for protection. This was something that he thought was extremely important to talk about to the other X-Men.

“X-Men come to the War Room immediately,” said Xavier through telepathy. “Suiting up is not required.”

A matter of minutes later the X-Men had formed in the War Room in the sub-basement of the mansion. Logan, Scott and Bobby were still suited up from their training in the Danger Room. The others were still in their civilian clothes. Since they hadn’t had to suit up the X-Men knew that it wasn’t a mission that they were talking about. It was the fact that Xavier had something on his mind that he wanted to discuss with the X-Men.

“Thank you X-Men for coming on such short notice,” said Xavier. “Times are becoming dire, the Mutant Registration Act might come into force very soon. It could be the end of our goal of peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants.”

“Is there anything we can do to stop it?” replied Scott.

“For now I’m afraid not. There is a slight glimmer of hope that wisdom will rise above the madness. I’m afraid that Magneto and the Brotherhood might push the Government too far. I believe it’s only a matter of time.”

“Magneto has been quiet for the past couple of months,” answered Hank. “He might be planning something.”

“I hope beyond hope that you’re wrong Hank. But I’m afraid you could be right. Magneto wouldn’t let something like this happen to mutants.”

“What do you think he’ll do Professor?” asked Jean.

“I’m afraid I don’t know. All we can do is hope that he doesn’t do anything that could jeopardise mutant relations.”

“Is like in Nam,” replied Forge. “We always knew that the VC were up to something but we would never know until it was too late. By then the damage had already been done.”

“Is there absolutely nothing we could do?” asked Kitty. “I feel so powerless just standing here and doing nothing.”

“If there was anything that could be done I would have you do it,” replied Xavier. “But unfortunately events are beyond our control.”

“Maybe it’ll work out for the best,” said Bobby.

“What do you mean by that?”

“If the act does go through maybe it won’t be so bad. Sure things might be worse at first but then things might turn around. Maybe the Government will see their mistake and recall the act.”

“Yeah that’ll happen,” replied Logan. “Right around the time we take our daily trip to fantasy land.” He then lit a cigar and put it in his mouth. “Things will only go downhill if the act goes into force. If you things are bad now just imagine what’ll happen when everyone knows who you are and what you can do. You’ll be lynched before you realise that you’ve had an accident.”

“Ok I get it.”

The next morning at a Pre School in Steele North Dakota Katie Lane had been running late for work. The rush hour traffic had made her late again and since she would lose money every time she was late she was greatly annoyed. She had only been working at the school for six months and she was already on a warning for being late. It seemed that no matter how early she would start out she always seemed to be late.

Katie practically ran into the school, she didn’t want to think about what would happen if the Head of the school found out she was late again. But when she went into reception of the school she saw that it was a different woman sitting at the desk. Instead of the normal receptionist a woman with long brown hair was there instead. Katie was confused to why this woman would be here instead of the normal receptionist.

“Where’s Heather today?” asked Katie.

“Heather’s sick today I’m filling in for her,” replied the Woman.

“Do me a favour and don’t tell Christine I was late again.”

“My lips are sealed.”

“Thanks er…”


“Thanks Wanda.”

As Katie went into the nearby classroom Wanda took a small device out of her pocket and pressed the button. She then stood up and her clothes transformed from a long dress to a red and pink costume. It had a cape and a M shaped headdress, this woman was no ordinary woman it was the Scarlet Witch of the Brotherhood.

Inside the classroom there were close to two dozen children aged around four years old. Most of them were playing with toys and the others were playing with each other. There were three adult women inside supervising the children. To them it was just another normal day at Strawberry Poppets Pre School. But in a matter of moments their lives would forever be changed.

Just then three men walked into the classroom. This surprised the teachers since no had expected any visitors. The men were wearing overcoats with the collars up. It was hard to tell who they were. Everyone in the classroom stared at them and it took a couple of seconds for one of the teachers to start asking questions.

“Can we help you?” she asked.

“Yes you can,” replied the Man in the middle. The men then took off their coats revealing their true identity. One had white hair and was wearing a green costume with a white streak going through it. The man to his left had green skin and warts over his face. His costume was more like a runner’s suit but it was completely black. The final man had red hair and his costume was also red. There was much orange in there as well but he had a device that was on his back that connected to the palms of his hands. The women had seen these men on the news before. “If everyone does exactly as I say no one will get hurt.”

One of the teachers tried to make a break for the fire exit but in a split second Quicksilver was in front of it. The woman took a step back in amazement and sheer terror. He then began to shake his right index finger.

“What did I just say?” he asked. “Very naughty.”

“Y-you can’t keep us here,” replied the Woman.

“You’re so naïve. It would be funny if it wasn’t so annoying.” He then looked over to Toad. “Toad get the camera.”

More coming very soon

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Back at the Mansion Charles Xavier was once again watching the news and eating his breakfast. Jean had made waffles for him with maple syrup which he loved very dearly. But within minutes his breakfast was ruined due to what was happening on the news. His fears had been realised.

“Breaking news coming in,” said the Newsreader. “The mutant terrorist group known as the Brotherhood have taken almost two dozen children and three adults hostage at Strawberry Poppet Pre-School in Steele North Dakota.” Just then a man off screen passed the Newsreader a piece of paper with writing on it. The Newsreader took a couple of seconds to read the page before looking at the camera once more. “This just in we seem to have obtained a videotape from the terrorist group. The following scenes may be disturbing for some viewers.”

Just then the screen changed to one of the Brotherhood surrounding the hostages. They were all sitting down on the ground. Many of the children were crying in terror. Even the teachers were afraid. Pyro stood to the left of the children while the Scarlet Witch stood to the right. In the middle in front of the camera was Quicksilver.

“Greetings humanity my name is Quicksilver,” he said. “As you can see my friends and I have taken these children hostage. But I’m not a bad man, I really don’t want to see any of these kids getting hurt or worse. The only problem I have is that humanity forced us into doing such a heinous act. Your constant hatred and violence towards mutants has left us little choice but this course of action. The Brotherhood is far more reasonable than your politicians, we’re actually giving you the chance to save these poor little children. All you have to do is obey our demands.”

“I want my Mommy!” cried a random Child.

“Pyro silence that brat!” Pyro then put some sticky tape across the mouth of the crying child. He was careful not to cover the child’s nose. “Now as I was saying I have only three demands. First the Mutant Registration Act to be dismissed immediately, second all anti-mutant programs to be dismantled immediately. Finally I want all mutant prisoners around the country to be released. If my demands are met these children will live to see another day, Defy me and these brats will burn. You see my friend from Down Under here has a bit of a thing for fire.” Pyro then crated a tiny dragon in the palm of his hands. This was purely as an example of his powers. “Sometimes when he plays with fire people get hurt. You have eight hours to respond. I hope you make the right decision for their sakes.”

Just then the video ended and the screen moved back to that of the Newsreader. She was shocked to see what had just happened along with Xavier. He couldn’t believe that the Brotherhood would do something so terrible to innocent children. He could see Magneto’s training in them too much. He instantly dropped waffle and headed out of the room.

Minutes later Xavier was down in the War Room along with the rest of the X-Men. They were all suited up and ready to go. Some had not heard what had happened and were wondering what had gotten the Professor so worked up. Whatever it was they knew that it wasn’t going to be good.

“My X-Men I’m afraid the worst has happened,” said Xavier. “The Brotherhood have kidnapped a class of pre-schoolers and are holding them hostage.”

“Oh my God,” replied Kitty. “Those poor kids.”

“In less than six hours they will most likely be killed.”

“That’s low even for them,” grunted Wolverine.

“Unfortunately they seem to be desperate. I have almost no doubts that they will kill these children. We need to rescue those children before time runs out or worse.”

“How can it possible get any worse than that?” asked Bobby.

“They’ve issued demands to the Government and I’m afraid that they’ll not take them well. This could very well turn into an all-out war.”

“What about the Avengers or the Fantastic Four? Can’t they help?”

“The Avengers are currently half way across the galaxy and the fantastic Four are dealing with an incident in Latvaria. We’ll be on our own for this one. For that reason all seven of you must go to Steele and rescue those children. Kitty and Forge you’re main priority will be to get the children out safely. The rest of you must keep the Brotherhood occupied while the rescue takes place. Do not fight them inside the school, take them outside and away from any crowds. But be vigilante I sense there might be more at work here than at first glance. I will monitor the situation through Cerebro. I will give you guidance where necessary. Are there any questions?” None of the X-Men said anything. “Good, God speed my X-Men.”

The X-Men left the War Room and made their way towards the hangar. Charles Xavier on the other hand went to Cerebro.

Cerebro was a large device that helped amplify the abilities of Charles Xavier. With this device he could locate and communicate with almost anyone on the planet. Cerebro itself was huge and took up a very large room. It had a head set connected to a desk with some lights and indicators. Without Cerebro the X-Men would truly be on their own.

Minutes later the Blackbird was flying at supersonic speed towards Steele. Cyclops and Forge were at the jet’s controls. Forge had set Blackbird to be invisible to radar and scanners, but for now it could still be seen by the naked eye. Normally on the journey the X-Men would listen to music. Normally it would help them stay calm before the mission started. This time around it was the turn of Beast. He decided to have Queen Night At The Opera on much to the dismay of Ice-Man.

“Dude you know I don’t like Queen,” said Bobby.

“Did you prefer this or Beethoven?” replied Beast.

The one thing Bobby hated more than Queen was classical music. All he could do was sit back and admit defeat. Beast gave a little smile as he began to hum along to You’re My Best Friend.

Wolverine lit up another cigar and began to puff away to it. The smoke was going in Shadowcat’s face and she began to cough. She always hated it when Wolverine smoked on the Blackbird, it would always leave the jet smelling like smoke.

“Don’t you know what those things do to your health Wolverine?” asked Shadowcat. “One of those takes around five minutes off your life.”

“Listen half pint,” replied Wolverine. “I heal meaning that smoking won’t kill me even if I smoke a million of the damn things.”

“Then at least think of the rest of us. None of us want to inhale your smoke. I have enough things to worry about.”

“Don’t worry I will think of everyone else.”

“Thank you Wolverine.”

“Right after this cigar.”

Wolverine continued to puff away at his cigar. He smiled to himself thinking that he had just been funny. Shadowcat on the other hand didn’t find it funny. She had enough of Wolverine’s habit and his disregard for her health. She decide to turn the tables on him by phasing out of her chair and grabbing the cigar from his mouth. Since the cigar was no longer solid he couldn’t grab it, all he could do was watch as Shadowcat threw the cigar on the ground and stepped on it putting it out.

“I guess you’re cigar’s finished,” said Shadowcat.

“Brave move half pint,” replied Wolverine. “You know not many people would do something like that and live to tell the tale. But there’s one you forgot.”

“What’s that?”

“You’re gonna have to clean that up.” He then chuckled to himself.

Cyclops had been listening to everything that was happening in the Blackbird. He never liked it when the X-Men argued with each other, but the team was more than that. They were all like a family to each other and like most families they were argue with each other. It didn’t mean that they didn’t like each other. It merely meant that they were acting like any normal family.

“Knock it off you two,” commanded Cyclops. “Shadowcat get back to your seat, we’re nearly in Steele.” As Shadowcat got back into her seat Cyclops looked over to Forge who was at the other controls. “Forge activate the cloaking device.”

“Alright,” replied Forge. He then flicked a small green switch. But nothing seemed to happen. “Sorry it can take a couple of attempts.” He then flicked the switch several more times until the cloaking device finally activated. It made the Blackbird invisible by bending light. “There we go, we get there in the end.”

Meanwhile inside the pre-school Quicksilver was pacing around and looking at a nearby clock. He seemed to be waiting for something but his actions were making the hostages very nervous. Toad and Pyro were watching the windows in case any of the authorities wanted to attempt a rescue. A couple of people had gotten too close but Pyro scared them into retreating to a safe distance. By now every news channel in the country was here covering the crisis. But people Quicksilver wanted to be here weren’t. The last thing he wanted to do was fail in this crisis.

“Damn it they should have been here by now,” said Quicksilver. He then kicked a chair over much to the terror of the hostages.

The Scarlet Witch slowly walked towards her brother. She put her hand on his shoulder and it seemed to calm him down. He was always calmer whenever she was around. It had helped him out in a lot of situations.

“Calm down Pietro,” said Scarlet Witch. “The X-Men will come.”

“I hope they do,” replied Quicksilver. “You know what Father will do if we fail him yet again.”

“Let me worry about that. The X-Men can’t ignore something like this. They’re probably on their way right now.”

“And when they come we’ll be ready for them. Can you get Blob here if things start going down the toilet?”

“Yes but…”

“Good I have a feeling that we’re going to need him.”

A few minutes later the Blackbird was directly above the pre-school. Kitty phased out of the jet and began to slowly descent to the ground. Her powers allowed her to slow her rate of descent so that she could reach the ground without injury. It was like she was wearing an invisible parachute. It took her only a minute to quietly touch down on roof. The X-Men landed on top of a nearby building. Forge was the first to get off the jet and he wore a strange pair of goggles. These weren’t any ordinary goggles however, with these on he could straight into the pre-school. He saw Shadowcat on the roof and the Brotherhood inside. He could see the hostages cowering in fear. Cyclops walked off the Blackbird and went over to Forge. He couldn’t see what was happening.

“What you got Forge?” asked Cyclops.

“I see Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Toad and Pyro inside the pre-school,” replied Forge. “There are around two dozen hostages and Shadowcat is safely on the roof. How do you plan on getting the Brotherhood out so that she can get the children out safely?”

“I’m leaving that to Jean.”

Inside the Blackbird Jean was using her telepathy to sense the minds of the Brotherhood. It was hard to pick them out from all the panicking minds that were surrounding them. A few times he tried to contact Professor X but he was strangely silent. This worried her but she didn’t have time to think about it. Her main concern was to rescue the children before they were harmed.

The Brotherhood had been given some telepathic training so she couldn’t shut down their minds. One thing she could do however was put a suggestion into their minds. Her only hope that they were weak minded enough to follow them.

Inside the pre-school Toad was seemingly getting warmer. He tried to fan himself but he didn’t seem to be getting cooler. He was getting very uncomfortable and he was beginning to sweat.

“Is it me or is it getting warm in here?” asked Toad.

“It’s just you,” replied Quicksilver. “Now keep your eye on those brats.”

“I think I’m going to get some fresh air.”

“Toad stay in here.”

But Toad ignored him and walked outside the front door. He was constantly fanning himself trying to cool himself down. By now Wolverine, Ice-Man, Beast and Cyclops were moving in on the pre-school. They were trying to keep out of sight but it was fairly difficult due to their appearance.

Through one of the windows Cyclops could see Pyro and for now it didn’t seem like he had noticed him. Pyro was going to be one of the biggest hitters so it was key to take him down as quickly as possible.

One last thing Jean did was her telepathy was tell the children to hold hands. Quicksilver could see them doing this and he couldn’t figure why they were doing it. He was very on edge and this was tipping him over the edge.

“What the hell are they doing?” asked Quicksilver.

“They’re scared,” replied the Scarlet Witch.

“If everything goes to plan they don’t have to be scared of anything.”

Just then Cyclops gave a signal to Shadowcat and she phased through the roof and down into the pre-school. The Brotherhood was completely surprised to see her appear out of almost nowhere.

“X-Men!” shouted Pyro.

“Don’t mind me,” replied Shadowcat. “I’m just passing through and wanted to take a souvenir. See ya.” She then put her hand on one of the children and they seemingly moved at super speed through the wall and out the pre-school. The children had not simple stood up and walked they seemingly flew.

What had happened was that Shadowcat had took them out of sync with the planet. The planet had rotated on its axis but Shadowcat and the hostages had stayed in the same spot. They had never moved. It was the planet below them that had done that.

Within seconds of Shadowcat rescuing the children Cyclops blasted Pyro from a distance with an optic blast. The blast had been powerful enough to knock Pyro out cold and rendering him useless in the fight.

“Damn it to hell!” shouted Quicksilver. “Get Blob on those brats. I’ll deal with the X-Men.”

“But Pietro,” replied Scarlet Witch. “You can’t take on all the X-Men by yourself.”

“I know but remember the plan. All we need to do is to keep them here as long as possible. And if we can take as many of them out as we can.”

“Ok Pietro.” Her fists and eyes glowed a scarlet red for a couple of seconds before subsiding. It’s done.”

“Good now get Toad and help me. I’ll start the first attack.”

Quicksilver then ran outside the pre-school at supersonic speed. Although he didn’t know where the X-Men were it wouldn’t take him long to find them. He could search several square blocks faster than the blink of an eye.

His movements had not gone unnoticed however. Jean had picked him up as soon as he left and tried to warn the X-Men on the ground. Wolverine had also picked up his scent and he could hear him running around. He popped his claws out of his knuckles but within seconds he felt a sharp punch to the face. Cyclops also had his visor taken from him, without it he couldn’t control his powers. He had to shut his eyes before he blasted away any of the X-Men.

Quicksilver then ran back to the front of the pre-school, there Toad and Scarlet Witch were waiting for them. He pointed towards where he had just spotted the X-Men. He carried Cyclops’s visor in the other hand.

“The X-Men are over there,” he said. “There are four of them. Well actually make that 3, Cyclops is useless without these.” He then held up the visor. “Here Toad he’s a birthday present.”

He then threw them at Toad and he was easily able to catch them with his tongue. He then put the visors on and did a quick pose.

“How do I look?” asked Toad.

“Revolting,” replied Quicksilver. “But you take your pick of anything else you want right after we destroy the X-Men.”

“You do realise my birthday was last month?”

“Yeah but none of us cared.”

The Brotherhood began to move towards where the X-Men were. They were still recovering from Quicksilver’s first attack. Wolverine recovered from the punch almost instantly but Cyclops was still having to keep his eyes closed. They could not let this drawback slow them down. The Brotherhood would show them no mercy.

Meanwhile a couple of miles away Shadowcat had made the hostages back in sync with the planet in an open space. There was no one around and Shadowcat needed a moment to catch her breath. She was happy that everyone was safe but the rescue had taken a lot out of her and she felt very weak. Katie walked over to the heroine tried to help her back up to her feet. Shadowcat was constantly panting.

“Are you alright?” asked Katie.

“I will be in a minute,” replied Shadowcat. “I’ve never phased so many people like that before. Are the children alright?”

“They will be now thanks to you.”

Just then Shadowcat noticed a shadow above her. When she looked up she was horrified with what she saw. She quickly grabbed Katie and jumped out of the way. Seconds later an extremely large object hit the ground. At first Katie didn’t know what it was but she soon realised it was a very tall obese man. He was the largest man she had ever seen and once more she felt afraid. She recognised him from the news, he was Blob the final member of the Brotherhood.

“What do we have here?” asked Blob. “You kids are so cute I might just eat you up. I haven’t eaten in almost an hour.”

Shadowcat slowly got back to her feet and stood in front of Blob. She was in-between him and the children and she wasn’t going to move for anyone. Although Blob was several times her size she was not afraid.

“You’re not getting these kids Blob,” said Shadowcat. “Not while I’m here!”

Blob walked up to Shadowcat and simple slapped her out of the way. She was too weak to phase through it and she was almost knocked out. Now it seemed that Blob was going to get to the children. They all cried out in terror. The adults tried to shield them but it would do little to stop the Blob.

“All this excitement is making me hungry,” said Blob. “And these kids look so tasty. It be a shame for them to go to waste.”

“BLOB!” shouted Shadowcat. Her voice had been so loud that it caught Blob by surprise. He looked over to her and saw her getting up to her feet. She looked very angry and her eyes seemed to be glowing. “I TOLD YOU!” Just then much to everyone’s surprise it looked like Shadowcat was growing taller. At first it was slow but her growth increased rapidly. All Blob could do was look up at the growing woman. It seemed her growth would never end, but eventually it did but by now Shadowcat was around fifty feet tall. She looked down at the now seemingly tiny Blob. “YOU’RE NOT GETTING THESE CHILDREN!”

Then with one mighty kick she sent Blob flying through the air like a football. She watched him fly over the horizon and eventually even she lost sight of him. But by now things began to sink in. She looked at her hands and then down to the children. They were still safe but now they were seemingly terrified of her.

“W-what happened to me?” she asked.

But before she could think anymore she felt her body get heavy and she realised that she was losing consciousness. She fell back away from the children and she was knocked out before she hit the ground. When she hit the ground her body slowly began to revert back to its normal size.

Oblivious to the recent events the X-Men prepared themselves for their confrontation against the remaining members of the Brotherhood. Forge was watching everything that was happening but he wasn’t unarmed. He carried with him a large sniper of his own creation. Instead of having lead bullets the gun fired laser rounds. The magazine in the sniper was specifically known lethal since the X-Men did not believe in their killing their enemies.

Forge positioned the sniper and looked through the scope. This sniper had a greater range than any sniper the military had to offer. He could shot someone from over ten miles out and the hit rate was greater than ninety nine per cent. He had Toad in his scope but he only wanted to shoot him if things deteriorated any further.

By now the Brotherhood had reached the X-Men’s position. Ice-Man tried to make an ice-shield between the two teams but Scarlet Witch used her hex powers to melt it almost instantly. Quicksilver ran forward at superhuman speed and ran towards Wolverine and went to punch him again. However everything was going in slow motion Wolverine. He could see Quicksilver as if he was running at a normal pace. Instead of going to slash him Wolverine decided to retract his claws and simple punch Quicksilver in the face. The force of the punch broke Quicksilver’s nose and he fell to the floor in a heap.

Toad tried to use his tongue to hit the blinded Cyclops but Beast caught his tongue and pulled him towards him. When he was close enough Beast punched Toad knocking him out cold. He picked up Cyclops’s visor and gave it back to him.

“I believe this is yours,” said Beast.

Cyclops took the visor off Beast and put them back on. Now he was able to get back into the fight. But by now there was only the Scarlet Witch left. She was easily the most powerful member of the Brotherhood.

But instead of fighting she just stood there and did nothing. She held up her hands and looked over at the remaining X-Men.

“I surrender,” she said.

“It could be a trick,” replied Ice-Man.

“Oh please Robert. I might be powerful but four of you combined would defeat me too easily. And besides this mission’s been a success.”

“How can it be a success? You lost.”

“You X-Men are so naive haven’t you figured it out yet? An attack on such vulnerable children in broad daylight. How stupid do you think we really are? The children were never all that important it was you we wanted.”

“Make sense woman,” demanded Wolverine. “Before I start slicing.”

“All the X-Men are here meaning that your leader is home alone. This hostage crisis has all been a diversion.”

Now it dawned on the X-Men what had been happening. Since the entire roster had been fighting the Brotherhood it left Xavier alone and vulnerable at the mansion. But by now it was too late to help Xavier. They could only hope that he was still at the mansion and not terrible injured.

More to come

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This is actually REALLY well written!

How long have you been writing?

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@Hysteria: the one thing I would suggest is add a few descriptions after dialogue. HOW did Cyclops reply? With a worried tone? Apprehensively? You get the picture.

Another thing that kind of irked me was that you simply stated how the characters felt. In my humble opinion, I feel that that takes away a layer of the story. Personally, I would suggest alluding to how they're feeling by describing how they are talking/through body language. For example, which sounds better?

Bobby struggled to project the ice from his hands


Bobby grimaced, as his face twisted and writhed as if it had a mind of it's own. Each projection of ice was another sharp pain in his body. Agony coursed through his veins, until finally, he managed to do the impossible....

Hope this helps. :D

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Thank @primepower53 said:

@Hysteria: the one thing I would suggest is add a few descriptions after dialogue. HOW did Cyclops reply? With a worried tone? Apprehensively? You get the picture.

Another thing that kind of irked me was that you simply stated how the characters felt. In my humble opinion, I feel that that takes away a layer of the story. Personally, I would suggest alluding to how they're feeling by describing how they are talking/through body language. For example, which sounds better?

Bobby struggled to project the ice from his hands


Bobby grimaced, as his face twisted and writhed as if it had a mind of it's own. Each projection of ice was another sharp pain in his body. Agony coursed through his veins, until finally, he managed to do the impossible....

Hope this helps. :D

Thank you for your insight. I've been meaning to make my stories more detailed. I will try and take your points into my further work and hopefully make myself a better. BTW do you like the story so far?

PS. It has taken me roughly a week to write this much.

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@Hysteria: I think the story itself is fantastic! I can't wait for more.

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@primepower53 said:

@Hysteria: I think the story itself is fantastic! I can't wait for more.

If you keep reading them I'll keep them coming.

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@Hysteria: Well the first part is fantastic! Hooked from the opening. You might want to make it into several chapters because it's a lot to read, not that its a bad thing but maybe making the first section part one and the next part a seperate fan-fic entry as part 2. Anyways I do like that Beast is blue from the get go. Keep up the good work

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@batkevin74 said:

@Hysteria: Well the first part is fantastic! Hooked from the opening. You might want to make it into several chapters because it's a lot to read, not that its a bad thing but maybe making the first section part one and the next part a seperate fan-fic entry as part 2. Anyways I do like that Beast is blue from the get go. Keep up the good work

I'm writing them as if they're graphic novels so as the title suggests this is volume 1. Volume 2 will have a completely different plot and so on. Also I'm glad you're enjoy it.

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Several minutes earlier at the Mansion Xavier had been following the journey of the X-Men towards Steele .At first everything seemed to be going well until he began to sense something off. He couldn’t put his finger on it at first but when he looked at his watch he saw that it had stopped. He greatly hoped that the battery has simple died. But he took his watch off and dropped it. But instead of falling to the ground the watch moved towards Xavier’s wheelchair and attached itself to the metal. The watch had been magnetised.

“Oh no,” he said.

Suddenly the top of Cerebro began to shudder before ripping off. Since Cerebro was underground the earth above it was also removed. Xavier looked up as he saw a man wearing a red costume and helmet floated down in front of him. For a normal person this would have been impossible. But this was no normal person, it was Magneto the Master of Magnetism. He had an awe around him that made him seem more of a God rather than a human being. All Xavier could do was watch.

“Greetings Charles,” said Magneto. There was great confidence in his voice. It was as though he already knew that he had won.

“Erik what is the meaning of this?” replied Xavier. He tried to use his powers to attack Magneto’s mind but it was to no avail. He knew now that he was going to be in serious trouble.

“Oh please Charles.” He then lowered himself so that he was at Xavier’s level. There was a magnetic hum in the air. “Your powers don’t work on me.” He then tapped his helmet. “Let me show you what my powers can do to you.” With a simple thought he lifted Xavier’s chair into the air. Xavier was trapped and completely powerless to stop his former friend. He was like a rag doll to him.

“If you are here to kill Erik it will not bring the war any closer. As long as there are people who believe in peaceful co-existence between mutants and humans my dream will survive. Your efforts will be fruitless.”

“Kill you?” He chuckled at Xavier. His cackles were like nails on a blackboard to Xavier. “I wouldn’t dream of it. I want you to live long enough to see your dream burn and your soul destroyed.” He hovered down to the walkway and began to walk towards the exit of Cerebro. He effortless opened the door with his powers and simple walked out. He used his powers to move put Xavier’s chair back on the ground but he pulled it towards him. It was like the chair was being pulled by an invisible string. “The only reason I’m here is that your gadget man has something of great importance to me. And besides it is rare nowadays to have audience with you without your X-Men being a constant nuisance.”

“The children were never the point.” Anger began to grow in his voice. “You put them in danger simple to get the X-Men out of the way. Even I couldn’t believe that you would harm a child.”

“Forty years ago I saw children gassed by the thousands by a so called master race. Years later I realised that they were not the master race, not humans but mutants.” He clenched his fist and Xavier could hear metal straining around the corridor. “If I do nothing my fellow mutants will be gassed and burn. I will not let that happen.”

“But at what price Erik? Don’t you see what’s happened? You’ve become the very monster you’re fighting against.” Suddenly a small strip of metal ripped off a nearby wall and attached itself to Xavier’s mouth. It was like metal tape gagging him. He could not utter a single word.

“Do not dare compare me to them!” His voice was low and agitated. “I am doing what needs to be done to ensure our survival. You could never understand the work I’ve been doing. You were raised in luxury in this mansion while I watched everyone I love die because they were viewed as sub human. Humans have destroyed what was once a beautiful and productive planet. It is time for a change.”

By now Magneto had reached the entrance of the lab. He used his powers to crumple the door and remove it as if it were paper. He took a couple of steps inside and spotted what he was looking for on a workbench on Forge’s side of the lab. It was a small rectangular object and there was a drawing of it on the blackboard behind it. Although there were other items of value all around him Magneto was only interested in this one device. Xavier didn’t recognise it but he knew that if Magneto wanted it, it was something of great power.

As soon Magneto found what he was looking for he slammed Xavier’s chair into the wall and he hit his head. The force wasn’t enough to cause any major injuries but it was enough to knock him out. Magneto grabbed the device and attached it to a piece of metal on his belt. His powers would keep it attached.

“Farewell Charles,” said Magneto as he walked out the lab. “We will meet each other again very soon and you will see that your dream is merely a fantasy.”

Magneto strolled back towards Cerebro leaving Xavier unconscious in his wheelchair. But before Magneto flew through the hole in the ceiling he used his powers to destroy the Cerebro console. It was mere child’s play to the Master of Magnetism and he simple floated out of the room with his prize.

Sometime later the X-Men returned from Steele. They had not bothered to apprehend the Brotherhood, their main concern was for their leader Professor X. But they were also worried about Shadowcat, she had regained her consciousness since her brief confrontation with Blob. But the first thing the X-Men saw from the Blackbird was the gaping hole in the ground over what was once Cerebro.

When the Blackbird landed Jean tried to contact Xavier through a telepathic link. But she couldn’t pick him up. The team feared the worse. Most could not contemplate what would happen if Xavier died.

Forge and Cyclops discovered Xavier unconscious in the lab. Without a second thought they helped him back into his chair and tried to revive their mentor. After a minute Xavier slowly began to regain consciousness. His head was aching badly but he seemed to be responding well to his students.

“Professor are you alight?” asked Scott. There was great concern in his voice. He had viewed Xavier as a father figure since his parents died in a plane crash while he was still a child.

“Y-yes I’m fine,” replied Xavier. His voice was weak and it was a little hard to make out what he was saying. “But I fear the worst will happen. The recent events are spelling humanity’s doom.”

Forge then glanced to his workbench and saw that the device that he had been working on was missing. Fear overtook his body. He walked over to his bench and frantically searched for it but to no avail.

“This is bad this is really bad,” said Forge. Fear had set in at this point. “He’s taken my amplifier.”

“Your amplifier?” asked Xavier with concern.

“Yes I was working on an alternative to Cerebro. It was supposed to amplify mutant abilities and still give them control. If you had been using in Professor your powers would have been amplified much like it would in Cerebro. But in Magneto’s hands it would amplify his powers to a point I dare not imagine. It would make him unstoppable.”

Xavier shed a tear. Never before had he felt that his dream was so close to failing. If what Forge was saying was true then the X-Men were helpless in stopping whatever Magneto was planning. Even if Magneto were to fail most likely humans would hate mutants even more than before and a war would quickly follow.

A few hours in the medi-lab Kitty was finally regaining consciousness. Her vision was blurry at first but it slowly returned. At first she could see a blue fuzz ball but as her vision returned she could see that it was Hank. He was looking at some notes but when she began to groan he realised that she was waking up. Jean had also been in the medi-lab caring for her, she walked over to Kitty examined her eyes.

“She’s waking up,” said Jean with some relief.

“Good,” replied Hank. “I was worried that she’d never wake up.” He then looked over Kitty and she looked up at him. “Katherine can you hear me?”

“W-where am I?” asked Kitty in a quiet groggy voice.

“You’re in the mansion Kitty,” answered Jean. “We almost thought we lost you in Steele. But I’m glad to see that you’re alright.”

Kitty was starting to feel stronger and she slowly sat up in the bed. She noticed that she was no longer in her costume but was wearing a hospital gown. She still felt light headed but she was more aware of everything around her.

“What happened to me?” she asked. There was more strength in her voice. “Last thing I remember I was fifty feet tall and playing Field Goal practice with Blob. And then everything went black.” She then remembered the children. “Are the children alright?”

“Physically yes,” replied Hank. “But they might be mentally scarred after the whole experience. They may recover in time but I can’t say for certain. I’m a doctor of the body not the mind.” He then looked at his notes. “And for your little growth spurt I believe your secondary mutation activated.”

“Secondary? Mutation?” There was great concern in her voice. “What do you mean a secondary mutation?”

“It’s rare but some mutants manifest multiple powers.” He then looked back at Kitty. “Sometimes they activate within days or weeks after the primary mutation activates. Sometimes it can take years as in your case. Your primary powers activated when you were thirteen and now your secondary power has activated. Much like Hank Pym of the Avengers you seem to be able to increase your size and mass accordingly. That’s how you managed to defeat Blob so easily. I’m afraid straining both your primary and secondary powers like you did almost killed you. If you had grown an extra couple of feet or phased those children for a couple of seconds longer you would have died from exhaustion.”

“I almost died?”

“Yes but you will be fine all you need to do is rest,” replied Jean. “In a couple of days you’ll fully recover.” Kitty then yawned. “You just go back to sleep.” She then used her powers to make Kitty sleepy and it didn’t take her long to fall back onto her pillow and drift into a deep sleep.

“You didn’t tell her about Magneto,” said Hank.

“It’s best not for her to worry about him yet. If what the Professor is correct we’ll need her at full strength.”

Later that night most of the news reporters gather in Bismarck North Dakota. They were all outside the state’s Mutant Detention Facility or MDF. There were several MDFs scattered around the country. There were at least one in every state but states with a high mutant population required multiple MDFs. They were specially made prisons for renegade and dangerous mutants. This was normally the last place a mutant wanted to end up. These prisons were notoriously harsh and secure. It was almost impossible to break out of these prisons.

Quicksilver, Toad and Pyro had all been captured by the authorities following the hostage crisis in Steele. They had been transported to the State’s MDF as they awaited charge to be made against them by the State. The reporters wanted to capture a glimpse of the mutant terrorist before they were locked away and left to rot.

The Brotherhood were transported in specially constructed prison vans designed to hold a wide range of mutants. Each member of the Brotherhood was transported in a separate van and each didn’t come in at the same time. First Toad’s van came followed by Quicksilver’s. Pyro’s on the other hand was still a couple of miles away from the prison.

The van was driving down a long dark lane surrounded by open fields. Inside the van Pyro had his costume stripped from him and instead he was wearing a MDF prison uniform. Without his costume he could not generate the fire he needed to cause chaos. He could not generate the fire himself and needed a fire source to properly use his powers. Without his costume he was almost powerless. All he could do was bang his fists on the side of the van in an attempt to intimidate the two guards driving the van.

“You’re going to be sorry mate!” shouted Pyro. “When my friends bust me out of here I’m going to burn you so much that even your own mothers won’t recognise your dead smoking corpse!”

“Shut up freak!” replied a sharp angry voice. The guard in the passenger seat closed the small opening that allowed him to see Pyro. He looked towards the other guard who was driving. “I can’t wait for them to lock this *&$)”%$ up.”

“Yeah him and his friends,” replied the other guard. “How long do you think it’ll be before this limey cracks.”

“I’m Australian you idiot!” shouted Pyro with much anger.

“SHUT UP!” replied both of the guards.

Suddenly the guards saw what seemed to be a dog standing in front of them in the road. It was too late for them to stop and the van seemingly ran over the dog. It then came to a screeching halt and this caused Pyro to throw forward and hit his body along the van walls. He thought that he might have broken a bone or two.

The guards were in shock over what just happened. It took them a moment to catch their breaths and think about what had just happened. Since both had dogs they didn’t like the thought of running over one.

“I think you just hit a dog,” said the guard.

“Go and see if it’s alright,” replied the driver.

“Are you serious?” At first he thought that the driver was kidding. But he began to realise that the driver was being serious. “You’re kidding right?”

“Just go it’ll only take you a minute.”


The Guard climbed out of the van and began to walk down towards where the dog had been knocked down. It was very dark and it was hard to make anything out. The fact that the road seemed to be deserted made him feel anxious. But as he approached the dog it seemed very odd. He expected to see a lifeless body but it looked very stiff. He quickly knocked it with his foot and noticed that there was a wooden noise along with it. This was no dog, it looked like it was a mere model.

“What the hell?” he asked himself. He then turned around and was confronted by a man wearing no clothes. This was very shocking but the most shocking thing was that he looked exactly like the Guard just without clothes. He even had a birth mark near his right ear and the same stubble around his chin.

“I need your clothes,” replied the naked man.

He then grabbed the neck of the guard and with one twist snapped it with relative ease. As the guards body fell to the ground the naked man undressed him and put the clothes on himself. It only took a minute to put all the clothes on and leave the lifeless guard where he fell. One thing he made sure that he picked up was the guard’s key card. This would be essential for what he had planned.

When the man was fully dressed he walked back to the van and climbed inside and sat in the seat next to the driver. At first he was silent but the driver didn’t start driving off just yet. He turned to the man and was curious.

“So what was it?” asked the Driver.

“J-just a dog,” replied the Man. He had to remember everything that he was told to say. “It was still alive but in great pain so I snapped its neck and put it out of its misery.”

“Yeah better to end it quickly than just leave it there to die slowly.” He then began to drive the van and continued on the plan route to the MDF prison. “We better pick up the pace or else we won’t get our photos in tomorrow’s paper.”

“Just be sure you get us there in one piece.”

For several minutes the van travelled along the planned route and eventually reached the prison. There was a mob of reporters and photographers waiting for them. They all wanted to get a picture of the notorious mutant terrorist. However the van drove inside the prison out of the view of the cameras. The disappointed photographers didn’t get a single shot. One of them had come all the way from New York City to get a photograph. His boss was known to be very short tempered and he hoped that he wouldn’t fire him for the umpteenth time.

As the van pulled to a halt there were close to a dozen guards waiting for them. They weren’t taking any chances with the Brotherhood. More than once they had slipped away from custody with a wide range of tricks and escapes. They wanted to be sure that this time nothing went wrong.

“Remember your training!” shouted the Sergeant. “If the mutie tries anything funny hit him hard and hit him fast!”

The guard who pulled the short straw was the one who had to open the van doors. Most of the guards carried taser prods and they were not afraid to use them if they needed to. They doubted if they accidentally killed that anyone would mind. They strongly disliked mutants who endangered children.

As the doors were opened one of the guards crawled inside and grabbed Pyro by his collar. Pyro was reluctant to move but a quick jab with the prod was more than enough to get him moving. As he slowly walked out of the van he saw all of the guards waiting for him. There were no sources of fire here so his powers were useless in this situation. He stopped for a moment and he received another jab from a prod.

“Keep moving freak,” said the guard. He was willing to give him another jab just in case he didn’t get the message.

“Ok I’m going,” snapped Pyro. “Don’t get your knickers in a twist.”

Pyro was led into the prison and as he walked towards his cell he could see other mutant prisoners. A few he recognised from various sources and a couple were new to him. He saw Toad jumping around in his cell trying to find some way out. But all he was doing was wasting his energy in a fruitless effort. He was shouting verbal abuse at the guards but they simple ignored him. A couple were tempted to go inside the cell and deal with him themselves. But there were still laws against that for now.

The prison itself looked very hi-tech and it had to be to house the mutants who had the misfortune of being sent here. There were mutants here who could level an entire building given the chance. There were also mutants here who had been convicted of crimes that would merit the death penalty and they were others who simple were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The cells were locked with an energy shield that covered the entire entrance. Anyone who touched the shield would instantly be electrocuted. Some mutants who were suicidal simple left their hand on the shield and simple let themselves electrocute themselves to death. It was normal a messy end and the janitors would complain about cleaning up burned flesh and smouldering ashes.

Eventually Pyro had been led to a nice empty cell in a part of the prison where lights didn’t always work properly. The heating was substandard and the running water was always ice cold. It was known as the worst part of the prison and this was exactly where they were going to leave him.

“Don’t I get anything eat?” asked Pyro. He had not eaten for several hours and was feeling as hungry as Blob.

“There’s some rat crap in the corner,” replied a guard. “It has all the nutrients you need to live. Well until tomorrow at least.”

“You’ll burn for this mate. Mark my words.”

“Shut up you English jerk.”

“How many times do I need to say I’M NOT ENGLISH I’M AUSTRAILIAN!”

“All the same to me.”

Meanwhile on the other side of the prison the mysterious man was walking around the corridors. It was as if he was looking for something but the prison was like a giant maze. If one did not know where they were going they could be lost in these corridors for some time. However this man seemed to know his way around even though he had never been in this prison before.

But eventually his efforts were not in vein. He came across the exact thing he was looking for except it wasn’t a thing it was a person. He had made his way towards the cell where the fastest mutant alive was lying on his bed. He was staring at the ceiling and was going nowhere in a hurry. There was a single guard outside the cell keeping a watchful eye on the mutant. He had seen what happened the last time a guard lost sight of him for a fraction of a second.

The mysterious man casually walked towards the guard. At first the guard didn’t seem to notice the man coming towards him but when he was a few feet away he almost jumped. He had not expected anyone to come down this way and he quickly put his hand towards his gun. But he saw that that it looked like a friend of his. He smiled at first before waving. He had not seen him for some time.

“Hey what’s up Frank?” asked the Guard. His voice was very cheery and somewhat high. “How are the kids?”

“The Warden wants you in his office immediately,” replied the mysterious man abruptly. There was a sharp tone to his voice.

“But I’m supposed to be watching the prisoner.” Where there had once been joy in his voice now was second guessing.

“Do you really think the Warden will take too kindly to you disobeying a direct order? He sent me here to relieve you.”

“Err Ok.” The guard began to walk away from the cell. He still wasn’t sure why the Warden would want to speak to him. In his mind he had been working fine since his transfer from South Dakota.

Inside his cell Quicksilver had noticed the change in guards. He quickly got up from the bed and ran to the energy shield. He stopped just short of it and stared at the mysterious man. He seemed to be trying to intimidate him but it didn’t seem to be working. The mysterious man just stood there staring at Quicksilver.

“Hey flat scan you should bow before seeing your replacement,” said Quicksilver with some anger in his voice. “You know your days as top species are numbered you hear me. All you flat scans will be extinct and your rightful masters will take their place. Everything you’ve created will come to nothing.”

At first the mysterious man stood there and did nothing. But then he began to laugh, at first he had a deep laugh but as he continued laughing the pitch of his voice began to rise and within second his voice had changed from a man’s to a woman’s voice. His eyes transformed from a regular brown eye to yellow eyes with no pupils. His laughing continued until it eventually subsided.

“Oh please Pietro,” he said in the woman’s voice. “You should really hear yourself talking. You don’t realise how boring your voice is.”

“M-mystique,” replied Pietro. His voice had reverted to one of gibbering. But he slowly managed to get his words out. “I was wondering if you were going to show up.”

Yet more to come.

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“The only reason I’m here is because Magneto still sees you as an asset. If he hadn’t gotten the amplifier he would have left you here to rot.”

“I’ve always been an asset.” His voice was very stern. “Now get me outta here before anything else happens.”

“Just remember that if Magneto ever commanded me to dispose of you I would without giving a second thought.”

She then walked over to an electronic panel on the wall right next to the cell. Mystique took the key card that she had stolen from the guard out of her pocket. She then carefully swiped it on the panel and the red light changed to green. Less than a second later the energy shield deactivated and Quicksilver simple stepped out of the cell. He took a quick breath and looked towards Mystique.

“Thanks that cell made me feel claustrophobic,” said Quicksilver. “No real room to stretch my legs.”

Mystique then walked over to him and gave him the key card. By now she had changed her eyes to that of the dead guard.

“Magneto wants you to free every mutant in this facility,” said Mystique in a man’s voice. “We’re leaving no one behind.”

“Even Toad?” replied Quicksilver. He saw no reason to see Toad free. To him he was more of a liability than of any assistance.

“Yes even him.”

“Fine but if he gets captured again I’m not breaking him out.”

Then with superhuman speed Quicksilver ran to each of the cells and used the key card to unlock them all. At first the freed mutants were unsure what to do, but it didn’t take them long to figure out what they needed to do.

Most of the mutants simple ran towards the nearest exit while others wanted to have some measure of revenge on the guards. In less than one minute the prison had gone from everything running smoothly to utter chaos being unleashed. The guards were completely overwhelmed by the sheer force of the escaping mutants. Many of them hadn’t been trained in how to deal with a mass escape. Many of them were shooting at any mutant that crossed their paths. But before they could do much damage Quicksilver removed the magazines in the guns faster than they could be fired.

When the guards were disarmed they were helpless in stopping the mutants from escaping. Many of the guards simply ran and find a safe place to hide. Most of the mutants could have easily overpowered them and they saw no point in fighting on. A few guards who were brave enough to stand a fight soon regretted it. One had strange mucus spat in his face, almost instantly it hardened around his mouth and nose. He and several of the guards tried to remove the mucus but within minutes it was too late, the guard suffocated to death.

Instead of helping her fellow mutants Mystique simple changed into her natural form and simple walked out of the prison. With everything that was happening she slipped by unnoticed and she made her way to the rendezvous point. Her natural appearance was blue scaly skin and long orange hair. Her eyes were yellow with no pupils. It was as if her eyes were completely blank. Although she had no need for it she still wore the suit she had stolen from the guard.

The Rendezvous point was around two hundred yards away from the prison on a small hill. From this hill anyone could see the insanity that was ensuing in the MDF below. A fire had been started in the north wing and mutants were escaping in their droves. The news reporters who had been there to cover a story were now running for their very lives. Police forces were also converging on the prison. A helicopter flew over and Mystique just watched it. She didn’t like the fact that she had to wait.

Minutes later Quicksilver ran to the rendezvous point. He was soon followed by Pyro and eventually Toad came. For a few moments they looked at what had become of the MDF, they felt that their work had been done as they watched their fellow mutants escape to freedom. Everything had gone according to plan.

Suddenly a large metallic sphere came down from the sky. It was the size of a van and travelling at great speed. At first it looked like it was going to impact where the Brotherhood was waiting. But instead of impacting the sphere stopped just short of where the Brotherhood were standing. It opened up even though it didn’t have any doors.

“Magneto is waiting for us,” said Mystique with a smile. “Let’s not keep him waiting.”

One by one the Brotherhood stepped into the sphere. No sooner had the last of them entered the sphere it closed up and became whole once more. It then rose up into the air and flew west. Normally something like this would have been spotted by someone by at least one person. But all attention was being drawn to the MDF, by now it was an inferno started by a particular mutant who had a talent with fire.

The next morning in the mansion the morning had started off on a downer. Although Jean grey had used her telekinesis to repair the damage to the roof of Cerebro it was nothing more than a band aid. Cerebro had been a total loss, Magneto had been very deliberate in his actions to completely destroy it. It would be months before Forge could rebuild it from scratch.

Wolverine had been blowing off steam in the Danger Room. He had fought Doctor Doom and Venom on the maximum danger level. When he was fighting nothing else seemed to matter. He only wished that all the world’s problems could be solved with using his fists. But he knew that he would be a fool if he believed that. He wasn’t the only one in the Danger Room however. Beast was in the control room trying to activate tougher protocols to try and over power Wolverine. His efforts were all in vein as Wolverine sliced down everything the Danger Room had to offer.

Bobby had been at Kitty’s bedside almost since she had woken up. She was still extremely tired from over using both her powers. She was still getting her head around the fact that now she had a second power. It wasn’t a power she particularly wanted but she had seen mutants who’s powers had been more of a curse than a gift. She just hoped that she didn’t have to use her secondary powers any time soon. She was glad that Bobby was here with her, she was bored lying there by herself and all the pair did was talk. They were trying to forget everything bad that was happening and they just talked about going to the movies when Kitty recovered. They were looking forward to the release of Return of the Jedi.

Inside the lab Forge was very worried with the theft of his mutant amplifier. He shuddered to think what Magneto would do with this device. But there was one thing that was plaguing his mind more than this. It was the fact that Magneto knew about the amplifier. Forge hadn’t discussed it with his fellow X-Men and the device had never left the mansion. He was trying to figure out just how Magneto knew. He thought that it would be impossible for someone to break in without Jean or Xavier detected them. In fact Logan’s senses would have picked them up as well. All he could think was that there was some kind of bug in the lab. Some kind of device that was letting Magneto hear everything that was happening.

Upstairs Scott and Jean were helping Xavier with his morning routines. Jean made him breakfast while Scott went out to get the morning newspaper. But it didn’t take long for Xavier to hear about the events of the previous night. On the morning news there were many reports of the mass breakout at the MDF in Bismarck North Dakota. Several guards and mutants had been killed during the escape. What was most frightening however was that the Brotherhood was amongst the escaped mutants whose whereabouts were unknown to authorities.

As Scott returned to the mansion he could see that Xavier seemed to be in a world of his own. All of Xavier’s fears were being realised, he felt that his dream was coming to an end. After everything that had happened he had no doubt that the humans would retaliate in some way and he dared not think of how. He had heard rumours about the Government making mutant hunting robots but he thought it was just something made up by someone who watched too much Star Trek. But if the rumours were true then the mutant population was in big trouble.

An hour later Xavier once again assembled the X-Men in the War Room. Kitty was the only X-Man not present since she was still recovering from the fight with the Brotherhood. All the other X-Men were there in their civilian clothes. They all knew that something was going to happen very soon. They just didn’t know where and when.

“My X-Men times are dire,” said Xavier. “When Magneto launches his next attack I believe it will be the end of the world as we know it.” He then gave sigh and he tried to collect himself. “There is no doubt that Magneto is planning something big and this time we can not simple wait around for him to make the first move. We need to strike him first before he causes any more death and destruction.” He then looked towards Forge. “Forge what can you tell us about the amplifier he stole?”

“My amplifier was incomplete,” replied Forge. “It does work in a sense however. It does greatly amplify a mutant’s abilities up to almost limitless capabilities. However I soon discovered that the device is actually harmful to anyone using it. It was a flaw I was in the process of fixing before it was stolen.”

“So the device could potentially harm Magneto?” asked Scott. He was curious to why this was.

“Yes in fact it could kill him.”

“It’ll be doing the world a favour,” snorted Logan.

“That’s not the X-Men way Logan,” snapped Xavier.

“But Magneto’s a lost cause. If this amplifier kills him then good riddance. I’m not forgetting the time he made me stab Jean.”

“No one is a lost cause not even Magneto.”

“You’re too kind for your own good Chuck.”

“What do we do Professor?” asked Jean. Her voice seemed timid in comparison to that of Logan.

“I’m afraid for now I don’t know,” replied Xavier. “We are completely in the dark. We need to find out what he’s up to and fast.”

“Without Cerebro we can’t even locate the Brotherhood.”

“Can’t we go Sherlock Holmes on them and find them the old fashioned way?” asked Bobby. “I bet Logan can sniff them out.”

“Bobby the Brotherhood could be anywhere in the world,” answered Hank. “Not even Logan’s keen senses can find them if they’re too far away. I seriously doubt that Magneto’s base of operation is anywhere local.”

“And unfortunately if we do have to deal with Magneto within the next day or so we won’t be at our full strength,” said Xavier. “Kitty is still recovering from your last outing. If what Hank says is right she won’t be ready to re-join the team for another two days. I fear that Magneto will have started a war before then.”

“What do you suggest we do Professor?” asked Scott.

“I’m afraid I don’t know. Forge can look for some evidence of their location through the mansion’s super computer. But other than that there is not much we can do.” He felt that almost all hope had been lost. “You’re dismissed X-Men.”

For now all the X-Men did was go their separate ways. Jean decided that it was time to have a shower. Showers would always make her feel better no matter how down she felt. The running water through her hair made it seem like everything else didn’t matter. Whenever she finished showering she would feel like a brand new woman.

When Jean entered the bathroom she was greeted with a Turkish style layout and a fresh pine odour. She turned on the shower and waited for the water to become warm. She waited for a minute before taking off her clothes and stepping in the shower. She began to wash herself with the soap and she felt very relaxed.

But as she was showering she began to hear someone giggling. At first it was too quiet to tell but as she focused her hearing she could hear it clearer. She used her telepathy to scan the area but all she sensed were the minds of the other X-Men. They were all too far away for her to hear them. She just put it out of her mind and continued showering. As the minutes went by she didn’t hear anything, but just as she was about to forget about it she heard the giggling again. This time she knew that she wasn’t hearing things. She paused for a moment and tried to focus where the giggling was coming from. She looked up towards the ceiling and saw a small hole in the wall on the opposite side of the shower head. She couldn’t tell at first but she thought she could see someone inside. Using her telekinesis she pulled out whatever was through the hole.

Jean was surprised to see that it was a tiny man no more than 4 inches tall. He had a camera around his neck and he seemed to be wearing a hi tech leather suit. She could see a bulge in his pants and she soon realised what was happening. She used her hands to cover her private parts and rage over came her body.

This little man was known as Shortpack. He was a member of the Brotherhood but unlike them his powers didn’t make him practical in a fight. He was best used for spying and sabotage. But there was one other thing that set him apart from the other members of the Brotherhood. He was vile pervert who would go to extreme lengths to satisfy his sexual needs. If he were a full size man he would be extremely dangerous to women. But his lack of stature made him almost harmless.

To Jean however he wasn’t harmless. He had been spying on her while she was showering. She wanted to crush him with her telekinesis but she knew that she would regret it later in life.

“YOU PERVERT!” shouted Jean. Her voice was so loud that everyone in the mansion could hear her. They had never heard her shout like that before. Not even the time when she lost the best dress super heroine award to the Wasp in an issue of the Daily Bugle.

“Sue me Red,” replied Shortpack. He wasn’t flinched that he had been found out. He just seemed to enjoy constantly seeing Jean naked although now she was trying to cover herself up.

Several minutes later Shortpack had been taken down into the War Room. All the available X-Men were present but Shortpack didn’t seem to be budged by them. He was sat down one a small table near the mansion’s supercomputer. Hank was examining several tiny photographs that had been confiscated from the tiny spy. Much to his surprise Shortpack had taken photos of practically everything of importance in the mansion. There were pictures of what he and Forge had been working on in their labs, the controls and interior of the Danger Room, Cerebro, the War Room, the Ground floor and even pictures of Jean and Kitty changing their clothes and having showers. These last pictures were the most disturbing to him. The pictures were so small that he needed to use his microscope so that he could see them properly. But by now it was obvious how Magneto had gotten his information.

But now it was time to pry information from Shortpack. First Jean and Xavier attempted to use their telepathic abilities to read his mind. But much to their surprise they couldn’t enter his mind. He just sat there chuckling at them.

“Telepathy doesn’t work on me,” laughed Shortpack. He then gave the X-Men a sick grin. “You’re gonna have to a lot better than that to break me.”

“Spill your guts bub!” demanded Logan in a growling voice. He walked over to the table where Shortpack was sitting. His claws popped out of his wrist and he brought them up right in front of the tiny spy. “Or I’ll spill ‘em for ya.”

“Oh no the big bad Wolverine is coming to get me.” Shortpack’s voice was very sarcastic and he continued laughing. “Oh please don’t be stupid I know you won’t kill me. The information I have is too valuable to you. Kill me and you’ll never find out what Magneto’s up to.”

“Don’t be so certain bub.” He then lifted his fist up but before he could throw it down Scott caught it. This angered Logan greatly and he growled at his teammate.

“That’s enough Logan,” said Scott. “He’s right we need that information and we can’t get it if he’s dead.”

“Smart boy and they say that you’re the slow one,” replied Shortpack.

”Who says that?”

“Everyone one slim,” replied Logan.

“This is getting us nowhere,” interrupted Xavier. “The more time we waste with Shortpack the less time we have to stop Magneto.”

“There is one way I’ll talk,” said Shortpack. “But you’ll have to do something for me.” He then looked over to Jean. “And Red there is going to do it for me.”

“What do you want?” replied Jean cautiously.

“Come closer.”

“You might be armed. I’m not that stupid.”

“All my weapons were confiscated. I’m completely unarmed. And besides I’m your only shot and finding Magneto.”

Jean reluctantly walked closer to Shortpack. She didn’t want to get too close but he kept indicating that he wanted her to come closer. She eventually had to walk right up to him. He indicated that he wanted to whisper something in her ear. She reluctantly knelt down to his level and he began to whisper something in her ear. As the seconds went by Jean was becoming disgusted with what she was hearing.

“You can’t be serious?” asked Jean.

“Oh I’m deadly serious,” replied Shortpack with a chuckle. “And I mean dead!” He laughed even more at her. “So are you going to do it or am I gonna have to stay quiet while Magneto does whatever he needs to do.”

“Fine!” snapped Jean. She then picked up the tiny man and walked out of the War Room. The other X-Men weren’t sure about what was happening. But all they did was wait a few minutes before Jean walked back into the War Room with Shortpack. She seemed to be disgusted with herself and Shortpack had a huge smile on his face. “I know what Magneto’s planning.”

“But how did you…” replied Bobby. But before he could finish his sentence Jean snapped at him.

“Don’t ask!” she snapped.

Minutes later the X-Men were suiting up ready to put Magneto’s plan to a grinding halt. Shortpack had been placed in a rat cage that Hank would sometimes use. Shortpack couldn’t escape from this cage and all he did was sit in a corner and take a drink out of the nearby hamster flask.

The X-Men learned that Magneto was transporting mutants off the planet and to various asteroids in the Earth’s orbit. There were several rendezvous points around the world where mutants willing to follow him would be transported to one of the asteroids. The word had been spread to mutants by followers of Magneto. The closest rendezvous point to the X-Men was just outside of New York City. However they had to move fast since the mutants would be transported very soon.

Inside the hangar to the surprise of the X-Men they saw that Xavier was also coming along on the mission. He was wearing an exoskeleton on his legs that allowed him to walk. This exoskeleton had been designed and created by Forge but they were never intended to be used in a combat situation. They were only really for Xavier to use casually.

“What are you doing Professor?” asked Cyclops.

“I’m accompanying you on this mission,” replied Xavier. “I can not sit here and allow you all to risk your lives without you knowing that I am also willing to risk mine. We need to stop Magneto’s madness.”

“It’s a bad idea Professor. We knew that if you could you’d risk your life every day if it meant helping mutant/human relations. But this is too much even for you. I respectfully ask you to stay behind.”

“And I respectfully decline your request. That is all I’ll say on the matter.”

“What about Kitty?” asked Ice-Man. “We can’t leave her here by herself. What if Magneto decides to attack the mansion again?”

“I know it’s a risk but it’s a risk that we are both willing to take. If we fail we won’t have a mansion to come back to. Katherine is aware of the risks.” He then looked towards the Blackbird. “We don’t have a moment to lose.”

The X-Men were unsure exactly how to react to the fact that Xavier was coming along with them. They would admit that he would be an asset but he had never been on a mission with them before. He had seen combat in Korea but that had been over thirty years ago, he had not properly walked since the incident in the Himalayas.

But right now what was important was that they needed to stop Magneto before he could unleash his now almost limitless Magnetic powers. If Shortpack’s information was correct then the X-Men would be going straight into the lion’s den.

Meanwhile several miles above the Earth there was a very large asteroid orbiting the Earth. From up here the world looked beautiful and untouched. To the naked eye this asteroid was seemed like any other asteroid, but beneath it, it was much, much more. It had been tunnelled out and instead of all being solid rock it was now very hollow and filled with more metal than rock. This asteroid was nicknamed Asteroid M and had been Magneto’s secret base of operation for some time. He sat in a makeshift throne room covered with various screens and computers. There was a very large window that had a beautiful view of the planet below. On the screens there were various news reports from all over the world. They were all talking about one thing in particular. They were all speaking about Mutants. Magneto was fluent in different languages so he could understand most of what was being said by the various news reporters. He was looking through the window and down at the earth. He seemed to be contemplating but his peace was shattered by the sudden arrival of his son Quicksilver. He ran into the room and stood right next Magneto.

“Father we have a problem,” said Quicksilver.

“What is it Pietro?” replied Magneto. His mood wasn’t the best since he acquired the mutant amplifier from the X-Men. “I do not want to be disturbed.”

“Shortpack has not reported back. He may have been captured.”

“It does not matter. I’ve been meaning to cut that pervert off for years. Only espionage skills made him bearable. He still needed to answer the allegations of spying on Wanda when she was alone in her room.”

“That sick freak. I’ll kill him.”

“There is no need for that. Either the X-Men have killed him or he won’t survive the next twelve hours.” He then pointed towards the nearby exit. “Now go Pietro. Go back down to Earth and bring the rest of the mutants who are willing to join me.”

“W-what about the ones who are unwilling?” stuttered Quicksilver.

“They will suffer the same fate as the humans.” His voice was cold and even he was surprised that his father was willing to kill his own kind. But he dared not disobey him, he had done that once before with near dire consequences.

“Yes Father.”

Quicksilver left Magneto to his own devices. Magneto stared down on the earth below. He could see the continents of Europe and Africa. He particularly looked at his homeland of Poland. Memories of the Holocaust raced through his mind. He could see the face of his mother and father before they were taken to the gas chambers. He wondered what he would have been like if they had of survived.

Last part to come.

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A few minutes later just outside New York a group of young mutants were beginning to gather. The number seemed to increase at an almost alarming rate. Within a couple of hours there several hundred mutants were there all waiting. They came in all different shapes, sizes, colours and ages. They were all waiting to what had been promised to them, they had been promised salvation from hatred and persecution and a world that would be ready for their kind.

Some mutants were beginning to think that nothing was going to happen but eventually they saw something in the sky. Since it was a cloudy day it was hard to tell what it was at first but eventually they could see that it was several large metal spheres coming down from the heavens. All the mutants seemed to cheer with anticipation as the spheres came closer and closer and it eventually landed right in front of them. One by one the spheres seemed to be opening up and the mutants began to enter the spheres. The spheres were very large and could house a couple of hundred mutants in each.

Toad of the Brotherhood was overseeing the operation. He thought that it would be an easy job but as mutants were pushing and shoving he was finding it difficult to keep control of everything. But things were going to get worse when he saw that the X-Men were amongst the mutants. They were mingled with the mutants piling into the first sphere. He was even surprised to see that Professor X was with them.

“Hey what are you lot doing here?” shouted Toad. He walked towards Professor X, he needed to move through some other mutants. “There’s no place for X-Men in Magneto’s world.”

“You do not want us to leave,” replied Professor X. He held his hand up in front of him and began to use his telepathy. It was almost like child’s play to manipulate a mind as week as Toad’s.

“I do not want you to leave.” His voice was slow and sounded hypnotised. He was completely powerless against Professor X.

“You want us to come along.”

“I want you to come along.”

“Move along now.”

“Move along now.”

Toad then walked away and the X-Men all clambered into a sphere. There wasn’t much room inside but there was enough room for every mutant who arrived. But when spheres closed up everyone was plunged into total darkness. Some became sacred but before they knew it they were lifted up into the air. They flew up like a dart travelling towards the sun. Within minutes they had left the earth’s atmosphere and the oxygen inside the spheres was becoming very low. But almost as suddenly as the trip started it ended.

When the spheres reopened the mutants found themselves inside Magneto’s main asteroid. As the mutants stepped off they were welcomed by Magneto’s followers. Their role wasn’t to fight for the Brotherhood but instead help mutants feel welcome on the asteroid. All mutants no matter how powerful or weak were welcome here.

Professor X used his mental powers to make them seem invisible to these mutant acolytes. The last thing he wanted was for Magneto to know that they were there. Magneto at normal power was more than a formidable opponent. Now that he had this mutant amplifier he dared not imagine just how powerful his former friend was.

There were too many minds around for Professor X to block. A couple of the mutants began to notice that the X-Men were on the asteroid. Not all of the mutants here disliked the X-Men, many of them in fact admired them and would have joined them if they knew where the team was located.

Slowly the X-Men began to separate due to the crowd. The importance of keeping a low profile was adamant, the team would have to try and re-group later but the plan was to locate the Mutant Amplifier and destroy it at all costs. Without it Magneto’s sinister plan would never be realised.

One problem that the X-Men did have was that they didn’t know where the amplifier was. Most likely Magneto would be keeping close to him but Shortpack had never revealed that to them. They were on the right asteroid but it was almost as large as a small city. It would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Meanwhile in Magento’s throne room the man himself was standing in front of a camera. Pyro was holding the camera this time but there was another mutant with them. He was a tall blond young man named Cypher. Although his real name was Doug Ramsey he had long forgotten that name. Although to most his powers were almost useless, but for this task they were just right.

“I am ready Pyro,” said Magneto.

“Ok boss,” replied Pyro. He then pushed a button on the camera.

This wasn’t any ordinary camera however. With the push of the button what the camera was recording was appearing on every television station in the world. Everyone who was watching a TV could see Magneto on their screens. He was even appearing on large screens situated in cities. People walking by would stop and stare at them.

“Citizens of Earth I am Magneto,” said Magneto. “Your time as the alpha species has come to an end. In less than eight hours I will be targeting the planet with meteors larger than that which caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. There is no point in running for safety, any one of these meteors can hit with the force of ten billion Hiroshima bombs. Any human who is unfortunate to survive the impacts will be terminated and the planet be ruled by your rightful replacements. I give you this warning so that you may life out your last few hours in any way you see fit. Make peace with your deities I don’t care, your end has come.”

He then stepped away from the camera and Cypher stepped forward. He began to repeat Magneto’s message but this time in French. As the broadcast went on he repeated the message in almost every language known to man. He even spoke the tongue of an Amazon tribe which did not even know the existence of the white man. Cypher even spoke in a couple of fictional and dead languages. But at the end of the broadcast the screens went back to normal as Magneto ordered the camera to be switched off.

“Good one boss,” said Pyro. He gave Magneto the thumbs up. “That’ll leave them quaking in the boots.”

“It matters not Pyro,” replied Magneto. “I only regret that it had to come to this. But if mutantkind has any chance of flourishing humans must be disposed of.”

“Do I still rule Australia when everything’s said and done?”

“For your loyalty that island is yours.”

Meanwhile Jean and Professor X Had been scanning the asteroid looking for Magneto. Although his thoughts were being shielded by the helmet they were able to pick up the minds of Pyro and Cypher. Professor X could even see the world through Pyro’s eyes and he could see Magneto. But on a small metallic table Professor X caught the image that he had been looking for. He saw the same device that he had seen in Forge’s plans, it took him only moments to realise that this was the very amplifier that they were looking for. Even if he died destroying it, it would save the lives of billions.

“X-Men!” shouted Professor X through telepathy to the others. ”I have located the amplifier but it is in the presence of Magneto. We must destroy it at all costs, if Magneto’s plans succeed billions of innocent people will die. You have had no more important task than this in your lives. I pray that we make it out in one piece.”

Wolverine was the closest to the amplifier, but his problem was that he could not take on Magneto head on. His adamantium skeleton was all too easy for the Master of Magnetism to control. Once he used his powers to make Wolverine attack the other X-Men, during that time he seriously injured Jean. If it hadn’t of been for Beast’s surgical talents Jean would have died.

Under normal circumstances Wolverine would have waited for the others before attacking Magneto. But with the fate of the world at stake Wolverine would have to take that chance, every second that went by brought the world closer to its doom. He would admit that he wasn’t always humanity’s biggest fan but he could let the genocide of a species happen under his watch.

His best strategy was to get Magneto away from the amplifier and then destroy it. Although Magneto would simple kill him afterwards the world would be safe. His sacrifice would be meaningful since Magneto was one of the few people in the world who could actually kill him with ease.

The task however would be easier said than done. Magneto wasn’t the kind who would be fooled easily. But it would also only take a moment for Wolverine to destroy the device, his claws could cut through practically anything. It would be like a warm knife going through butter. He would have to hit them hard, fast and destroy the device before anyone knew what was happening.

Just then he noticed Ice-Man not too far away in the crowd of mutants. He used a special whistle that the X-Men would use to signal each other. He knew that Ice-Man would be a big help in destroying the device. If they had any luck they could actually survive Magento’s onslaught.

Eventually Ice-Man was able to make his way to where Wolverine was. Like Wolverine he had also heard Professor X’s broadcast. The other X-Men were still separated due to the number of mutants here. If Storm had still been with the team her claustrophobia would have gone through the roof. If she had of been there the mission would have been much easier, but time had not been on the side of the X-Men. By the time Storm would have been located the human population would have been obliterated.

“Wolverine did you hear the Professor?” asked Ice-Man.

“Yeah,” replied Wolverine. “And we’re not far from Magneto. By the time the others get here it’ll be too late.”

“We really should wait for the others. I hate to admit it but we can’t beat Magneto by ourselves.”

“There’s no time!” Wolverine snapped at Ice-Man. At this moment in time nerves were running high. “By the time we’re back together New York might be a crater. We can’t wait for the others.”

“But its suicide.”

“We don’t need to beat Magneto. We only need to destroy Forge’s device and the world is saved. If we fail then humanity is as good as extinct.”

Minutes later Magneto was still watching the various screens, all of whom had news coverage from around the world. They were all reporting about Magneto’s message and as he watched a slight smile appeared on his face. He was close to achieving his life’s ambition. He thought that it was somewhat unfortunate that Charles Xavier wouldn’t see his new world order.

Inside the room Pyro had remained where Cypher had left since his role was complete. Pyro was here in case anything unforeseen happened. Magneto never doubted his own abilities but he couldn’t be too careful. Numerous times he had been close to victory only to have it snatched away from him. Slowly he turned towards Pyro and looked at him with a small amount of glee.

“Are you ready Pyro?” asked Magneto.

“For what boss?” replied Pyro. He had never seen Magneto like this. He didn’t know whether to be happy or terrified.

“For the rise of mutantkind without fear of persecution or hatred. A world where the mutants are strong and humanity just a memory. Soon I will have created the perfect world. We would have taken our rightful place.”

“I g-guess so boss.” He then began to feel a little cold. He began rub his arms in an attempt to get himself warm without using his powers. “Is it me or is it getting cold in here? Who forgot to pay the heating bill?”

As Magneto looked around he saw that there was ice forming on the floor and ceiling. He soon realised that this drop in temperature wasn’t natural. There was only one person he knew that could do something like this.

“We’re under attack!” shouted Magneto. But as he looked at his hands he saw that they were also freezing over. The temperature was decreasing too rapidly to for him to properly react. “Stop the temperature from getting any lower before we freeze.”

Pyro then attempted to use his powers but the tubes that led from the fuel source to his hands had frozen over. But by now ice was forming all around both him and Magneto. Within seconds both figures had also frozen over. Normally they would have frozen to death but this ice seemed different. It was cold inside but not cold enough to stop the vital organs from functioning. The only problem was that there was a very limited oxygen source. If they didn’t break free within a couple of minutes they would be dead.

Seconds after they had frozen over Wolverine and Ice-Man entered the throne room. By now it looked more like a glacier rather than an actual room. The mutant amplifier was still on the nearby table but now it was stuck. The ice was holding it to the table but it wouldn’t be a problem when Wolverine got his hands on it. There was no ice too hard for him to break through with ease.

“Hey Magneto!” laughed Ice-Man. He almost couldn’t control his own laughter. “Freeze why don’t ya?” He continued to laugh but Wolverine wasn’t finding the situation very funny. There was still work to be done.

At this moment in time Magneto was helpless. It would be easy for Wolverine to simple stab Magneto and extinguish his life. But Professor X wouldn’t want it that way. Killing was never the X-Men’s way.

“Can the jokes Ice-Man,” snapped Wolverine. “It’s not over yet.”

Wolverine attempted to run to the amplifier but could barely move. It wasn’t due to the floor being frozen, he couldn’t move any part of his body. What he feared was becoming reality, he thought that the ice would incapacitated Magneto but it seemed that he still had consciousness. Wolverine’s arms moved out to the side of his body and he was thrown into the ceiling. He hit the ceiling hard and then was thrown to the ground with a loud thud.

Ice-Man could see what was happening but was powerless to do anything about it. As he looked towards Magneto the seemingly unbreakable ice shattered around the Master of Magnetism. An unimaginable streak of fear came over Ice-Man. He had thought him several occasions before and each time he felt lucky to be alive. This time however he truly thought that this was going to be his end.

“A feeble attempt X-Men,” said Magneto. He then used his powers to shatter the ice surrounding Pyro. He continued to keep Wolverine pinned to the ground. “You X-Men are like ants where there is one there is most likely more. But it matters not, there is nothing you can do that can stop the extinction of mankind.” He then looked over to Pyro who was still shivering. “Pyro warn the others we won’t leave nothing to chance.”

Nearby on a wall there was a button and a microphone. Pyro quickly ran over to it and pressed the button. Alarms began to go off around the asteroid. Many of the mutants began to panic. However Magneto’s Acolytes was keeping everyone calm. But the Brotherhood knew that there was trouble.

“Intruder alert,” said Pyro through the intercom. “All Brotherhood members report to the throne room immediately.”

It was not only the Brotherhood who heard the announcement. The other X-Men also heard it as clear as day. To Professor X the chances of their mission being a success had decreased dramatically. Now that the element of surprise had gone he thought that his team stood little chance against Magneto with the amplifier.

He was able to sense that Wolverine and Ice-Man were inside the throne room and currently at Magneto’s mercy. The others were fairly close to where he was. During all the confusion no one had really noticed the other X-Men. Some were more concerned about getting a good view of the Earth before Magneto started eradicating the humans. Others were not as heartless as the others. They couldn’t watch the murder of billions and instead tried to find some way to keep themselves occupied.

“X-Men!” shouted Professor X through telepathy. “Wolverine and Ice-Man have been captured. We need to rescue them if we have any chance of success. Rendezvous with me at this location. I will be waiting here.”

As Professor X waited more and more of the X-Men were coming to him. Cyclops was the first followed by Jean Grey, then Forge and then finally Beast. But by now all of the Brotherhood was in the throne room. Quicksilver and Toad were adding insult to injury to Wolverine. They were kicking Wolverine and spitting on him while he was lying there helpless to stop them.

Ice-Man was bolted to the wall by several iron bars controlled by Magneto. For the Master of Magnetism this was very simple. He didn’t like the fact that Quicksilver and Toad were messing with Wolverine. He felt that there were more important things to do than to insult a defeated enemy.

Blob was hitting on the Scarlet Witch, he had been courting her for some years but she never returned his advances. He was still annoyed with the fact that Shadowcat had defeated him in Steele. If he ever fought her again this time he would make sure he beat her before she pulled out any unexpected tricks. But right now his main focus was trying to get the Scarlet Witch’s attention.

“Hey Wanda when everything’s all said and done I’m gonna name a city after you in Texas,” said Blob in a weak attempt to impress her. He put a smile on his face and she just crossed her arms.

“You can name an entire continent after me it still doesn’t change the fact I’m not interested,” replied Wanda. “When I get my half of Europe you’re going to be barred from there.”

“No one can stop the Blob from going anywhere he wants to go.”

“Enough!” shouted Magneto. This got the attentions of all the Brotherhood members. “You are all wasting time and energy. Every second you waste here gives the X-Men more time to attack and attempt to foil my plans.”

“But it’s over boss,” replied Pyro. “There’s nothing they can do to stop you. You’re pretty much omnipotent.”

“The X-Men have a habit of gaining victory out of the jaws of defeat. I want you to make sure that they can do nothing to stop us.” He then walked over to the nearby metal table and picked up the amplifier. “I might have to move up the meteor strikes if the worst comes to the worst.”

“Don’t it Magneto,” said Ice-Man. Magneto had not expected him to speak. He walked over to Ice-Man and stared him down. “Give me one good reason why.”

“Forge said the amplifier is in-complete. If you use it it’ll fry ya.”

“You’re lying X-Man.”

“No it’s true bub,” replied Wolverine. Magneto then looked over to Wolverine who was still magnetically attached to the ground. “You use that and it’ll be the last thing you ever do. It’s not worth it.”

“Even if that’s true it matters little. Even if I die using it the Earth will be free of humanity. My people will not have to live in fear, they can flourish and that is something I will gladly die to achieve.”

By now Wolverine knew that there was truly no stopping Magneto. He didn’t expect that Magneto would die for all the mutants. He was still helpless on the ground, several times he attempted to move any part of his body. He couldn’t even move his little finger, for once his fate was completely out of his hands. If Magneto did succeed he doubted that he would allow him to live after everything between them.

Magneto turned around and walked to the windows overlooking the Earth. He stared at it and then looked towards the Brotherhood.

“Rejoice my faithful disciples,” said Magneto. “We will no longer be hunted or persecuted, we will be on top. I have all of you to thank for this forthcoming victory. There is only one minor loose end to deal with. Terminate the X-Men with extreme prejudice and finally we will be victorious.”

The Brotherhood prepared to move out but then Toad noticed that a wall near where he was standing was turning red. At first he didn’t know what was happening but then a huge optic blast broke through the wall and hit him at full force. The blast wasn’t fatal but it took Toad out of the fight.

The other Brotherhood members were caught completely by surprise and they soon realised that they were under attack. Where there had once been a wall now there was a large gaping hole more than six feet across. This was where they saw the remaining members of the X-Men coming through. Cyclops was leading this so called charge followed by Professor X and the others. Magneto was surprised to see that Professor X was in the group and seemingly walking.

“Sorry to interrupt,” said Cyclops. “We wanted to find a room with a view. X-Men attack and don’t hold back.”

The X-Men began to spread out within the room. Professor X stayed back however. His eyes were fixed on Magneto and visa-versa. The pair had barely moved since the attack had started. Right now there it was four X-Men fighting four members of the Brotherhood. Their powers and skills were roughly on par.

Cyclops was up against the behemoth Blob. He fired his optic blasts at Blob but it didn’t seem to be doing any damage at all. Blob’s layers of fat were protecting him from any harm. He laughed at Cyclops attempts and he even farted.

“Oh my, was that me?” laughed Blob. “Too bad it’s you and not that Kitty cat here. I have a bone to pick with her.” He then laughed once again. “In fact I’d more than just pick her bones.”

“Unfortunately for you you’re not going to get the chance,” replied Cyclops. “You might be unmovable but even you obey the laws of gravity.” He then aimed his optic blasts at the floor directly below Blob’s feet. Within seconds the blasts had obliterated part of the floor. Now that the floor was gone underneath Blob he dropped like a stone down to the floor underneath. But he was so large that he kept falling through the floors. Cyclops looked down at smiled to himself. “Game, set and match.”

Jean was fighting the Scarlet Witch which was going to be an unpredictable match. Like Jean the Scarlet Witch could also use her powers to move objects. But her powers also gave her an X factor, since no one truly knew their limits almost anything could happen. Around them several items were floating around. Some of them began to dart at Jean and some at the Scarlet Witch. Before any of the objects could hit their target they were deflected preventing any damage.

Meanwhile Quicksilver was running around the room, there wasn’t much space for him. He was punching many of the X-Men before they had any chance to react. To him it seemed to be one big game and he was winning. But he felt the bottom of his feet were stuck to the floor, when he looked he saw that they had been encased by ice. He looked over to Ice-Man and saw that he had gotten a hand free.

“You stupid popsicle!” shouted Quicksilver. “When I get my hands on you you’re mother ain’t gonna be able to recognise you.”

Just then he felt a bolt of energy hit him. It was like he was being electrocuted and he screamed out in pain. A couple of seconds he fell to the ground unconscious. Not too far away Forge was holding the smoking gun and he smirked.

“Try dodging that one speedy,” he smirked.

Lastly Pyro was trying to burn all the hair off of Beast’s body. But the agile mutant was able to jump his way out of danger. This was getting Pyro annoyed, not matter how hard he tried it seemed that Beast could not be stopped. He was bolting around as if he was an Olympic gymnast.

“Stay still you bloody blue fur ball!” shouted Pyro.

“I fear that you do not comprehend the severity of your situation my Australian friend,” replied Beast. He then jumped to the celling and bounced down behind Pyro. He grabbed the device on Pyro’s back and ripped it off. Without the constant source of fire Pyro was practically powerless. “And now the endgame is at hand.”

“What the bloody hell did you do?”

As Pyro turned around Beast grabbed his arm and wrapped it around his neck. Beast then pulled down sending Pyro to the ground, the move almost ripped his arm out of his socket and he was in great pain. But now like many of his comrades he was out of the fight.

During all the conflicts Professor X and Magneto remained unmoved. Their eyes had not diverted to any of the attentions around them. Both were fixated on each other and had not moved an inch. Perhaps two of the most powerful mutants the world had ever seen were locked in what seemed to be a staring contest. But there was a lot more happening than just staring contest. Like Professor X Magneto had mental powers, they were nowhere near as powerful as Professor X’s or any low level telepath. But unseen to everyone else Professor X and Magneto were on a higher plain, here they had no physical bodies but instead were their astral projections. Due to his helmet Professor X could not harm Magneto, also since Magneto’s telepathic abilities were so minor he could not harm Professor X either. All they could do was talk to each other.

“Erik I beg you,” said Professor X. “Stop this madness, listen to reason.”

“I can not Charles,” replied Magneto. “Unlike you I can see what will happen if I don’t do it. We’ll be rounded up, the ones who can benefit humanity will be worked to death and the useless or dangerous ones will be put down like diseased animals.”

“Humanity can change Erik. I have seen the good in them, its about time started to see that as well.”

“You are a fool, you are a dreamer to the end. I on the other hand am a realist and do what needs to be done.”

“And I will stop you with every fibre of my being.”

With that both Professor X and Magneto returned to their respective bodies. Magneto had enough of all this fighting, he empowered several strips of metal and hurled them at the X-Men. With each one he caught he attached them to the wall next to Ice-Man. Try as they may the X-Men couldn’t stop being captured by Magneto. He was seemingly too powerful for them. In less than a minute all of the remaining X-Men had been strapped to the wall. Only Wolverine was still pinned to the ground.

The Scarlet Witch was the only member of the Brotherhood still standing. With the others incapacitated they would miss what seemed to be Magneto’s great victory. He didn’t want to waste any more time. The X-Men’s attack had forced him to move his plan up; he was going to start the attacks immediately.

“In a way it’s a good thing you came Charles,” said Magneto feeling that his victory was assured. “You can watch as everything you’ve worked for goes up in flames. It’s a shame really, if only you had my vision you would have been a powerful ally.”

“I’m glad I don’t have your vision,” replied Charles. “I tried to see that there was some good left in you, but now all I see is a shell of a man. I’m glad that Magda isn’t alive to see the monster you’ve become.”

“YOU ARE NOT WORTHY TO SPEAK HER NAME!” It seemed that Professor X had struck a nerve.

Magda had been the wife of Erik shortly after he was released from the concentration camps. They had a daughter together but she died at the age of twenty three days due to a heart defect. Not too long after there was further tragedy when Magda herself disappeared without a trace. She had not taken any of her belongings or left any notes. He also couldn’t find where she had disappeared to. She had seemingly disappeared off the face of the planet. This was one of the reasons why he was so bitter.

Magneto calmly activated the device and as it powered up it began to emit a low humming noise. Forge knew what the device was capable of, but he also knew what damage it could. He was trying to figure out how he could use this to his advantage.

After the device was activated Magneto could feel his magnetic abilities grow rapidly. His body was surging with absolute power and he felt like a god. His hands began to glow bright silver and his eyes went as dark as the night sky. Wanda took a step back as she watched him laugh with victory.

“This is fantastic! Shouted Magneto. “I have the powers of a God! No one can stop me now I am all powerful!”

With what seemed to be minimum effort Magneto began to use his powers to attract the meteors floating around the immediate area. He ignored the ones that would do minimum damage, instead he more focused on the ones that were the size of a city. He was surprised to see so many close to the Earth and with just a thought he sent them hurtling towards the planet.

But as Magneto used his powers he could feel his euphoria turning into mind numbing pain. He realised that what the X-Men had told him wasn’t entirely false. He had never experienced pain like this in his life, any normal man would have passed out immediately but his resilience kept him going.

He did not notice that his powers were beginning to weaken as his body degraded. Wolverine felt the force pinning him down weaken. With great effort himself to his feet but he could still barely move. To him his body weighed ten-fold and it took almost all his strength just to get up.

After several seconds Wolverine slowly made his way towards Magneto, if he failed now everyone would suffer. Magneto wouldn’t let the X-Men live in his new world order and humanity would be extinct. Each footstep however was taking a lot out of the brave mutant, instinct alone was the only thing keeping him going.

Scarlet Witch saw that Wolverine was moving towards Magneto. She used her powers to try and stop him but it seemed to be fruitless. She was sending metal shards into his body but he still kept going. Bloody and battered Wolverine was able to remove one of the metal shards from his body and he threw it at the Scarlet Witch. The blunt side struck her in the head and was only able to stun her for a minute.

This was all the time Wolverine had to stop Magneto. However he wasn’t completely blind to what was going on. He could see that Wolverine was only a few steps away from him. He turned his attentions to the X-Man but now his abilities had weakened greatly. He was still in great pain but now instead of feeling victorious now he was full of fear.

As Wolverine moved closer he was able to extend his claws in his right hand and raise them to the air. Magneto continually tried to use his magnetic powers to stop him. But as he weakened his abilities were failing him and Wolverine was finding it easier to move. The finale was only moments away.

With one foul swoop Wolverine’s claws came down and sliced through Magneto’s left wrist like scissors going through paper. His left hand had been severed from the rest of his body and his wrist was bleeding in bulk. The combination of the injury and the effects of the amplifier finally made the all-powerful Magneto fall.

Wolverine did not hesitate in destroying the amplifier attached to Magneto. He sliced it with his claws and the device was left in four large pieces. Also with Magneto down the X-Men were released from their metal bonds and the meteors hurtling towards Earth stopped dead in their tracks.

Wolverine wanted to end Magneto’s life but Professor X walked up to him and put his hand on his shoulder. The Scarlet Witch ran to Magneto’s aid but there wasn’t anything she could do to help. All she could do was attempt to dress his wound and hold him.

“No Logan,” said Professor X. He was using his mental abilities to try and calm Wolverine down but they were not as potent on his student. “It’s over Magneto is helpless.”

“Are you just going to forget everything he’s done Professor,” snapped Wolverine with a grunt. “He showed us no mercy and has killed countless innocence.”

“But he is helpless now Logan. Killing him won’t make any difference. Raise above it my friend, show him that you are better than him.”

With great reluctance Wolverine retracted his claws and began to walk away. He removed the other shards that was in his body and the wounds began to heal over. The other X-Men stood there in silence.

“This time you got lucky Magneto,” grunted Wolverine. “Just make sure I don’t regret sparing him Chuck.”

Wolverine left the throne room and the other X-Men looked over to Professor X. Unfortunately the battery in his exoskeleton was running out. He fell to the ground as once more his legs had failed him. Beast and Cyclops ran over to him and helped him up to his feet. They were very worried about their mentor.

“Professor are you alright?” asked Cyclops. There was great concern in his voice.

“Yes Cyclops I am uninjured,” replied Professor X. “Unfortunately Forge’s invention seems to have run out of power.”

“What now Professor? What do we do with Magneto?”

“Nothing he’s done for. Let us head to the escape pods, I am getting tired of this place.”

With that Cyclops and Beast carried Professor X out of the throne room. The other X-Men were soon to follow leaving the Scarlet Witch alone with Magneto. He was still alive but in a deep coma, one he would most likely never recover from.

Magneto’s plans might have gone up in smoke but his actions would have negative consequences on the human-mutant relations. Although the Earth had been saved for now there was still worse to come.

The End

Next Murder World.

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