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"So hows the search going professor Xavier" Said Noriko.

The Professor was a bald middle aged man who apparently paralyzed and sat in a wheel chair

"Not well my dear" said the Professor.

Noriko was a cute, fairly thin girl of average height and of Japanese decent she had shoulder length black hair which she often dyed a bright blue, she often wore baggy ripped up jeans and a tank top, she also wears these metal gauntlets to control her abilities, she was 17 years old.

"What do you mean Professor are you having trouble pinpointing their location or something" said Noriko

"Somewhat but not quite, it seems that there is something deflecting my telepathic advances I can vaguely see them but every time i try to clear the image in my head or pinpoint their location I'm repelled by some sort of mental block" said the Professor

"What do you think is deflecting your telepathy" Noriko asked

"It's most likely another telepath" said the the Professor

"Wow that's gotta be one strong telepath to fight off you and cerebro like that huh professor" Noriko said with a smile

"Yes they surely are but the trouble is how am I to locate them if they keep repelling my advances" said the professor with a puzzled look on his face

"Hmm maybe wanda could do it" Noriko suggested

"Yes of coarse, would you mind fetching her for me Noriko" the professor requested

"Sure" Noriko replied

in the hall stood a young man standing outside of someones room he appeared to be talking to whoever was inside but they wouldn't respond. the young man was tall and somewhat muscular. he was very tan and had short wavy black hair and light brown eyes. the young man was also of Brazilian decent and it showed through a slight accent. he was 16 years old.

"Hey Wanda why don't you come outta there and we can go out for a night on the town what do you say" the young man said in a flirtatious manner

"Give it a rest lover boy we've got work to do" said Noriko

"So The Professor found some new recruits already" the young man said

"Not quite seems the ones he's located are shielding themselves from his telepathy so we need Wanda to help locate them" Noriko said

"Good luck I've been trying to get her to come outta that room for about an hour now and she wont even talk to me" the young man said looking annoyed

"That's because you don't know the magic words" Noriko said teasing him

"And what are these so called magic words" the young man said

"Why don't i show you, Hey Wanda if you come out ill make sure Roberto leaves you alone for a month" Noriko said in a playful manner

"What!" Roberto exclaimed

there was no response, a few seconds later a young beautiful petite young girl of about 16 years old with long curly brown hair and dark green eyes peeked through the door

"You promise you'll make him stop bothering me" Wanda said Grimacing annoyed by Roberto's advances

"cross my heart and hope to die" Noriko said playfully crossing her heart his her fingers

the two proceeded to walk down the hall way

"Hey wait what was that all about" Roberto said as the two of them walked off ignoring him

"Hey Professor I'm back and I've brought guests" Noriko said as Wanda and Roberto walked through the door

"Tada" Noriko said

"Ah Noriko you're back and i see you've brought Wanda like we discussed and Roberto too" said the professor

"What did you need Mr. Xavior" Wanda asked

"Wanda it would seem that"

"You need me to locate a Mutant with strong telepathic abilities for you" Wanda said interrupting the Professor

"Very good Wanda your telepathy is as acute as ever there's no doubt in my mind you could locate them" said the professor

"I'll give it a try" Wanda said seeming wary

Wand put on the cerebro interface and began to search for the mutants the professor described she soon located them and was able to bypass the telepathic barrier long enough to locate them, then a surge of telepathic energy from the target and entered her mind she screamed out in pain and Noriko and Roberto came to her aid

"There's two of them a boy about our age and a girl who looked a little younger than us the seem to be in Manhattan in some rundown building" Wanda said wincing from the pain

"You've done well today Wanda im sure your father would be proud" the professor said

"Thank you" Wanda said putting on a fake smile

"Well i guess its time we get to work and go find these two don't you" said Norkio

"Whatever" Roberto said still angry about what Noriko promised Wanda

"Then suit up you two" Professor said

Heres the next chapter. X-Men reborn 2

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