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In a condemned building that seemed to be what was left of a small factory in one of the more sketchy parts of New York city sat a young girl among the trash, vermin, and debris scattered along the floors and spots in the sealing where water had leaked through when it rained.

The girls looked about 14 years old she had long shimmering black hair that fell down to her waist, her skin though quite grimy from the conditions she lived in was very smooth and fair, and she wore a veil over her eyes. The girl seemed to be sitting patiently waiting for some one.

In a dark alley a boy with a bag full what seemed to be can goods and bread was running from an older man who seemed to be brandishing a baseball bat whilst chasing the boy but could not catch him the young boy then jumped a fence that closed off the other half of the alley, the older man tried to jump the fence also but unfortunately he wasn't best of shape and could not keep up with the energetic young man, the boy then saluted the older man with two fingers taunting him,

"Man i almost feel bad for the old guy, but what am i gonna do i gotta survive" the young boy said

He seemed about 16 years old his height was a little above average for his age and he was slender but very physically fit, his skin was grimy but he had bronze skin and brown curly hair down to his shoulders that he kept swept out of his face, the iris' of his eyes were red and he also possessed large canine like teeth in the top and bottom rows of his teeth which both seemed to be results of his X gene induced mutation

the boy seemed to be walking in the direction of the of the condemned building that the girl was inside of. When he entered the girl turned in the direction of the sound of the door closing of the room she was in an there stood the boy, she called out to him

"Eric?" the girl asked timidly

"Yeah its me Ruth" Eric said calming the girls nervousness

Ruth got up stumbling and outstretched her hands trying to feel around looking for Eric almost falling Eric caught her and sat her back down

"Calm down would ya I'm not going anywhere" Eric said

"Sorry" said Ruth embarrassed that she was so eager for him to arrive

"It's cool, So did those people try to find us again" said Eric

"Yeah but this time there were two new ones" said Ruth

"New ones, well did you block em out" said eric

"The first one was easy but the second one was different she was too strong i was able to block her out completely and i think she knows our location now" said Ruth timidly thinking Eric would be angry

"What!" Eric exclaimed

"I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough its my fault" Ruth said in a melancholy voice

"Don't say that, if she was too strong for you its not your fault i guess we'll just have to find another place" Eric said while patting Ruth on the head to reassure her

"Well that can wait for another time, so lets just eat for right now"

"Okay" Ruth said happily

Eric lifted the veil revealing a beautiful girl but her eyes showed the horrible results of her mutation the pupils and iris' of both her eyes were non existent rendering her blind

Eric opened two cans of baked beans and ripped open a packet of plastic utensils and proceeded to feed Ruth afterwards he fed himself then proceeded to walk towards the door

"Hey Ruth wait here ill be back i got some business to take care of it shouldn't take to long so try not to worry" Eric said

"Okay i'll wait" Ruth said not wanting him to go

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