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Title: X-Men Institute #3: Ice Skating Mutants Chapter 5: And the winner is…

Author: Rabbitearsblog

Universe: X-Men

Rating: K+

Summary:  When Professor Xavier asks the X-Men to earn some money for the Institute, the X-Men decided to enter a skating contest to win the prize. However, hilarity   ensures when the X-Men are having trouble practicing their skating moves!

Notes: Still writing this story as a sitcom/parody based story, so some characters might be a bit off character.  Enjoy and please be kind with the criticisms!  Also, since I was trying to write out a dialogue for Rogue and Gambit, some of the wording might seem a bit off since I was trying to get down their language.
“WHAT THE FREAKING HECK!?” all the other X-Men yelled out.

Rogue and Gambit then began skating out into the ring, with their skating uniforms glittering in spotlight and then they began doing some impressive moves.   First, they did the death spiral, where Rogue was skating on a deep edge with her body close to the ice and was skating in circles around Gambit who was in a low pivot and holding her arm. Then they performed the side by side techniques as they started spinning and jumping next to each other.   After they finished their skating moves, the crowd cheered wildly and the announcer shouted out:

“Fantastic!   Let’s hear it for our new skating couple: ROGUE and GAMBIT!”

After the audience’s cheering died down, the moment had finally arrived (again) to announce the winner of the skating competition.

“Alright, ladies and gentlemen!   Now that everyone has finally competed, it’s time to announce the winners of the skating competition. Drum rolls, please.”

A dramatic drum roll then sounded out and the announcer said excitedly, “And the winners for the National Ice Skating Competition are… ROGUE and GAMBIT!”

The audience cheered wildly (the loudest cheering coming from the X-Men since now they won the money) and Rogue and Gambit went to get their prize.

“Congratulations! You two have won the five-thousand dollar grand prize! And now, what are you two going to do with the grand prize?”

“Well sugah, me and my skating partner here are goin’ to give this money to tha school ta help the little ones with their education,” said Rogue smiling.

“Ya, mon ami. Let’s just say dat dis here money is representin’ da children who need a school t’ git some serious learnin’,” said Remy.

“Well, that is truly inspiring!   Let’s hear it for our two charitable winners ladies and gentlemen!”

The audience then cheered wildly at Rogue and Gambit and Rogue and Gambit then skated towards the back of the arena.

“Rogue! Remy! Hey! How and when?” asked Scott.

“Well, as for tha how sugah, we just up and decided that we wanted ta try out skating and give this thing a whirl!” said Rogue.

“Not t’ mention we git some good ole publicity in being da best skating couple eva!” said Remy.

“Professor X con you guys into this didn’t he?” asked Bobby.

“Like a moth to a flame,” said Rogue and Remy together.

“Well, at least we got the prize money!” said Jean Grey happily.

“I’ll say. Let’s go back to the Institute and give this money to the Professor!” said Scott.

“YAY!” everyone yelled out and they exited with the crowd.

A couple of hours later at the Institute…

“Well done everyone! Now the Institute is able to sustain itself on the funds that you have honorably won!” said Professor Xavier happily.

“Yeah well…” everyone started mumbling, happy that they were able to help out with the finances of the Institute.

“However, there is one other thing I wanted all of you to help out with.   You see, we will be receiving visitors from two elementary schools from downtown.   The teachers at the elementary schools are so impressed by the education that we have given the students here that they want to come and visit the Institute with the kindergartners!  So I took the liberty to set you all up with your assigned groups of kindergartners and have you showed them around the school while watching over them!” said Professor Xavier.

The X-Men then looked at each other wildly and they all screamed out:



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