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Title: X-Men Institute #3: Ice Skating Mutants Chapter 3:  Practice Makes Perfect!

Author: Rabbitearsblog

Universe: X-Men

Rating: K+

Summary:  When Professor Xavier asks the X-Men to earn some money for the Institute, the X-Men decided to enter a skating contest to win the prize. However, hilarity   ensures when the X-Men are having trouble practicing their skating moves!

Notes: Still writing this story as a sitcom/parody based story, so some characters might be a bit off character.  Enjoy and please be kind with the criticisms!

The X-Men continued to practice skating on the ring, trying out different figure skating moves to use in the ice skating contest.   Unfortunately, things are not going well for our mutant heroes since they can’t skate at all!

“Come on Scott! Let’s keep practicing! The contest is in two days and we all still haven’t mastered the basics of skating!” said Jean Grey, skating ahead while grabbing Scott’s hands.

“Sorry Jean, but leading a team of mutants through the battlefield is way different than trying to skate without falling on your face and risking total humiliation for eons,” said Scott, fighting to stand up straight.

“Aw, don’t worry! We’ll get the hang of it soon,” said Jean Grey brightly.

“You mean you’ll get the hang of it. I will have to try to avoid getting any kind of injuries before the contest comes or we’re sunk,” said Scott, still struggling.

On the far side of the skating ring, Bobby Drake is using his ice powers to easily skate on the ice by shooting out an ice bridge underneath him and skating on top of it.

“Hey look! I’m skating away, baby!” yelled Bobby happily.

“I think that’s cheating,” said Hank, looking on.

“So? It’s not like the usual cool moves I show in the missions we go on,” said Bobby slyly.

On another corner of the skating ring, Kurt and Warren were practicing spinning around on the ice.

“Whew! I do not think I can whirl around anymore, mien Freud,” said Kurt, all tired out.

“That’s alright Kurt! I’ll just practice my spinning moves on the ice while you count how many spins I do. Ready?” asked Warren.

“Ready!” said Kurt.

Warren then started spinning slowly at first with Kurt counting, “1…2…3…4…5…6…”

On the other side of the skating ring, Kitty and Piotr are practicing the throw jump, where Piotr is planning on throwing Kitty high up into the air.

“Um, Peter? Have you ever tried this move before?” asked Kitty worriedly.

“Nyet, but do not worry Katya. With enough practice, we should be able to get this move right,” said Piotr, with false confidence.

“Alright,” said Kitty worriedly.

Piotr then lowered Kitty and with a small grunt, he threw her up into the air. Unfortunately, he threw her a little too high up into the air…

“Uh oh,” said Piotr, as he watched Kitty sailed through the air.

Kitty was screaming like crazy, waving her arms wildly and was yelling out, “OH MY GOD! I’m going to end up into the stratosphere unless I do something!   DO SOMETHING, DARN IT!”

Kitty was heading straight for the roof of the skating ring until she phased through it! Then a few minutes later, Kitty phased back through the roof and was walking on air back towards the skating ring down below.

Piotr quickly skated over to her as she reached the ring and asked, “Are you alright?”

Kitty looked up at Piotr and said, “I’m fine. I’m just wallowing in embarrassment because in my moment of panic, I forgot I could just phase away into the roof and come back down like nothing happened.”

“It was definitely…unusual,” said Piotr.

“It was totally your fault,” said Kitty with her arms crossed.

“I like to think so, yes,” said Piotr smirking.

Kitty smirked at Piotr too and said,” Aww…I can’t stay mad at you!” and she went and gave Piotr a big kiss on the lips.

Cue back to Warren and Kurt, where Warren is still spinning around while Kurt is still counting, “…24…25…26…27…28…29…30…”

In the other corner of the ring, Ororo was practicing the axel jump where she jumps into the air and lands by gliding backwards.   Logan just stood by the sidelines.

“Come on Logan! You must practice for the skating competition or we will never earn the money to support the school,” said Ororo.

“Forget it! I ain’t practicing no sissy moves like that, just so we can get Chuck some money for the school,” Logan growled.

Ororo then skated towards Logan and looked him straight in the eye and said, “If you do not participate in this sport…”

“Don’t try to threaten me with lightning bolts. I got healing powers, you know,” said Logan.

“I was not going to threaten you with lightning bolts.  I was just going to say that if you do not participate in this event, we will take away all of your beers for the next three months,” Ororo finished.

Logan just looked at Ororo with a scowl on his face and then he said, “Come on, let’s get this skating thing out of the way.”

And now we head back to Warren and Kurt!   Kurt finally finishes counting and said, “45…46…47…48…49…50!   Wow! That was splendid Warren! I have never seen anyone done so many spins in my entire life!”

Warren stopped and he was about to speak, when he threw his hand over his mouth and skated quickly to the wastebasket. Once at the wastebasket, Warren started vomiting like crazy.

“Umm…well, at least he broke a record for the most spins done in one area,” said Kurt uncomfortably.

At the other corner of the skating ring, Bobby skates over to Piotr and asks him, “Hey Peter! You’re Russian right? Can you do the Russian split?”

Piotr looked at Bobby and said, “Well, yes. I am Russian, but just because I am Russian it does not mean that I could do the Russian split. That is like saying that French toast is from France because the toast is called “French.”

Bobby looked at Piotr strangely and said, “Okay, that was so random.”

“I know, but since we were on the subject of how some countries’ nationalities are being used to name certain objects, I thought I should bring that point out,” Piotr smiled and then said, “Oh, excuse me for going off subject. As for the Russian split, I could try out the move.”

Piotr then positioned himself and leaped into the air and performed a split jump while his body formed a “v” shape.   However, as soon as Piotr leaped back down, he ended up falling on the ice on his bottom and the ice started to crack slightly.

“Oh my god! The ice!” yelled Bobby.

“Oh dear god! My rump!” yelled Piotr.

“Don’t worry Peter! I’m coming!” yelled Kitty.

Kitty and Bobby then started trying to pull Piotr out of the ice, grunting with much effort.

Scott and Jean Grey were staring at the other X-Men struggling with the skating moves and Jean Grey said, “Well, at least they’re getting better at skating. We might actually have a shot at this championship.”
Scott grunted as he tried to stand up and said, “Yeah, that’s if we don’t destroy the skating ring in a matter of seconds. But still, we won’t give up! As X-Men, we have to keep going until we are able to beat the odds at the skating competition and get that money!”  

Then Scott fell down on the ice and Jean Grey said, “Uh baby? Why don’t you try doing the pep speech while standing up on the ice?”

Scott just looked up at Jean Grey and said, “This is going to be the longest training session of my entire life.”


  Next chapter: Chapter 4

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@Rabbitearsblog: Thanks bro...

Iv'e read the First one and I have to say there are many chapters I have to catch up! ^^

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@UnderDogs_OverBoard said:

@Rabbitearsblog: Thanks bro...

Iv'e read the First one and I have to say there are many chapters I have to catch up! ^^

Oh the chapter that said part 1 or the very first story calledWelcome to School!
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@Rabbitearsblog: AAYYYT!!!



I miss seeing students with Xavier....

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@Rabbitearsblog: AAYYYT!!!



I miss seeing students with Xavier....

Me too!