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Title: X-Men Institute #3:Ice Skating Mutants Chapter 2:  Ice Skating Contest?

Author: Rabbitearsblog

Universe: X-Men

Rating: K+

Summary:  When Professor Xavier asks the X-Men to earn some money for the Institute, the X-Men decided to enter a skating contest to win the prize. However, hilarity  ensures when the X-Men are having trouble practicing their skating moves!

Notes: Still writing this story as a sitcom/parody based story, so some characters might be a bit off character.  Enjoy and please be kind with the criticisms!

In the last chapter, the X-Men left the Institute to search for jobs that would help them earn money for the Institute. Waitress jobs, business  corporations, anything to get some quick cash; but unfortunately, they were not really accepted at any jobs they applied for since the employers did not take lightly to mutants.   When the employers found out that they were mutants, these revelations caused them to run away from the company buildings to get away from the X-Men and it prevented any of the X-Men members to get a proper interview.

 “Man! This isn’t going anywhere! I’ve tried to apply for a job at the social services and the minute the employers learned that I can phase through things, they just put down my application on the table and then jumped out the window,” said Kitty frustrated.

 “Well, at least you had it a little better than I did, Katya.   I have tried to apply for a job at the construction site.   However, when the other workers found out I could change my body into steel, they tried to throw rocks and sticks at me.   However, one of the sticks accidentally bounced off my steel body and hit one of the switches on a tractor that was controlling the wrecking ball.   The wrecking ball ended up hitting the nuclear plant which ended going up in flames,” said Piotr.

 Kitty looked at Piotr with her mouth wide opened and said, “What did you do about it?”

 “Luckily, I ran inside the nuclear plant and managed to save all the workers who were inside.   Then I had to run away because I saw police cars and lawyers coming towards the plant and I did not want to risk getting the Institute sued for whatever crime they were going to put on me,” said Piotr.

 “Good call,” said Kitty relieved.

 “Thank you,” said Piotr smiling.

 “Well, it looks like our chances of obtaining a job is looking slim,” said Hank.

 “Yeah,” everyone agreed, looking glum.

 Suddenly, the X-Men saw a poster on an old building that stated that a figure skating contest is being held at the skating ring. The winner of the figure skating contest will receive five-thousand dollars as an award.  

 “FIVE-THOUSAND FREAKING DOLLARS?!” everyone screamed out.

 “This is awesome! We can get five-thousand dollars for the institute easy!” said Bobby happily.

 “Except for one problem mien Freud.   Does anyone know how to ice skate?” asked Kurt.

 “No!” everyone said shamelessly.

 “Well, it’s either ice skating or wearing pretty little aprons and dresses for some waitressing job in a night club,” said Scott.

 “Ice skating it is!” said Warren.

 “So to prepare for the contest, we got to practice long and hard every day until the day of the contest arrives,” declared Scott.

 “Hard practice for days? Yuck! Now I regret getting excited for this thing,” said Bobby.

 “Nice pep talk, Bub.   But you ain’t got a chance against me on the ring,” said Logan smirking.

 Scott looked at Logan oddly and then smirked himself and said, “Well then Logan, let’s see which one of us can skate the best.”

 “And here we go,” Jean Grey muttered.

 The next day, during the afternoon, the X-Men went to the skating ring to practice some skating moves for the contest.   Near the edge of the skating ring, Logan and Scott were preparing themselves to race against each other on the skating ring by putting on their snow outfits while laughing to themselves.  

 When they finished dressing up, Logan and Scott started walking towards the ring and then they both yelled out, “Let’s go!”

 And as soon as they both put their foot on the ice, they both slipped and fell over backwards on their backs and started moaning uncontrollably.

 “Maybe these two should try to practice standing up on the ice first before they skate,” said Ororo chuckling to herself.  
Next chapter: Chapter 3

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