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Chapter 1: Vincent

            The man swiftly leaped through the crowd, minding his step.  Distress covered his face, sweat poured out of every part of his body and his short black hair was spiked on the top of his head.  He continued to move, not pausing for anything, even as he hit a woman as he ran.  He couldn’t stop it’d get him.  He change direction as he reached the end of , turning left into a small dark alley.  He sprinted and jumped, grabbing the top of a metal wire fence, heaving himself over to the other side and he continued running.  But, there was no point in running anymore.  The darkness had surrounded him, and he knew what that meant.  Death.  Vincent fell to his knees, and clamped his hands onto his head.  If only he was still Mesmero.  The darkness crept quickly up the alley, removing the building that created it away from the sight of Vincent.  Vincent quickly tore the hands away from his face, and went to shout, but before he could, he was disembowelled, his insides strewn over the alley.

            Two figures then quickly appeared at the end of the alley where Vincent had entered.  One was a woman, quite small, with light red hair and a pale skin texture.  The man was tall and well-built and dark, and in either hand he grasped a bowie knife.  Both were wearing superhero suits, black and grey, the man only wearing the top and trousers with a small mask surrounding his eyes, while the woman had a full body suit, bar the mask.

            “VINCENT!” the woman growled, as her figure suddenly changed.  Her height increased, claws sprouted from inside the suit in the area of her hands, and her face changed into that of an animal.  Into that of a werewolf.  She quickly ran towards the corpse, tearing through the wire in the way.  She fell to her knees next to the corpse, and her form suddenly reverted back to that of a human.  She wept, her tears falling into the puddle below creating small, increasing circles.  The man slowly followed, and put his hand on her shoulder, in an attempt to comfort her.  It obviously didn’t work, as she kept weeping.

            “Rahne…” the man spoke “We were distracted, that thing had us for a moment back there.  It knew we were watching.”  He squatted down, examining the body and the multiple organs that painted most of the surrounding area.  His eyes narrowed into slits, angry like his friend at the fact they couldn’t save Vincent.

            “James, we promised this man we’d keep ‘im safe.  Ah promised.  An’ ah don’ break promises” Rahne replied, wiping her eyes and raising her head “An ah dinna wanna start now…”

            James didn’t flinch, and he continued to stare at the floor, his eyes still slits, as he was deep in thought “We need to go now, Rahne.  If we want to stop this thing, we need to get back.  I’ll get to call Scott, and he’ll handle this.  But right now, we have to catch what’s killing ex-mutants, before it moves on to killing us.”  He stood, but didn’t move again, waiting for his friend to stand.  After rubbing her eyes once more, she stood, and the two left the alley, without another word.