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Part 1:http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/wwz-1941-part-1-blitzkrieg-1473492/#9

Part 2. http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/wwz-1941-part-2-desperate-measures-1476605/#4

It hand been 13 days since the zombie outbreak in Warsaw-German occupied Poland. Hundreds of people had been infected, hundreds more were mauled to death...they were the lucky ones. The zombie outbreak had spread to The United Kingdom when English spies within the German government had recieved word that Germany was developing a biological weapon to use against their enemies. They were ordered to steal the weapon and bring it to England where they can use it to defend themselves in case of German invasion. Their plan however backfired when the plane carrying the weapon had crashed in London due to unexpected weather, killing everyone aboard and destroying the container that had the toxic gas.Because of this, the virus had spread more violently and faster. The response was slow because The British government was not expecting such a thing, they managed to equip their soldiers with gas masks so they wouldn't be affected by the gas.

English soldiers combating the zombies.

They were however, too late. London was lost. The civillians who couldn't be evacuated had turned into zombies. The Royal Family had fled to Canada, whilst Winston Churchill was mauled to death by zombies. The United States, who were sending supplies and financial aid to Britian had started to send troops in order to aid them in thier bloody war against the zombies. The USA had also begun developing a cure. The English press was printing stories that this was an attack by the Germans. The British people still never lost hope.

In Germany however, thanks to the virus being spread much slower, things were much more under control, Polish citizens were being evacuated and military action was being used against the zombies.

Polish citizens being evacuated. The smoke in the background is due to constant bombing.

Hitler had ordered general Heinz Guderian's army to fight the zombies in the east, after constant bombing of Warsaw by the Luftwaffle. Guderian's army had suffered casualties. But continued to fight with vigor.

Guderian's army recieving orders from Hitler.

After Hitler's letter had reached Stalin, he immediately replied stating that the virus had also spread into The USSR. Due to the Millions of Soviet troops on the German-Soviet border (in case of invasion), they were able to combat the zombies.

Yellow parts are infected areas.

To be continued in part 4: Great patriotic war.

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@consolemaster001: Royal family flees to Canada, excellent strategy but how did Churchill get eaten? The PM would probably be up there in people they'd evacuate...though he did make that speak about fighting them on beaches and never, ever surrendering so I can see him beating off zombies with a cigar & umbrella on the steps of British Parliament :)

History & zombies = good job

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Hmm...things don't sound so good for England. And as usual, Canada gets the royals...:P

Really curious and enthused about this story.

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