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The streets of Warsaw was filled with dead silence, not a single sound could be heard. Suddenly the sound of marching soldiers broke the silence. Ever since the occupation of Poland in late 1939 the Waffen-SS had been ordered to find and eliminate any and all opposition they find and crush whatever hope the Polish people have had. 1941 was a good year for Germany, two of their sworn enemies (poland and france) were under their control, the British had to retreat back to England in a humiliating defeat. Hitler and his best generals were drawing up plans for the invasion of Russia (barbarossa). It seemed like no one could stop them. As the soldiers were patrolling the foggy city streets, they saw a figure walking towards them in the distance, it seemed like a regular person but with one small difference : its walk. It was walking as if an infant was trying to walk for the first time. "Halt !" said one of the troops, but it didn't listen, it just kept walking towards them. "This is your last warning, stop and surrender or we will execute you.". But it kept walking towards them. The soldiers' patience had run out, he aimed his rifle and with two shots it fell dead. Then a roar was heard, this was unlike anything they heard of, not a lion or a bear or even a human being. As the soldiers were trying to understand the sound, several of these "people" started running towards them the soldiers aimed at them and started firing. One by one they fell, but it seemed like more came as they died. "What is this ? Some kind of rebellion ?"

"Not sure but they'll surrender if they know what's good for them !"

One of them managed to get through the line of fire and leaped on one of the soldiers and pinned him to the ground. "GET THIS MORON OFF OF ME !". As the troops lifted their guns, the man started gnawing on his neck. "AHHHHHHH AAAHHHH" the poor soldier screamed and his comrades looked in terror as he ate his flesh and drank his blood. The soldiers killed him but it was too late, their friend was dead. The soldiers lifted their heads and saw several of them running, they set up their MGs and prepared for a last stand.


An informant with a classified document in his hands entered the office of Heinrich Himmler. He raised his right hand and gave the salute, Himmler did the same.

"What is it ?"

"Herr Himmler do you remember the unit of SS in Warsaw ?"

"Yes ?"

".....most of them have been eliminated."

"What ? How is this possible ?"

"A survivor claims they have been attacked by a group of mindless beasts who ate human flesh."

Himmler could not believe a word he said. He sent a group of investigators to Warsaw. Hours later they returned with a film roll that was soaked in blood. Himmler and his subordinates viewed the footage. It started with a professor stating their objective, the Fuhrer had ordered them to develop a biological weapon to use against Germanys enemies. The professor brought in a test subject and exposed him to the gas. Seconds later the test subject fell dead. The professor claimed it was a success, but then the test subject awakened, it looked straight at the professor and then attacked him, he mercilessly tore apart and ate him. A shocked and terrified Himmler turned to his men and said : "Notify the fuhrer immediately, Germany is under attack !"

Part 2 coming soon. PM if you'd like to co write !

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It makes a lot of sense to me the Nazis would create a zombie virus, they were all about experimenting with all sorts of crap no matter how dangerous in order to defeat their enemy.

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@ekrolo: Yep, what did you think of the story ?

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Zombies are always fun to read. No real notes to offer. It reads well enough. Nice work.

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Nice work. Keep it up.

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@consolemaster001: "The streets of Warsaw was filled with dead silence, not a single sound could be heard" No need to doubly tell us how quiet it was, just the dead silence line is powerful enough.

Then a roar was heard, this was unlike anything they heard of, not a lion or a bear or even a human being. It's descriptive but once again you double up with hearing it. True something like this maybe: Then there was a roar, a deep gutteral sound that didn't sound human. It reverbrated with an unearthly tinge that made their skin crawl and the hair on the backs of their necks rise. Just an idea!

Also the Führer has a capital when used (also has those weird German accents over the u...I had to google the word Führer to get them)

Nice idea, have you seen the film Dead Snow? Nazi zombies :)

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@batkevin74: Thank you ! No i haven't seen dead snow. But i have played COD nazi zombies.

The original idea was The world vs Marvel zombies. Instead of exploring space the zombies go back in time to WW2 times. But i thought regular zombies would be better and more realistic.

Since "Führer" is a title. I thought it should be capitilized.

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Now that was a great intro! Nice set up and nice description -- I could envision the first zombie making its way towards them, then the others. Scary and cool.

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Bumpity bump

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