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I really do have a plan when I write my fiction. But it is not by any means set in stone. What helps me avoid writing myself into a corner is the fact that I know my characters. I know their strengths and their flaws, I know what they would likely do in a given situation. So whenever I feel like "What do I write now?", I just let the characters choose. It's really quite cool because the story takes on a life of it's own. Things happen that you did'n't even plan to happen.

I really think that it is improper to force a plot on characters and expect them to act accordingly, they should ACT according to how they feel and what they are, just like in real life. Of course if your writing comedy, feel free to ignore that. But consistency is very important with writing characters I believe.

I believe ANY story can be interesting if the characters are. Say your character just wants to make a peanut butter sandwich. While that premise may seem silly, I assure you it is quite possible to make an epic story on that; albeit likely filled with comedy.

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Teach me all you know,master.

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Not too much more to say, I'm an amateur like many here. I will say this:

We all have inspiration to write, so none of us I think are lacking for ideas, the hard part is translating that into a story. That is were punctuation and knowing your characters comes into play. As for me, punctuation is not my strongest point, nor even dialogue style, but I do know my characters. I think that is my specialty. Because in my stories, my characters will make the plot happen, PIS (plot induced stupidity) will not happen if I can help it.

So the only way a guy like Spiderman is going to beat a Magneto level character is by lots of preparation and cunning. Not brute strength or some fortunate shot that is for sure.

Come to think of it, life does not work that way either. When it comes to getting that job you want, I assure you that you won't get it by luck. You will get it because your knowledgeable enough about the job to take it in the first place. I assure you without preparation, you can't really do anything in life. Except dream.