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Okay Wonder Woman and Superman are my two Fav in DCU and the two most Powerful in all of DCU so what if Wonder Woman and Superman had a baby what would that babies powers be like Click links for list of super powers (Wonder Woman Superman
Would the baby be like a GOD? If you could only pick 7 Super Power between the two of them what would they be?  
for example you can pick Wonder Woman and Superman's Strength so the baby would be twice as strong but that counts as 1 from each and 2 out of 7.  
And what would the baby be weak to? 
P.S. Hyperman was Lame so this would be a Redo of him or her is you choose to make the baby a girl.   
   Superman & Wonder Woman    
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It would be Kidpool!

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@wonderW: Don't know if this is really fan-fic