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James Logan was born in 1892. His father, Thomas Logan, fought for the Union during the Civil war at 13. After the war, he moved to Canada in hope of finding gold. Instead, he got a job as a foreman at the coal mine where James would be born. James would run away at the age of 14, when he killed his father with his claws to protect his mother. He lived with wolves for roughly eight years, when he joined the army to fight in world war one. After he discovered his healing factor, Logan would continuing serving the military through both world wars. He a greed to donate his blood in order to make more soldiers like him. In the 60's, James volunteered to have adamantium bonded to his skeleton. The project was a success, but when Logan learned he was going to be brainwashed and forced to lead the super powered mercenary group Alpha Flight, he escaped. For twenty yeas he wander the world, becoming one of the greatest warriors ever, having his son Daken and taking in Nightcrawler and Rogue as his children until his old friend Charles Xavier called. Chuck had formed a school for mutants to learn and had a them called the X-men to help the world. But Xavier knew that someone would have to do the dirty work to save the world. So with SHIELD's permission, Xavier asked Logan to become Wolverine, and lead the mutant black ops team the X-Force to stop evil super beings, mutant or otherwise, from killing millions by any means necessary. So, Wolverine accepted, as long as his children could be students at the school. Thus Wolverine is born!

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I like it, but it sounds awfully similar to the ACTUAL Wolverine origin and backstory. Was hoping for something more radical.

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@feebadger: Thank you for the comment. I am sorry if it does not seem completely different. I will explain the differences for you

1) Logan retains all of his memories, meaning he has not been anyone's puppet(that he knows of)

2) Him donating blood would create villains and heroes like Omega Red, Deadpool, and Mystique.

3) Alpha Flights origin. In this world they are amoral bunch of super powered killers, to the point they would kill women and children for the right price. That is a big no for this Wolverine.

4)Wolverine has raised Daken as his son, which has made him good. He also adopted Kurt and Rogue, giving them a father figure.

5) Most important, he was never on the X-men. They are to help the image of mutants. He and his team are their to stop evil.

There is something i forgot to mention that is an important characterization to Logan: he is catholic. This is important in that he helped Kurt's faith grow to the point of wanting to attain priesthood. Plus it finally gives him a stable religious footing.

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@Nightwing12: It does sound a lot more interesting when you put it that way. Not sure about the Catholic angle, don't know what it adds to the whole scenario, unless it conflicts with his killing people, which it obviously would. There are some very interesting seeds you're planting, with the blood donations but i'm still not too sure abou the rest. He just sounds like a great guy, a more fatherly version of Wolverine and i wonder where the tension and drama come in?

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@feebadger: The main tension is him and Daken. He wants Daken to be a good man and not kill, but Daken knows that he will kill if to protect who he loves. His source with Catholicism is that he feels that he is a hypocrite, since Jesus said to turn the other cheek, and also since he is the reason Kurt is so religious. The main source of drama comes from where it always comes from with Wolverine: his half brother Sabertooth.