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In my fic story there are aliens who dislike the main character so much they send an agent to wreck her life as she knows it, after that is completed to their satisfacion they intend to have her killed. The main character knows nothing about them and is a normal human. The aliens don't care about earth, they only have a vendetta with her.

The obvious question is why. So far the answer I intend to incorporate in my story is that the main character has a past that even she does'nt know about. She is still quite human, but her origin, where she is from; is not Earth.

What are your ideas? They don't have to be mine because trust me...mine are pretty far out.

As it stands currently my storyline origins for her will be something of a mixture. Say you mixed Tron Legacy, Star Trek, and just about any superhero flick, then you get my story as the result. At least the part about Claire's origins. The story itself is more about Claire's struggle to right wrongs, including those not even related to her problems.

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my idea is the person wrote something negative about aliens on the internet

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Nah, if that were the case, she would not be the only one they were after. Best I can think up is she effected them in someway that didn't work out well for the aliens. Maybe she brought down some interstellar politician through reporting corruption. It could be as simple as that.

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Alright, I change my mind about how the story works, my reason goes as follows: Life is dramatic enough, the main character has no relation to the aliens, other than the fact that one of her friends is one.

What it boils down to is an interstellar reality show were pranks are played, just to see how humans fare when they lose badly. They bet on it, to see how things turn out.