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How many mph does Hulk go when he jumps off the ground? Just wanted to know because I invented a superhero character who can fly whatever speed she is moving at. She is at least as strong as the hulk normally is. So my question is, how fast does hulk go when he is jumping off the ground? Once I know that I will know the max speed my character can fly, because her speed is static unless she is attached to a surface that is changing speed. Also because her hulk strength/durability only lasts for a minute before requiring a 15 second recharge; she would have normal human durability for 15 seconds after. If she is going too fast, she may die before the 15 seconds is over. I just want to know if she would survive. I am referring to the movie hulks jump feats from avengers.

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Not a fan fiction.

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@lorbo: Post this in the hulk section for a better responses, or GE :D