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If you had to pay for superpowers, some things would and should be more expensive.

Flight: 1 million dolllars: The holy grail of superheroes. No limit to your top speed but you would accelerate as fast as a 747. So no use trying to go light speed, it would take you too long I think. Besides the fact that you'd die if you did.

Ten Ton Lifting Strength: Two thousand dollars. It allows you to lift heavy stuff, although you still can't jump or run faster than normal humans.

Speed Force: 5 thousand dollars: Protective aura that allows you to keep accelerating while running without hurting self or clothing/shoes. There is no top speed but your acceleration is at normal human levels, it just has no limit. If you hit a building going fast you will die. Your reflexes remain the same.

Universal Magnetism: 500 dollars: You can stick to anything at a whim. Even wearings shoes or gloves.

Metal Telekinesis: 2 million dollars: You can manipulate up to 8 pieces of metal at a time, up to a 30 ft range. Better than magnetism because it works on ALL metals.

Portal Control: 1 million dollars: You can make a ring portal just by drawing one in the air with your finger. You can use it to travel to spots instantly if you have two portals open at different locations.

Enhanced Durablity: 9 million dollars: Bullets and knives will only leave a red mark on you, won't even puncture the skin. You can still die, it would just be harder.

People must register when buying superpowers, hey this might make a good fanfic idea. : )

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You just made a bunch of ideas pop up in my head. And that would be cool.

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$20 million: Spiderman

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Do they have payment plans? If not, unless you're part of that 1%, you're not gonna be able to afford anything. Unless you settle for those black market powers like....