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pleas help me

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*difference *please; also the difference is RPG = role playing game (person A writes as if they were character A) whereas fan-fic = fan fiction (person B writes a story about character B).

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so if i make story in the first person its rpg?

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@poze: No. RPG is like, say you're playing GTA. You become the character, you play AS Niko/CJ/whoever. Now, say you're reading a book in the first person. You're not pretending to be them, you're just reading their thoughts and story.

Basically, RPG = Game. Your life. Fan-Fic = Diary. Not your life.

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@CapFanboy: oh i see its a bit like i thought but can we do like a group RPG? like everybody creates a character and we make a story?

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@poze: Yeah, in fact if you go on the RPG section you'll see several group RPGs. Just ask a user there to help you out :)

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@poze: I'm and RPGer also so if you need any help you can PM me

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Rpging is usually done with a original character (See my bio for details) everything about my character is created and is only limited to my imagination.

A Fan-Fic, is a story written about an already established character, idea or concept. A Fan fic can be about whatever you want it to be about, as long as certain parameters are met.

If you were writing a story about Wolverine and you made his name Tom instead of Logan, and gave him a new history and powers. That's not an FF because the dynamics of Wolverine have been changed. However if something happens within your story and Logan, thinks he's someone else, it's still considered a Fan Fic because the dynamics of Wolverine haven't been changed.

That's the way I always saw it anyways.

My name is Sha and I'm here to help ^_^ ....except on weekends.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: oh thank you

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RPG is where all the cool kids hang

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For me the basic difference is that in fan-fic you are the sole writer of the story. You are the only one responsible of where the story goes and how good or bad it turns out to be.

Rpging is a story that is written by a couple of people. That often reply to the previous post (s) in order to continue the story.

Both are great ways of letting your imagination flow and both have their strong and weak points. They also each have a basic FAQ thread on their respective forums which I recommend you check before trying it. Also if you need any help feel free to send me a pm

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@Nighthunter: If you ever decide to answer it lol

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@Nighthunter said:

RPG is where all the cool kids hang

Good one.

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@Nighthunter: So you suggest that I'm not cool?

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Fan Fiction

A story created by fans using popular and/or original characters to show how they would portray them through their own perspective.

For example: a person (or persons) creates a Batman story which uses the DC universe as a base, but is not tied to the existing canon unless if by choice.


A shared story created by a group of people who provide the perspective of their own characters through a situation created by one or more of the people involved.

For example: Tom, Dick, and Jane play the parts of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman by each writing a character(s) in their own way by interacting with the others writing to tie in the overall story involving the Justice League.

This is a very simplistic explaination, but it will give you a very basic idea. the fan fiction concept is easy enough, but the RPG one is harder to wrap your head around as there are different ways of going about it.