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Web of Fire
Part 2 of 5

Boomerang and Chameleon break into a government building to steal some government files for nuclear weapons.  The see a web shot out at them thinking not much of their old foe Spider-Man attacking them.  All of a sudden the web catches on hell fire.  The villains are shocked.  Their screams are heard in the night.  

Back at Strange's mansion X-23 and Deadpool tries to kill Blackheart but Strange stops her in order to find out what has happened with Spider-Man but before he can explain why it was wrong to mix a Spirit of Vengeance with a mutant but Vengeance wakes up and attacks Blackheart.

Meanwhile Ricochet and Hannibal sit at  a bar discusing Spider-Man's situation as well as getting drunk.  All of a sudden Hannibals sences smells burning flesh.  The two rush to the scene and find Boomerang torched to death and stuck to a wall.  All of a sudden a burnt Chameleon falls from above but is alive barly.   The two look up and find a giant web that is on fire.

Meanwhile Vengeance seeks to fight Blackheart all over a city block.  At one point Blackheart tells Vengeance he doesn't want to fight but want Vengeance to join his army.  Vengeance says no and then Blackheart summons Verninus Rex, Wallow, and Pao Fu his Spirits of Vengeance from hell.

Back at the scene Ricochet and Hannibal call Nick Fury  SHIELD takes a burn chameleon into medical custody at the Vault.  Meanwhile right where Boomerang's body lays, All of a sudden Null the living darkness,(small version) breaks out of the ground attacking SHEILD only to be killed by Nick Fury, Ricochet, and Hannibal.

Meanwhile Doctor Strange, Deadpool, X-23, and Vengeance fight Blackheart, Walow, Pao Fu, and Verminous Rexx in Greenwich Village. 

Back at the Medical Center in the Vault, A burnt Chameleon in being treated but is also get questioned by Nick Fury, Ricochet, and Hannibal.  All of a sudden minutes after the 3 leave the room to let Chameleon rest, they hear an explosion in the room.  the three go back into the room to find Chameleon dead in a bed of fire.  Threw to big hole in the wall they see something on fire swinging away in the distance.  Nick Fury says "What the hell is that?" then Ricochet says "What the hell is that!!!?!?! 

All of a sudden Pazuzu breaks into to the rom to attack.