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Alternate Reality

Spider of Vengeance Part 1 of 5
In the Name of Rage

A new group called the Scary Six (consisting of Carlos Lobo, Alyster Smyth, Carnage, Princess Python,Nitro, and Hazmat). Plan to torment those that Spiderman knws to death.
At one point they reach the line when they all kill Mary Jane.  Spider-Man finds her body and now wants extreme revenge.

At first he beats up Punisher and steals some of his guns and attacks them only causing small damage to the Scary Six but is defeated and almst killed in one fight between Carnage and Hazmat.

At this point Spider Man finds out that the ghost rider Vengeance has escaped hell.  Spider-Man then gets a small group to catch Vengeance consisting of himself, Dead Pool, Terror Inc, Hannibal King, Ricochet, and X-23.

After a brutal fight they take out Vengeance in California knocking him out after a big explosion in a power plant.  Spider-Man then tells the group that he wants Vengeance's power transformed to him with the help of Doctor Strange.  And if he won't help then they'll use force. Terror Inc, Hannibal KIng, and Ricochet want no part in hurting Doctor Strange, but Deadpool and X-23 want to.

On there way back to NYC, Spider-Man forms a sensual relationship with X-23 but the moment is killed by Deadpool.(Oh good oll Deadpool).

After a fight between Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Deadpool, and X-23, Strange agrees to help Spider-Man only because he feel bad for his lost. 

Doctor Strange then transfers Vengeance's power to Spider-Man.  Spider-Man becomes a Ghost Rider and escapes Strange's mansion to attack the Scary Six.  After he leaves, Blackheart appears infront of Strange and says "What have you done!" In a feared voice.


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@Sheep-Kill: Nice idea, needs work but it'd make a great what if story

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Nice. Is there any more? I see this is from three and a half years ago.