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Africa, the one continent that remains wild no matter how much it changes. The land has changed, new beings have crossed oceans to either live here or make a difference, but one thing has always remained and stayed the same, its ability to change the personalities of people. Logan Szautner, Mutant and Mercenary is one of these "changed" beings, he has lost all faith in God and turned his back against humanity. He now lives in Egypt waiting for something drastic and sudden to occur, waiting for something new...

We are now at the scene where thousands of rebels have attacked Munich in hopes of pressuring the government to give up their power

"Hmm... Munich, havent been there in a while, maybe thats the change that i need. But then again, the last time i was there, i didnt have much fun at the Embassy, neither the six guards that landed in the hospital trying to arrest me."

Logan turned off the TV and threw the remote on the counch, he went to the window to bring in some fresh air. Egypt was always hot in mid-summer, which Logan just found out. Suddenly his stomach started to growl begging for him to eat some food.

"uhhhh... well lets see what's in the fridge."

He walked over to the fridge which hadnt been opened in days,he didnt even need to open the door to smell the stench of old cheese. He pluged his nose and opened the door, his eyes widened as a small bomb had been waiting in there for him. Before he could move, the small explosive device detonated, sending Logan flying through the wall and outside where he fell four stories from his hotel room.