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(Imagine this as a movie it works better) (Story takes place a few weeks after uncle Ben's death. Peter is still developing his powers)

*Peter only able to lift 3 tons* *Spider sense is a tiny bit slower*

(Intro goes on like the original Spider-man movie, but with more action)

Peter Parker(Voice Over): All my life I had been having these dreams that I would finally meet my parents, uncle Ben would come back and we could all just be one big family..But I guess that can never happen. My powers seem more like a curse, but it also seems like a gift as well.

(Peter has nightmares. The scenes are of uncle Ben dieing, Peter swinging around in his Spider-man costume and attacking uncle Ben's killer in the warehouse)

Peter wakes up from his nightmare getting up fast and looking around his room.

Peter Parker: It was all just a dream, just a dream.

Peter looks at his clock to see that it is 4:00 am in the morning.

Peter Parker: Maybe a swing around the city will clear my thoughts.

We cut to Peter jumping out his bed room window and landing on a nearby building, he then continues to do some parkour jumping building to building

Spider-man: Woooooohoooooooo!

Peter now front flips off a building and free falls. Before he could hit the ground he presses his palms and a bunch of web fluid comes out sticking onto a nearby building. Peter then swings on the web and continues the steps.

Spider-man: I could really get used to this!

(The camera goes to a nearby building entering it. The building is named Flex corp)

Flex: Hmm there's that masked vigilante. Maybe if I can get close to him we can make some arrangements. Hmhmhm

That's it guys!

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@heroesgold: It's good, it's very short, but it's a good intro. You planning to do any more?

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@batkevin74: Hmmm, Maybe. Haven't had much thought in it anymore.

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@heroesgold: This is too short. I do like it but its short and doesn't really go anywhere. I'd suggest expanding this because as is, well its a trailer at best