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Author's notes: Wildcat's from DC- Reimagined, Sharpshot from Corrupted. Both were written by ME and thereby these versions are TECHNICALLY OWNED BY ME!

The Corrupted Universe...

"FOR GODS SAKE BRAIN! SHOOT HIM!" The Deranger shouted.

"Wow what an asshole." Sharpshot thought as he fired several shots towards the Deranger. He noticed his "friend" the Brain lowering his weapon in defeat.

"HA! Guess my attempts at being your friend paid off!" Sharpshot shouted.

"Wow, low blow dooche." A voice in Sharpshot's head muttered.

"Oh screw it I'll do it myself!"


Sharpshot's vision turned white for a second as he heard a loud shot fire. He felt pain for a second, but when he opened his eyes he wasn't in the rebel's base. Instead a strange person in a cat suit was staring at him from across the room. He had no idea where he was, his surroundings seemed to be some kind of... lens flares.

"Wow... Mr Spock please tell Mr Abrams to deactivate the lens flare generator." Sharpshot muttered.


"Chosen? For what?" The Catsuit person asked.

"What else? To kill."

Sharpshot's eyes widened as he realized what the voice was asking. He shrugged and reloaded his pistols. The catsuit person cracked his knuckles.

"Wait a sec. Tanya?! Is that you? It's been ages! You still hanging around with Dorothy?" Sharpshot asked.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." The man said. "Name's Wildcat. Maybe you've heard of me? We don't have to fight."

"Meh. Everyone has a hobby." Sharpshot said as he fired his pistol hitting Wildcat in the shoulder and knocking him off his feet.

"Okay... I'm done..." Sharpshot said awkwardly to the room. "Can I go home? I was in the middle of something..."

"Even if you win, you won't be able to return. Your body's unable to hold your mind."

"Wait. What do you mean IF I win?"

"I think she means... I'm not dead." Wildcat said as he got up to his feet. "I think I get it now. You're some kind of psychopath?"

"Bingo!" Sharpshot said as he started to fire off a dozen shots. Most of them cut into the sides of Wildcat's shoulders as he ran towards him.

"You're tough old man! I'll give you that!"

"You're acting like I haven't been shot before kid! If that's all you've got this isn't going to last long up close!"

Wildcat's eyes started to glow yellow as he came up close to Sharpshot. Before Sharpshot could react the Catsuit crusader had already punched him in the face knocking him backwards.

"Ow. Jesus. Okay I think you knocked out one of my teeth." Sharpshot muttered as he held his jaw.

"Well... you shot ME first."

"Shut up! I'm soooo going to kill you once I get my ass off the floor."

Sharpshot slowly pulled himself up and smiled groggily.

"Hand to hand?" Sharpshot asked. He threw aside his pistols and pulled his last remaining arrow out of his quiver. Wildcat nodded.

"Wouldn't have it any other way."

They both charged at each other. Wildcat was clearly trained at this sort of thing. His body was in the perfect position. His fists were raised and would most likely cause a lot of pain to anyone they hit as Sharpshot found out once again when Wildcat landed a punch into his eye socket.

"Just give up kid. You can't win."

"Really?" Sharpshot said as he straightened himself up. "I think I know you." He threw a quick punch towards the Cat. "Ted Grant, original Wildcat right?" He attempted to block one of Wildcat's punches, which quickly crumbled beneath it's force. "Didn't you die?"

"You can't win. I've trained for years. I'm a championship winner."

"Funny." Sharpshot chuckled as he threw a kick into Wildcat's leg catching him by surprise. "I've trained since birth."

Wildcat stumbled from the kick and braced himself as Sharpshot booted him in the face.

"I've trained with two of the best fighters on Earth." Sharpshot said as he stood over Wildcat's body. He struggled to get up. Sharpshot placed a firm foot on his chest.

"Shh. I'm monologing. I've trained with Conner Hawke and Batman. You're outmatched. By A LOT! You may be stronger, but I'm better."


"What? But I won."

"Yes. However there's no point in killing him. You no longer have a connection to your dimension. Meaning Wildcat has won by default. This fight only serves as amusement."

Wildcat disappeared in a flash of light. Sharpshot turned and relaxed.

"What? So... I'm dead?"

"Yes. You can't go back. Your link to Earth 21579 has been severed. However skill such as yours does deserve an award."

Sharpshot rolled his eyes. Years of training under the likes of Batman and Firestrom had never prepared him for something like this.

"I... I want to find a home..."


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Liked it. You pretty much captured the mood and style I wanted. Well done.

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Random, confusing, odd, absurd... I love it!

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@awesam: Thanks. SHARPSHOT'S BACK!!!

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@tommythehitman: Nice. Oh BTW new Iron Age Spidey is up but the call out didn't work for some people

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@joshmightbe: Okay sure I'll check it out. Sorry I haven't posted yet. I've been busy.

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Its ok it took me a week to get this chapter up so I can't judge you.

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The legend begins.

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