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Notice: I do not own the rights to Batman nor do I own the rights to Jean Grey. This is all apart of the strange twisted thing inside my head called a mind.

Rating: FR18 (Possibly 21, Kinda depends on where I go with it)


The dark knight awoke, out of his costume and to his surprise, in a hotel room? The room's floor was shag carpet, hot pink and there was some kind of sticky puddle on it. Odd.  Bruce scratched his chin, wondering what the hell had happened, slowly he slid his feet into his slippers and walked towards the bathroom, It looked as though he had'nt shaved in weeks. Rugged and dirty in a sense, He kinda felt dirty too as he looked to see his hands were cuffed. So, he pee'd and made his way back to the bed, Still confused as to what was going on. He let out a fierce yawn and sat on the bed, looking up at the ceiling to see the whole ceiling was a mirror. "I need some answers" Bruce muttered under his breath.

As he laid down, he saw a figure next to him. Looked like a woman too,  So he grabbed for the covers as best he could seeing as how his hands were tied and to his surprise, When he threw back the sheets,  He saw a buxom young redhead.

"Well, This is definetly not robin." Bruce said still unknowing as to what happened the night before. All he remember was having more then a few drinks....

The woman rolled over and yawned as she looked out the window to see the sun gently kissing her crimson braids. "Morning Logan"

"Who's Logan?"

To be continued....
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lmao nice Drift nice

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Thanks DC

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ohh... twisted..


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haha! I loved Bats first line, haha, awesome man

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thats was awesome xD

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Thanks M, Res and Aztek.

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I'll write the next part tonight or tommorow.

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"This is definitely not Robin..."


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sounds good

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Sparda said:
""This is definitely not Robin..."


Thanks Sparda