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Magic, Magicka, Magery, Spiritualism, Shamanism.. There are many different names for a single form of reality manipulation known as magic. Whether you are reading this as a complete novice or an veteran spell slinger who wishes to see if there is simply more to know of this realm. Magic is a beautiful and deadly art that even the most experienced of users take caution and care into how they use it.

I guess we would start things off with the history of magic. its been there since the beginning. there..done. this is a subject much similar to talking about energy and the history of its existence to the very end of things.

For those who live in the realm of science, they often try to make scientific sense of the mystical arts. though much of it is hard to define. but the best way to define it is by talking to advanced scientists in the future. Which we did.... C'mon, Magic people. So best way to describe magic to you science types is this. Energy exists in its two simplistic forms matter and anti-matter. depending on the universe you visit one can not exist in each others universe without being volatile. Magic exists within your quantum string... (well depending when these notes exist).... theory. Our conciseness is connected to these super strings and wave lengths that have the ability to manipulate or change the reality around us.

Science can explain only the fundamental basics of magic but can not explain many realms of magic like conjuration like summoning creatures, making sentient objects or even enchanting, which is then even beyond their realm of science and understanding.

Now that I shamed the people of science, Lets look at magic in its two purist forms or ideologies. Chaos and Order. most people like to go with dark and light which is wrong. Chaos falls into the realm of simplistic casting but just requires just mental focus and little energy to work on. without the focus the chaotic types of magic can do just about anything except do the purpose it was meant to do. Which is why most fireball spells can often blow up in a casters face. Chaotic magic is the most dangerous but often has the biggest pay off, IF done correctly.

Order or Control Magic, often deals with high energy spells meant to gain control over certain parts of reality. Eg: Mind control, Dimensional portals, mind reading, enchanting and resurrection. the most difficult to pull off, sometimes even for a simple task of reading a mind. Most of these type of spells are often done as rituals to not only use some energy of the caster but also to take in nearby energy from the environment. Which is recommended for portals to be done over water, explanation in later chapters.

Now while I kept the forms of magic simple, we have to break into three separate sub categories in which magic energies exist. Arcane,Nature, and Divine. Divine I know right? this crazy mage is bringing religion into all of this. That is not true. Spiritualism does not mean religion by any means. Spiritualism just refers to a living creatures spirit. Divine is the purist form of spiritual energy, usually Divine energy can be gathered from a difficult ritual that turns regular nature energy to divine, But once channeled has some pretty amazing abilities it can perform. More often it is used for healing and making holy water. See Chapter 3

Nature energy is simplistic as it is the energy that exists in rocks, trees, animals, and matter filled objects in the universe. Which by itself is pretty simple. since there is abundant amount of matter objects in the universe you can gather this energy easily. most casters would often use their energy to start but can exhaust the caster much faster. while it is more dangerous to syphon energy from other people or objects be aware that taking energy from living things can kill them if too much is taken. See Chapter 3.

Arcane; the raw chaotic force that makes up the universe. where does not exist, there is arcane energy. its from this chaos that we have the universe today. isn't that grand?, Mind you its because of arcane energies that we have the universe we have today. ****ing demons.... thanks for that universe... This is the most dangerous of all energies to harness in terms of magical energy, since its pure chaos it is important that mental focus in harnessing it is EXTREMELY important. Be aware of the dangers... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. See Chapter 3.

Now that we have gone over the introduction to magic and the basics that exist in this universe. the next chapter we go into will focus on the caster itself and more of preparations for spells.

Table of Content:

Chapter 2 - Casters/Safety and Equipment (02/20/2013)

Chapter 3 - Magical Energies and Rituals

Chapter 4 - Beginner spells

Chapter 5 - Sigils and Runes

Chapter 6 - Advanced Spells and understandings

Chapter 7 - Prologue

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Nice description of what fictional magic is. Shame the evidence in reality points to their being no magic :P

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@Lvenger: we barely know a fraction of our universe. We still don't have a fully understanding of its basics but only of our own. but thanks for the comment. :)