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now that you have read this, you may continue  
Ultimate Superman #3: Part One: Team Up  

It was almost too easy for Luthor's men to pick up Maxwell Lord from Metropolis' prison. After escaping from it, Luthor had picked up a tag team and found Lord in the middle of an seizure. All the while, while being transported to Luthor's lab, he was screaming. Even when they examined him.  
"IT"S REAL!" "DOOMSDAY! REAL ENDLESS CARNAGE! KRYPTONIAN HATE! KILL EVERYONE." Luthor extraceted the information he needed from Lord's mind. Nevertheless, he let him come with him to the middle of the desert .  
"HERE!" shouted Lord. "IT"S HERE!" Maxwell Lord dug frantically at the ground. Luckily, Luthor had just the thing. He pulled out an electronic device, placed it on the ground, and pressed a button. "Step back, Mr. Lord." Luthor said, dragging him away. In an explosion, a relativley small crater was in the ground, and Luthor and Lord climbed down through it. The deeper into the ground they went, the farther it expaned, until it was about the sixe of a room.  
That's when they say it.  
A ship. Alien in source, with markings all over. it. Luthor, being the power hungry man he was, pressed the button in the middle of the writing. Maxwell Lord screamed, in pain, and fell over, dead from a stroke.  
Luthor backed away from a hulking monster, glowing red eyes, grey skin, and what appeared to be an exoskeleton. The monser raised his fist and--"  
"WAIT." shouted a monotone voice. Luthor saw a robot come out of the ship's hull. "I am Braniac, I. sense...int.ell.igence, from this flab.by creature. the monster stopped. and backed down. "Good, Dooms.day." said the robot. "We. May. Need. This. Thing." The robot touched a stone cold hand to Luthor's temple, and he reeled over in pain. The process had begun. "Dooms.day" the robot said "Keep. The. Kryp.Ton.Ian. wait.ing. We. Maaaay!" His voice crescendoed, as Luhthor and the robot began to speak as one "Need to keep him busy, so we. Braniac and Luthor, may begin our plans. The mental bond is almost complete.  


It's hard to believe how far I've come. From facing Zod and his ilk, to Maxwell Lord, to the new 'Justice League" I helped found, I've come a long way down the line. A long way.  
I hear something. Someone screaming. I notice something getting closer. A giant monster! He lands on me.....everything....dizzy. Damn he's powerful. "Mmmmm nummmmes Duuummmsdyyyy. u soopermn. me klll u." The voice is gravel as you back out of the driveway. The monster clearly doesn't adjust to English well. I scan for DNA. None. This monster isn't human. He picks me up, his hand covering my face. I burn through it, and he screams in pain. There's a hole in his hand. "Let's take this fight somewhere else." I say. I pick him up and fy him to the nearest deserted place I can find, We battle there. His strength exceeds my own, but I have a wider variety of powers. He cuts me, and for one of the first times in my life, I see my own blood. I use my breath to blow him miles away. When I catch up to him, he seems to be panting. "Dyyyy alrydyyyyyyy." Suddenly a red and blue blur comes across the horizon, and slams into Doomsday.  
It's Kara! "Sorry I'm late." She says. Took a while for school to get out. Secret Identities are such a pain." I smile. We go into battle together. Not a minute later I hear two voices speaking together. "Threat assessed. Fall back Doomsday." This...Doomsday creature does exactly as told and retreats. Eventually, there's no sign of him. Not even a heartbeat.  
The Braniac/Lex hybrid watches out the window. Doomsday returns. They communicate telepathically. What did you learn? He has loved ones. He saved innocents. One named 'Supergirl helps him. Then it is settled. We shall attack him....

....through the people he loves.

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Part Two: The Discovery



It was almost too easy for Braniac/Luthor. They scanned for a Kyrptonian mind and found one almost instantaneously. Karen Kent.

Luthor/Braniac fashioned a disguise of an old man with nowhere to go. Braniac's databanks said the Kents were very welcoming to strangers. They invited him to stay in Clark's room . He found newspaper clipping of "superboy's sightings" all around his room. "Possibility that Clark Kent is Superman: 93.465 percent" Little did Lex/Braniac know...Kara Zor El was listening.

I heard the scream about a half hour ago. I immediatley recognised it as Kara's. We've been fighting since then. There's this Cyborg thing. Half machine, half human, attacking us. I wonder if it has anything to do with that monster that attacked me the other day.....

I use heat vision while Kara uses arctic breath. I attack from behind as she attacks from the front. Suddenly, the cyborg puts up it's force shield.

"Kara Zor EL?" asks the Cyborg, to Kara. "H-how do you know me?" She asks. "You don't remember. The two voices say. It smirks and three lights light up it's head.

"Braniac?" says Kara. "Yes...." says the voices.

I take the opportunity to slam into the machine and put him in a nelson hold. I fly him up into the atmosphere and bring him down, causing a crater to appear. His suit sizzles and crackles with electricity, I scream in pain as I'm forced to let go.

Kara picks up where I left off. she slams into him, hitting her repeatedly. "What do you want with us, Braniac?" she asks. "Jor El and Zor El foiled my plans and told the science council. What do I want? I want revenge!"

I don't need to have grown up on Krypton to know what he's talking about. I shove Kara aside and hit him with a bright flash of heat vision. "YOU!" I shout. "YOU KILLED KRYPTON!?"

I slam into him and hit him repeatedly. It's funny...you never see machines bleed in movies. That's what happening here. The situation only worsens when Kara enters the fray. The Braniac/human hyrbrid sticks some kind of device on our chests, and presses a button in the center. It puts up a sheild and prepares to teleport. "Bye bye Kara." it says. "Oh, and Kal El....I liked you better when you were an infant." It teleports away.

When Superman and Supergirl awaken from the explosion the confrence will be over. Thinks Braniac to Luthor, now in the guise of the bald genius. Yes. Thought Luthor. But don't forget that it was a LexCorp device used to dig underground that did it.

He rang up his assistant. "Mercy" he said. "Tell the press I'll be holding a confrence in a few hours....

.....where I reveal the identity of Superman.

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Great job so far! Keep up the good work!  
I love how you're writing Kara and Braniac (supes too, though but I love Kara ^^). Braniac sounds totally evil and I'm very interested to read more! ^^

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Part Three: Turning Tides
I wake up to see Kara, stirring too. "Are you okay?" I ask. "Yes." she says. "Listen for Metropolis." I hear it. my co worker "Lois Lane reporting live. Lex Luthor says he's uncovered the identity of Superman and will reveal it to the world." "You hear it ,too?" Kara asks me. "Yes." I say, "Too weak, can't get up. "Leave it to me." Kara says. She gets up from the ground and flies towards Metropolis. "Godspeed, Kara."  
This was his moment. Lex knew who Superman was. He had sent a team of robots led by Doomsday to keep Superman busy. This was his moment. He walked outside and--  
WHAM! He was immediatley hit by an unknown force. knocked back into his penthouse. All the exits were sealing themselves. Braniac. Thought Luthor Scan for Kryptonians.  
Current Kryptonians in vicinity: one. Lex/Braniac is immediatley hit. "Kara Zor El." They said. "Why do you persist?" Lex/Braniac got up and punched Kara , breaking her nose. Kara let out a bright blast of heat vision. the two fought.  
Kara stuck Lex's face, as Lex hit her in the midsection. The two went flying in opposite directions. Lex's skin on his forearm peeled back like a bananna, revealing a rocket launcher. Supergirl was hit before she could react. Supergirl used her heat vision and microscopic to pinpoint the exact location to disrupt it. She hit the spot, and it exploded. Lex screamed in pain. "Merging with technological devices in vicinity." Said Braniac. He started floating, lights flickered. Every electronic device shut on and off. For a minute, all of Metropolis had a blackout. Supergirl felt a force knock her into another room filled with electronic devices. She stared at the one above her. "Gravity canon. Oh shIAAAAAEEE!!" she screamed in pain. Lex/Braniac floated downward. "Welcome to Krypton's gravity" they said.  
I'm being held back by a group of robots, as the Doomsday creature punches me. I use all my strength and lift my legs up to uppercut Doomsday. I break free of the robots and freeze them with my breath. It's then I notice they're headed for Ma's house! "MAA!" I shout. I hit multiple robots with arctic breath.  
Doomsday grabs my arm and twists it behind my back. "uuuu dyyyy nwww sun of kruptnnnn" I elbow Doomsday in the stomach. He grimaces in pain and let's go of my arm. We fight. I need to stall him. It hits me. I grab his foot and toss him up into the sky.  
"THIS. ENDS. NOW!" I say. My pupils dilate, my eyes water from the burning. I let out a wide blast of heat vision and incinerate the robots.  
Doomsday lands. We fight harder. It feels as though he's gained strength. He cuts me then knees me in the stomach. I cough up blood. taking advantage of the opportunity he uppercuts me. I stagger backwards but do not fall. He tries to punch me, I catch it. I catch his other arm. "Burn." I say. I use the heat vision on the exoskeleton on his knees. He screams, and the Earth trembles before him. He punches me a few meters.  
"uuu hirt mee. klllll uuuuu" He runs toward me. I use my speed to avoid the attacks. I use it to my advantage. Breaking apart his exoskeleton. He falls to his knees. there's a bone on his chest. I stick my hand there and vibrate it. He lets out a blood curtling scream and falls over.  
"It's a shame, really ." Says Luthor/Braniac, looking at the helpless Kara. "You waste power helping these humans. You could be so much more. You could've chosen my/Luthor's path." the split when talking about the path. They load a gun. "Such a crude weapon. Anyway; life goes on....without you."  
With that they shoot her three times in the chest.
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Very nice story so far. I like the characters you've chosen and how you're using them. Braniac/Luthor seem like a legitimate threat.

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Thank you! :D  
I also decided to downplay Doomsday...I didn't want him taking center stage, I wanted him more as a henchman.

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OMG! Kara, no!!!

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Part Four: finale 
My first thought after battling Doomsday and the machines is "Ma's going to kill me. My suit is all torn up." I immediatley forget the suit when I listen to see what I missed. It's not what I hear that shocks me...it's what I don't hear... 
...I can't hear Kara's heartbeat.  
Faster than light I fly. Through LexCorp towers. "BRANIAAAC!!" I shout. I try to scan the room for Kara, but everything's lead lined. Braniac/Luthor comes from behind and electrocutes me! It's painful. Very painful. I turn around and punch him into a wall. I melt the wall around him and harden him in a chryssalis.  
I search every room. I see her, but when I reach for her, I fall to the ground. I quickly grab the nearest instrument I can find and reach it out to Kara. The rest is up to her...Summoning all her strength, she grabs onto it, and I slide her out of the gravity canon holding her.  
She starts bleeding to death.  I manage to cauterize her wounds, but I need to get her out of this lead lined building for her to heal properly. I don't have much time. She's stopped breathing!  
I'm immediatley hit with a blast of energy. Braniac/Luthor is back. "Your too late" they say. "I killed her. Who should I kill next? Martha?" My eyes glow red with hatred. "BUUURN!" I shout. delivering a powerful blast of heat vision.  
When the smoke clears, he is holding raw energy in his hands. "Idiot." they say. "I can convert energy into my own being for my own uses! You can't beat me! You--  
I rush him at superspeed punching him repeatedly. He hits me with a fist surrounded by energy. "What part of 'I can aobsorb energy' do you not understand?" He hits me again. My face is covered in blood.  
I watch as he takes all the energy from LexCorp inside himself. "YOU CAN NOT BEAT ME!" In a brilliant flash of light, all the energy is directed at me.  
All I can say is, that left me sore....all over. Against all odds....I stand up. "Impossible." They say. "No." "Improbable then." He blast me. again. and again. and agian. and again. Each time I get up.  
"Why do you still get up?" He asks. "Because I have something worth fighting for. Think about it. You've hit me with all this energy, you can't beat me. admit it." I start appealing to Luthor's ego. His voice becomes dominant. "I-I'll show you. I'LL ABSORB ALL OF THE ENERGY IN METROPOLIS!"  
Metropolis goes dark. Braniac/Luthor start to glow. Their eyes glow, their insignia glows, hell, even the suit glows. I take advantage of the situation.  
I run up to him and slam my fists into his chest and vibrate them, while using heat vision at the same time. "You want energy, Braniac?" I say. "Take it! Take it all!"  
In a blinding flash of light, Braniac vanishes, leaving only Luthor. "Superman? what are you doing here?!" Get out!" He demands. His heartbeat tells me he isn't lying.  
I take Kara's body, and I fly with it. I fly as far as I can, straight up to the sun....that's when I hear it.  
It is a pin being dropped. The faintest sound...even with super hearing.... 
...of a heartbeat.  
slowly but surley, Kara wounds clean themselves, leaving only holes in her costume. She takes a breath inwards....and her eyes open. Tears drip down my cheeks. "Kal?" she says weakly... "There was a light....I saw Pa." It's okay, Kara." I say, hugging her, closley. "It's fine"  
"Everything's fine." 

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Aww!!! Yay! Kara's alive! *glee!*